Friday, May 21, 2010

Chatting with a troll! *Exclusive*

I never approved of Firestar being friends with Altai, but last night things changed!
Yea, Firestar was having a lovely chat with Altai on her blog chat box, when she mention a suppose rumor that was going around about him reporting people. He was supposedly boasting about it on his private vox blog! Note that's it private and people he chooses can see it, which mean he can talk shit about you behind your back and you won't know. Pussy much? Anyway he admitted to reporting her. Let's continue..

Well Firestar wasn't happy with Altai reporting Simsy and well Altai showed no remorse. He basically reported her because he was tired of hearing her opinion. Real nice Altai. Way to show how much of douche you are. Also I thought we had mods to handle things like that?!
Then Simsy came in...oh my!
Well Firestar chat box got alot action as you can see...
Altai admitted to keeping his blog private and well I got into it. Ha, couldn't resist.
Well, then Altai show more of his true self. Clique? Is this high school again? Petty much or are you jealous you have no friends? Anyway...

Well Altai left with his tail between his legs! Convenient dinner time comes around suddenly. Anyway, Firestar saw the bullshit that is Altai. Just proves good people can't be friends with petty trolls. A troll is a troll!


  1. Although i've never really talk to this person nor had an opinion on them, How exactly are they a troll, I read all of the dialogue and yet it just seemed you and your friends insulted him the whole time while he answered your questions. But whatever, If I was them I would've never even responded.

  2. ^ of course u wouldnt kno if u never encountered him. well u could be Altai himself which is amusing. please state ur name and kno what ur talking about before assuming.

  3. Ugh. He really does seem spineless; only a coward would talk about someone behind their backs.

  4. Hmph. I'm not going to bother with the immature brat anymore. I said what I had to say. I don't give a shit if I insulted him. Let him go cry about it, waaah! He's caused enough trouble. I'm a nice person, but Altai has pissed me off passed my extent -_-"


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