Saturday, July 31, 2010

Peggy newest hair!

....No comment!
By the way I wonder how the back looks???

The newest fashion trend and paint job!

Warning: this post containts my sick sense of humor and images that may make your eyes bleed!!!!

My new favorite car/paint job cousesty of AlyssumCandy:
Wait till I get me a car dudes! LOL

Chick is working it! I found this so funny late last night. ROFL

Friday, July 30, 2010

Where is the entertainment? More rambling!

The froum is soooo boring these days. Rarely anything funny or interesting. I also haven't had any inspiration to play or make any new sims accept doing celebs. *gasp* That reminds me, Tobz ask me do one. Hehe, start it tomorrow. For real this time! :-D Anyway, when it's nothing going on I usually go off and do something else. I'm not going blog about just anything, at less I think it's important, funny or interesting. So excuse the lack of updating here.

I have also been keeping mum about certain blogs I read. Mare mention one blog that had a post regarding a past situation, but I saw it before they even posted it. Yes, I sometimes stumble upon blogs and give them a read. I'm not going respond really to any other blogs at less I really feel like I need too anymore. A bunch hypocrisy anyway. I also don't need anymore lecturing on that situation, thank you.

I must be doing something right though. 50,000 hits! :-) I would like thank everyone, The Mare Nest, and FuryRed. They are top two blogs that I get most of my traffic from. Blogger has a new stat thing I've been checking. It's really cool. Thank you guys! <3

P.S. I'm being a good far.

My Kawaii Assignment 3 results!

The Seven lucky gods. The god I had to do:
Model 10/10
Creativity 7/10
Assignment 8/10
Overall 8/10
Comments: You really didn't have much to work with based on your picture you were
depicting. But the picture quality is AMAZING! I was kind of drawn
away from your model due to the way too modern background.

Model 9/10
Creativity 8/10
Assignment 9/10
Overall 9/10
Comments: That outfit is totally gorgeous, so is the hair, however it would have been great to see her doing a little more than just standing there. Instantly knew what your god was all about, but I thought the backdrop still needed a little more work.

I was done a few days after they gave me the assignment, but I had scraped all my other pics. I found them to be not comp quality. I ran out ideas though, because it's not much cc to depict fishing and the action itself was limiting me. :-/ I did this last min, while I was sick. It would of been more boring if I hadn't found the boat.

I'm already working on the next assignment. I have a pic, but it's not final. Just a start I guess. I really like it though. xD

P.S. I already know what is wrong with the new pic I took! Need more props! Agh!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The full list for the Late night questioning!

Hate to post it and the people who made these lists get angry, so check them out!
Thank you guys! ^_^

P.S. We get boob sliders and muscle sliders!!!!! 0_0

Late night worries!

Too many things to list that make this ep awesome! When I get a full list, I will post them. The whole twitter thing just finished! Quite exciting! ^_^

I do have some worries I will like to share!
Things that are worrying me are:
-Vampire will not have coffins!
- No DJ booth!
-Pool tables were no confirmed or denied, but still.
-No microphones!
-Fast Lane might have a new trait

Damn, them!!!! No coffins! *dies* WTH? Well I guess my cc coffins will come in handy. :-/
Clubs with no DJ booths? WTH again!
He ignored the question about pool tables! Grrr!
No Microphones with bands added! WTF!
I don't want Fast Lane FFS!!!! *breathes in and out*

Ok, now I'm done for now! I will still buy it though! Stupid EA!

Update: Vampire get cool altar things. That might work. ;-)

I'm bacccckkkk! Yays!

lolcat Pictures, Images and Photos
Miss me????? I missed you! I feel hot, but I feel like a million bucks!
Back to work! RAWR!
P.S. Thank you for all the comments! ^_^

Monday, July 26, 2010

I hate being sick!!!

