Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm really sorry this happened!

I'm going try not to make it any more worse than it is. I would like state what happen so if any rumors going about may die. This only my side of the story and not going say that you only she listen to me, becuase that wouldn't be right to Kelle. I don't know what you will think of me after this, but ask that you remain respectful.

It was silly argument over TMN that should have never happened. It started in a chat box on one of the forums I go too. I was happy about being to say to "I told you so" about whole Erick thing and well I thought the drama was over. I come on to chat and she is really upset about Mare post on her. I told her is wasn't big deal and that I was sorry it happened. Well she told me she was going blog about them attacking her. I told her to ignore TMN post about her, that wasn't worth being upset about. It was only one post. I also told her that you attacked them so what did you expect. That was me being brutally honest, but it was harsh. I was simply saying that once you blog negatively about Mare, it open season for them. That's how they are. They are almost always harsh.

I apologize for hurting her feelings though. I felt bad. She said I was taking their side. I told her it will blow over and it's just a gossip site. Who cares what they think. No, I didn't think she should respond back to them. Why? I didn't want her to get flamed again to be honest. I don't like when Mare post about my friends, but I learnt to sometime skim pass those post sometime and hope the next post is positive. Well I left to clear my head, but went back immediately to pm her. I said, not misquote myself:

 First off I'm sorry for hurting your feelings and I want to be straight with u. I never address the issue I had with you being friends Erick and it is why I'm having problems with sticking up for u. You never sticked up for me when Erick was attacking me, so I thought why should stick up for you with Mare.You points fingers at Mare, but not at Erick when it was obvious he was starting stuff. Well told me two wrongs don't make a right, that we shouldnt let Mare or Erick ruined a friendship. I totally agree.

I can never hate Mare though, because they just a gossip site that doesnt know anyone personally. I don't know them either. If you are really a good person it will show and you are good person! I think they will see this in time. I respect your opinions of Mare. I'm certainly not asking to love them either, becuz they do cause some stuff too. That is only 1 negative post. They have been known change opinion about someone. Clover was hated and now they love her for now (you know how she is). I can't see them not changing their mind about you so keep that in mind.

I'm not going blog about them though, becuz it will just make things worse. People act like I can sway them to think different when I don't even know why I'm liked by them. I can make a post about them being harsh, but people will say I'm just as harsh. I am at times, so I have no right to tell them anything.

If you want make post replying back to them, then go ahead, but as _said two wrongs don't make a right. More drama will come. I'm holding back tears, because I never wanted to hurt you and never wanted any of this. My birthday is Monday, but feel like crap because I don't know what do. I'm sorry. I really am. I wish you never made that post or made friends with Erick. I wish Mare had never seen that post. I wish they had ignored it. I can wish all I want though, whats done is done. Take care this weekend. I'm taking a break. Pm me back though. I'm sorry for all of this. Talk to u soon!

I was still feeling overwhelmed, drained and very upset at this time. I don't know what else I could say to her. I keep feeling like I could of said more. Well I didn't get her pm back to me and thought she was ignoring me. I made a post (the one called I can not leave without a explanation), because I hoping she would read it and I didn't leave without giving my readers a explanation. I made sure to tell TMN in that post to not attack anyone for it. They message me they wouldn't be replying back to Kelle's reply post anyway or mentioning this. I guess they read how hurt I was and granted me this wish. After getting word I didn't receive her pm, she pm'd me back.

Well she told me she couldn't deal with the drama with me, had too much on her plate already, and that obviously valued TMN over our friendship. That we could still talk, but she will no longer consider me her friend.

Well I did't thinks she should have made such a final decision so soon and I was extremely upset. It being near my birthday didn't help either. If anything I wish she had waited till Tuesday, but things happen. I wanted things to go back like it was. If she never wanted me to talk about The Mare Nest with her again, I would granted her that wish. Anything, but this. Well TMN does support me and I wasn't going turn on them. People keep saying they will turn on me and I want to find that out myself. I can't bad mouth them and I'm not going too. I still don't understand what she wanted from me, why she put this all on me as if I was responsible for the Mares' post. I wish everyone would stop reading the Mare if upsets them, because this could of been avoided. I'm not sure if this was real reason she didn't want be my friend and it doesn't matter now. I'm done and I'm tired. I put up with Erick for her and she couldn't put up with me liking a gossip site. I told her I was fine with them being friends despite my feelings. She was very aware how I felt about him. I said I couldn't turn on the Mare Nest, that I only ask she respect what I think of them and she told me she couldn't deal with me anymore. I don't think it was very fair to me and I'm sorry it came to that.

It ended up on Mare, because it wasn't secret to anyone this was happening. Word carries fast and much as everyone try keep names out of it, it became what it was. I knew it would eventually. Anyway I have nothing to do what Mare posted, but of course it will be my fault.

