Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mare you sneaky little devils, you! Amazing you are! :-D

First off Mare come and get your internet hug! No, your getting this hug and your liking it!

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Why? Because of this here! I'm so happy! I was worry he would become a hassle to other bloggers including myself and I'm so glad you have put a stop to the madness! OMG! I was wondering why you were so quiet about it, but now I see. Silly me to think you would ignore such a issue. I thought maybe you were refusing to give him attention, so maybe he would go away. I had no idea you were going this far, but I should of knew. You guys are absolute amazing! Bravo!  I was wondering why he hadn't tried harassing me again and now I see! Thank you so much and no need to apologize. You have done so much for my blog and me, and now this! Also I took the link to horrid dramantica page off my blog. Wouldn't want to get in trouble. Now I can blog in peace. Well one good thing came out of  his harassment of me I guess: Proof, which makes me even more glad I posted the comments he made. I almost didn't. He was so annoying and had major issues though!  I wasn't scared, but this dude had the potential to be dangerous(even though he could use few more brains) and which worried me, but he's been stopped by fabulous the Mare! Got so much respect for you guys and I wish I could pay you back in some way. Your post made my night!
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  1. I know Vid...the Mare kicked some Jack-ass didn't they?! :-) I read that earlier today and I'm so glad they put a stop to his hurtful childishness. That kid could prove to be a big problem for anyone and everyone. So 1 down millions more to go!! o.O

  2. That is just....awesome... :D

  3. Hallelujah! I was so glad when I readMare and saw that!

    Fortunately, I never encountered him. Glad to see you can now blog in peace(:

  4. this is a major win. jerks like jack need to stop thinking the internet is a free place to harass people without consequence. he got what he deserved

  5. Aww just read the whole mess over at the mare's so sorry Vid. Jack was a real jerk sorry you had to deal with his idiocracy on your blog. :< muchos love!

  6. aw it could of been worse claire. well im just glad he will longer be harassing people on the internet. *hugs*

  7. That was some crazy shit, Vid. Glad you came out unscathed!


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