Sick smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
My nose won't stop running and I feel yucky. :-( Plus my ear is stopped up and I already use wax removal medicine twice (last night and just a few mintues ago). Still stopped up and I think the ear doctor is next! I'm not looking foward to that! I'm just warning you I might not be around much if I don't feel any better. Since I'm here, I'll see what I can do as for updating. I'm bored anyway and gotta pull off my kawaii pic. Just know I'm not my best today and giving you a warning about next few days. Ugh!

Update: Sorry, no update today. As the day goes on I feel worse. I'm going use the little energy I have and finish up some stuff. Laterz my peeps. :-(

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A real update tomorrow! *waves*

I wasn't online much today so excuse the lack of update! By the way....
My kawaii comp pic is driving me insane!!!!

kirk is angry Pictures, Images and Photos

Ok, now I feel better! :-P Gawd, my new addiction is gifs!  Night my peeps!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The wanton trait?

He is refering to a trait that was scrapped before the release!
To answer your question
Wanton- sexually lawless or unrestrained; loose; lascivious; lewd.

Oh, wait we have better definition:
Hmmm...wonder why they took that out?  Whistling a Tune Pictures, Images and Photoslaughing Pictures, Images and Photos

EA's Late Night typo!

As Batman said "Gain excess"? It's suppose be access!
facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos
Mares' take:

Update: They fixed it!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Thank you!!!
=] Pictures, Images and Photos
Dance banana! Dance!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hey Mare's Nest! Have a seat! Let's talk!

Mare Nest team, what happen? You haven't reported on the forums in days! Very few post and now they are mostly shirts! You haven't mentioned any of latest forum news. I caught some stuff, but you are the only blog that catches it all!

Are you doing this to make a point? Are you giving up because you don't want be gossip blog? Is it because the computer problems with one of team members? Nothing that catches your eyes? What is it? Please tell us why!!!

I feel that drama that happen before my birthday is the cause of this and I feel responsible! I will not stop posting about you or bothering you till you answer me! Zeri has made a post about how your blog is changing and you have not answered it. It has gone on for too long and I want answers!

Don't get me wrong I love the shirts, but something is not right! I no longer enjoy reading your blog and many others feel the same way! You can't change it up now. I know it's your blog, but please don't change it for good! You guys are people who are not suppose to care about what people think! I will wait a few days, but if  get no answer I will yell at you again and I don't like yelling! :-(

P.S. *Ducks tomatoes from all the Mare haters* Flame me all you want! I couldn't hold it in any longer!

The Switch virus is child's play!

It all started with Evergreen, Alexis and Simsy/StrawberryCayke having a bit dust up with Clover in another thread. Clover sometimes goes by Switch by the way. Anyway Clover joked she was a virus sarcastically and the trio kept up with trying to piss Clover off. Well the perfectly good thread that turned into this, got deleted. Well they weren't finish having "fun":
They started a whole thread just for this! And you wonder why EA doesn't want to give us anything?
Oh really? I think it's a few people who can be consider a virus to the forum, but no one deserves to be called that. By the way Evergreen is back hating people ...*cough cough* me. You like me, you don't like me! Make up your mind! I'm not going to keep going back and forth! Oil and water we are! Anyway, Rinirae said what probably most were thinking, while Clover decided to laugh with them, instead of be laughed at.

Well this is when the mature 21 year old comes in. It appeared to me a mean joke, because the three of them don't like Clover. I found it to be tasteless, immature, and a waste of board space. I made sure to show my dissatisfaction. Sure Clover is sarcastic and rubs people the wrong way, but do you need bash her every time you see her. Also you don't see me making a thead to point and laugh at the people I don't like. I will occasionally butt heads with certain people, but that's it. I know I will get bashed for slamming their silly little joke, but I don't give a damn!

I love you guys (Cay and Alexis), but come on guys! Isn't this consider flaming? Are trying to get Clover banned? Well Clover isn't that dumb and she isn't the worse on the forum. Far from worse. We just got new pages, the new Ep is coming out, what impression are you giving the mods? All I can do shake my head at this one. No I'm not saint either, but come on!

Note: Also I heard alot people thought this virus was a real threat to look out for. It was a dumb joke, so please calm down!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hmm....Twilight?! Nooooooo!

