Saturday, May 15, 2010

Please report this vile disgusting troll!

Altai aka Simcreator16, also know as a piece of shit and waste of life, is still roaming the boards I see. What made me beyond mad and wanting to choke his ass is his comment in this thread below:

Littlemama aka Daily posted this:
Pretty simple thread.

Evergreen who I have called a truce with in chat right after my perma ban commented and JK popped in (love the location) to comment, but then this bitch came in with this:
If this isn't a troll than I'm the President! Come on! Was this comment needed? Of course it was a comment directed to everyone the other day who was banned. Only someone as hateful as him would be happy to see the forums get emptier, to see good people go. He's a loser and asshole!

My biggest mistake was not hitting the report button on trolls like him. Don't let trolls get you banned. They enjoy reporting every little thing you do and it adds up resulting in what happen to me. It's time to play dirty now folks! The report button is being abused by trolls, so return the favor!


  1. I did report him! On my thread, when I said "ok you're asking for it" After he would not just appologize that he was wrong to be mean to me, I reported him saying "Altai is trolling and in USA, that is considered a felony."

    guess what email I got?

    It said "We are sorry but we cannot get on Altai's page right now."

    EA FAIL!!!!

    And Altai, I'm coming for you, you better be damn sure you've kept any personal information of the internet because if I find where you live, the police will knock on your dorr in 3...2...1...

    ...meanwhile at Altai's house

    *knock* *knock*

    Police man- Step away from your computer and put your hands up!!!
    Altai- But I-
    Police man- He's getting away! Shoot him!!! *gunfire*
    Altai- ha...haa....*blech*
    Police man- Mission accomplished men! Now lets go get a bagel!!
    Police man 2- and then we shall get EA right!!
    Police man- Of course!!! To the police cars!!!


  2. lol How can they not get to his page?! They created the site! EA is a complete fail!

  3. That's exactly what I thought!



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