I was setting up for a comp pic and I decided to add a few paintings in my set. Then I clicked on to these:
How the hell did this end up in my game????? Another?!
NOOOO Pictures, Images and Photos
Must find!!!!! Delete!!!!!

My Gothique Asignment 3 Results!

Actual Scene:

10/10 - Film Representation
9/10 - Creativity
9/10 - Picture
9/10 - Overall
It took me a while to notice the monster in the background, and it scared the crap outta me! lol I really love this picture, and don't really know why. The thing that really bugs me, though, is that the picture seems a bit sparse…maybe putting more props would made it look a bit better. Well done!

10/10 - How well your picture represents the film assigned
8/10 - Creativity
8.5/10 - Picture
8.5/10 - Overall: You represented the picture like really well! But I just find it a bit simple for my likings. I would have liked something more standy-out-ish lol. Still, good job.

Total: 72/80

The last entry is still my fav and best so far. :-D

P.S. The next assginment is a hard one. Have to do one of the seven sins and I got sloth. Have do a poem and a pic. Wrote the poem, but the pic is killing me!!!! I might share the poem laterz!

My Kawaii Assignment 2 Results!

Model: 9/10
Creativity: 10/10
Assignment: 10/10
Overall Image: 8/10
Comments: Loved this idea! The outfit you designed is cute, still obviously a school uniform but with a little Kawai flair. Though this is a classroom scene I would have liked to have seen more color in the background, just to give it a little wow factor.

Model: 8/10
Creativity: 9/10
Assignment: 10/10
Overall Image: 7/10
Comments: This was very creative, and the outfit on your model is adorable. But I agree with PK about the color thing. A few more colors in the background would have done good.

I did a terrible job on it. I knew they were going say more color, but I went on it with it. I was rushing and was being lazy about it. I would have got eliminated if we didn't have so many dropouts. I just took some pics for my new assignment and I'm please. I just hope it's colorful enough. Not going submit it till I'm sure this time.

For some reason I'm doing better in the other comp. I was really thinking this would be easy for me. Funny how things turn out.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Late night EP confirmed! *Video added*

Vampires, hot tubs, bartenders, clubs, and bands! Vampires!!!!! It's so beautiful!
I'm so happy right now! *sobs*
Justin Crying Pictures, Images and Photos
Give me a few mintues!
P.S. Please EA don't let the vampires glitter, sparkle or say blah! *goes back to sobbing*

Monday, July 19, 2010

No thanks to EA or maybe so...

*sigh* No comment!
KellyBlake vs. Jamesmc Round 2? Click here for Round 1.
Deleted! EA saved us from his sucking up. Thank you.
Jamesmc, don't you know by now! EA has no heart or soul!
Sucking up won't save you from the...

Ban Hammer Pictures, Images and Photos
or maybe it will? It seems to duck the trolls and pricks. :-/

Emily your sim request! Kamijo!
Yay! Emily is back! Your celeb:
CC as in pic:
-Store clothes
-Blue book hair
-Akiea Guinea skin
-Oh my eyes by Tiffany from MTS

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My latest annoying glitch! Windows and doors! Oh my!

This is what happens when I put windows up now. Same with doors too. I have to place it just right for them to show normally. WTH? I'm going update and see what happens, but I'm bit scared it might make things worse! I haven't been doing much building so I'm kinda just noticing it. It's really annyoing for building sets for my comps.

I also had a sim that refused to go upstair as if something was in her way. This is happening all in Sunset Valley by the way. I haven't played in Sunset since Ambition. Well another thing I notice which ticked me off is all the new buildings(fire house, consignment store, etc.) are place backwards! I heard about that, but what the hell? EA failed on that one big time!

Update: Bitten said the moveobjects does it! You can hit me later for my slow thinking! Thank you Bitten!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The mods must have went out drinking again last night!

Chama returned yesterday...
to be only sent away for being on topic!

While Simcrazed "say something you like about the simmer above" game...
got carted away!

Oh, mods don't drink and mod. You already useless anyway, why be a pain in the ass as well? smiley mad Pictures, Images and Photos

*sigh* Probably still smug about the new profiles we should of had awhile ago!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My page! Guess the movie!

:-P By next week or a few days, I would have changed it again! Curse you EA for giving me this option to waste my time and sanity! You won this time! *shakes fist*

Grabs ipod from side and throws!

I was updating my music list, but the ipod thing is acting stupid! Grrr! I did manage to add My Chemical Romance. Not in the right spot, but oh well. I was adding Pink, Keane, and the new OneRepublic song. Hopefully I get it straight! :-/

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some things I would like to make you aware of!

I'm only 21, I make dumb decisions and mistakes at times. Especially if emotion is involved. I can be impulsive. I'm not perfect. I never said I was right with anything I did. I wish I could change some things. I did say maybe I could of said more or done more. Maybe even said less now.

I don't know how many times I have to say "I'm sorry it happened" before I'm forgiven. I will say it one more time: I'm sorry! I really am!

First time I ever had blog, ever made any real connections with anyone over the internet. It is no excuse, but please keep this in mind.

I learned from everything that happened these few days. Read comments. I learned from the positive and negative comments, etc.

What is done is done! Let's not have hard feelings over this, especially if you were not involved in it.

We can agree to disagree!

Thank you and comments will be cut off for this as it is not up for discussion! Just felt I needed to say this.

P.S We both did things that weren't excatly right. I'm sick and tired of being told what I should have done and what I should of did though. I got it already FFS!

Selena Gomez- A celeb sim request

- XM sims hair
*Akiea Guinea skin
*Oh My Eyes by Tiffany at MTS

Looks better close up so click the pic!
Edit: XM hair, not Peggy! Sorry!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Gothique Assignment 2 Results!

The emotion I had to portray was joy and remember this is a Gothic comp, so I had make joy Gothic. Had the choice to write a poem or find a poem to fit your emotion and picture. I wrote mine. My entry:
Her name was Joy
“Sitting in my room
with smile on my face.
I know the darkness.
Not going back to that place,
but the darkness follows me.
It’s part of my soul!”

“Take the needle to my skin, feel
the pain and pleasure of it all.
She looks at me tempting me,
making me feel alive. I hate her,
I love her,
I can’t live without her,
the feeling feels too good.”

“They say leave her alone, but
the pain is my addiction,
my lover, my downfall.
Without her I am nothing but a shell.
With her I‘m infamous, not even
the devil can raise this hell.

She makes me feel loved, makes
me feel like I’m whole again.
Happy I am at last as world
grows cold again.”

“When all goes dark, I weep
for her like the broken hearted.
She leaves me when I
need her most. She laughs
in my face, drives me insane.
Her trickery is all a little a game.”

“Wake up dying inside, feeling
the world lost to me. Don’t do
it they say, find the happiness within,
but I have no soul. To have
her one more time won’t kill me.
Take her poison one last time,
feel elated, I can never die!”

“Well it’s a new day for her and me.
Something is wrong. I feel cold.
Try to wake up, but my eyes stay close.
Open them, but it’s not the same.

Kiss it all goodbye as
I watch my world fade.
She is my murderer, my killer,
my lover, she is my drug.
My blessing, but my curse!
My happiness at my worse.”

“With a my smile on my face I die,
they mourn for me, but don’t cry.
For what she did for me, Joy was her name,
my addiction, my downfall, my drug,
that one last pill. Joy was her name.”

It talks about drugs as a female and how his only joy is to love her/be addicted to her. It ends up being his demise of course and he foolishly still can't see how death is so near. He is so focus on that one last pill, he is blinded to the consequences of his actions.

I got tied with RD for 2nd place for this!

10/10 - How well your picture represents the emotion given
10/10 - Creativity
9.5/10 - Picture
9.5/10 - Overall
I love how you took a different angle on joy. The poem is intense and the picture represents it well. I love the grungy-ness of it. Awesome job!

10/10 - How well your picture represents the emotion given
10/10 - Creativity
10/10 - Picture
10/10 - Overall: I really liked this. The poem was good, the picture was good, the setting, the idea. Well done.

8/10- Represents
9/10- Creativity
9/10- Picture
9/10- Overall
Wowsers, a really warped view of joy. The colour tones a great and it's always good to see death pop into screenies. The only thing is I think he looks to stiff. But overall great job
Total: 114/120

I really worked hard on this and took me many hours to get this picture. The Grim Reaper kept leaving and I had a extra that kept screwing it up. She was going represent his demons, but she was ruining the picture actually and wasn't needed really. Well I got rid of her and later got this. The poem was the easy part, even though I don't write poems. Haven't wrote one since middle school so I don't know how the hell I got this.

I really want to continue this comp, but the next assignment is really hard and I haven't been in the mood. I'm going to work on it and see if I can stay in it.

My Unique Kawaii Assignment 1 Results!

Kimi in Wonderland

Had to do a story/ fanasty type of pic while keeping it kawaii japanese fashion. (look it up)

Judge PistolKitten:
Model: 9/10
Creativity: 9/10
Assignment: 9/10
Overall Image: 8/10
Comments: Your white rabbit creation is my favorite in this picture! I liked the idea you had but I think you went ''safe'' when executing it, Kimi, the white rabbit and the hatter are just sitting there , a table scene with some posing would have been more interesting.

Judge Evie:
Model: 7/10
Creativity: 8/10
Assignment: 10/10
Overall Image: 9/10
Comments: I think its wonderful that you chose Alice in Wonderland for this assignment. Your characters and model all look amazing. Though I think it might have been a bit more interesting if maybe you would have done a scene with the queen, added more to the background, or did any scene at the beginning of the cartoon. Still its a wonderful picture vid!

I honestly think my picture sucked. My next will probably suck, because my heart isn't in it at the moment. I'm going try not to drop out and do good pic. I'm considering dropping out, but part of me doesn't want too. We will see.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My birthday: bowling, a black out, and a melted ice cream cake!

Well me, my family and friends decided to go bowling! Been awhile since I went and thought why not. Better than sitting in the house. I was also happy I got my ice cream cake. :-D Anyway it starting raining really hard! I watching tv at time and doing my hair. I'm like wow that's great, it's raining on my birthday! I decided that this would not ruined my day and I decided to get ready for to go out. All of sudden the lights go out, the tv shuts off, and all electronics go out. I'm like this is not happening?! I run downstairs and the fridge/freeze is off too. It only takes like 30 mins for a ice cream cake to thaw and the freaking power is out! Not only that it's hot and I was sweating. I didn't want leave the house like it was or leave my poor dog in the dark all alone. Well it took about couple hours to come back on, more than 30 mins. I didn't even want look at my cake. Just left it in the freezer. I knew it was going be melted. Every year something happens! *sigh*

We got to the bowling alley eventually and played in the little arcade there for a minute first. I played some shooting game and Dance Dance Revolution. I probably look like a complete idiot jumping around, but I figure it's my birthday I might as well. :-P After that, I got around to bowling and made one lousy strike, a spare, and lot of gutter balls. It was so late I only played two games. Then I got home and ate pizza. I didn't really drink much. :-/ I have all year for that I guess.

Well back to the cake. We decided to stick a candle in it and do it a real quick blowing out the candle thing. I opened it up and it was melted on the sides and kinda flat.

(Yes, I blurred my name. Too many eyes!)
Anyway stuck a candle in it and it was sinking while they were singing Happy Birthday. I got to blow it out though. Then we had ice cream ..cake. 
Mmmmm....soupy! When I took that pic I was almost finished. Had to eat it quick! Still taste good. Wasn't a total loss! 
Sorry I would have took more pics, but my camera sucks. Had a good time though. :-P

By the way Mare:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I wish, but maybe it's good I'm not drunk or hung over. Just would of added to more typos and constant ramblings! Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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