I will not discuss this anymore and anyone who wants flame me for this post are wasting their time. I will not be answering you and I don't care what anyone thinks about me anymore. I will be staying low. Posting on the ts3 forum, my blog and chatting on my chat box. My real friends know where to find me for any other chat boxes. I will post about the ts3 forum and will be trying to stay out of the drama. All I ask is to respect my opinion of TMN and to know I have feelings. I'm still upset. I don't know how you will take this post, but I felt like I should say something. I also will ask of you to please unfollow me if you dislike me and please be upfront with me.

Thank you to all my friends who stuck by me. I'm sorry this ever happen! I truly am!

P.S. I'm fixing the typos as we speak...er type.


  1. im so sorry it ended like this viddy :( *hugs* im sure maybe one day this will blow over and you can be friends again

  2. There is so much I would like to say to you, Vid, but I just can't say it on a public blog!

    I am sorry that you feel like you lost a friend but this is the interwebz and you never really know who your friends are!

    I'm sorry I can't say anymore than that but you never know what spying eyes are reading everything! And, "no", I don't mean the Mare! I am talking about other spying eyes!

    I have said this a couple of times to you but I will say it one more time....just be true to yourself and everything will be OK!!

    Hugs to you!

  3. ^Hippie im signed up to gothic rose and Zeri has my email. I've been dying to talk to u!

  4. Well you know how I feel about all this, as I've spoken to you about it previously. All I can say is good riddance to bad rubbish. True friends don't make you choose, they respect who you like, who you are friends with. You respected her enough to put up with Erick and she did more than just not repay the favor. She dropped you quick and right before your birthday as well.

    I hope that you did have a great birthday though! Pics! Pics! Pics!

  5. I don't know if you are going to consider this "flaming", people tend to confuse disagreement with flaming too much around here. Just because I have a difference of opionion about what you said does not mean I'm degrading, demeaning or talking trash about you in any way shape or form. If you only want people to come around that agree with you then really what's the point of having a public blog?

    Now that I've got that out of the way, Vid you just said something a little contradictory that I would like to point out. You said "Well TMN does support me and I wasn't going turn on them. People keep saying they will turn on me and I want to find that out myself. I can't bad mouth them and I'm not going too." Which is all good and well. That's exactly how Kelle felt about Erik. Regardless of any bad news she heard about him from other people she was going to be his friend regardless because he never did bad by her. She recognized what other people said about him and chose to associate either way. Just like you recognize TMN shit on whoever they want whenever they want, build people up and tear them down, act as though they are far and above most around morally and ethically while using the same deplorable tactics as many trolls. But because they haven't done anything wrong directly towards you, you see nothing wrong with it. In that regard you and Kelle were exactly the same. When you say 'you put up with Erik' I have no idea what you mean by that since you made your posts about his character none of which were good and didn't talk to him at all. Even just from reading your side of it all Kelle wasn't asking you to choose, just recognize that TMN talking about her like that was wrong. Just because she disagreed with something they posted doesn't mean they should have ripped into her like that, or anyone for that matter. You can disagree and still be civil, still act like an adult. The fact that you blamed her for it, and this again is just from reading what you wrote, is probably what hurt her more than anything. As I'm sure you don't like it when people come on here and call you all sorts of names and "flame" you, Kelle didn't like seeing TMN do it to her, whether it was just one post or not. I've seen you go off on people who come here and disagree with you because you don't feel that it is right and that you need to stand up for yourself and you appreciate it when your friends do the same for you. I fail to see how what they did to Kelle is different and why its something she should have just gotten over when you don't ever just get over something you feel you need to speak up about.

    I don't know if you are going to read this, or if anything I say is going to resonate with you. I just felt like I needed to get it off my chest.

  6. And I must also disagree with you, RD.

    TMN was not "wrong" to post about Kelle. They post about whoever they want, as it's their blog and their right. Vid posts what she wants, Kelle posts what she wants, I post what I want, etc. etc. Know what I mean? Now, you may not agree with what they posted, but it does not make it wrong.

    Hell, when they post about some morally inept and vile person, they get applause, but when it's someone else, they get crucified. They never seem to receive praise when they post something good, all they receive is the negative attention, and that is something that Vid has been receiving as of late.

    In essence, you're right, Kelle didn't ask Vid to choose, but she didn't even give her a CHOICE either. She washed her hands of it, and that's fine and dandy if she wants to do it, and hurt someone that respected her wishes because of a friggin' gossip site. She's more than welcome to it, it's her decision, her choice, etc.

    The whole reaction I'm seeming to see here is, "Ok, I'll post about TMN and their posts, but they're not allowed to post in response to me even though that's what I just did."

    Main point is on our blogs, we play by our own rules, same goes for TMN. But really, who are you to criticize her for Vid's post? She posted her feelings on the matter, shared her side of the story, and said she would take no flamings or rude comments on the matter. She didn't crucify Kelle, and she didn't badmouth her either. So I really don't see why you took the time to make such a long and drawn out post to reprimand her for having certain feelings about a certain matter that really doesn't involve you.

    It doesn't involve me either, but what does involve me is that I consider Vid a friend and I don't particularly care for someone publicly slamming her [on her own blog, no less] because she feels bad that her friendship ended. I think she feels bad enough about the whole situation, and she got if off her chest.

    However, I would've thought that if you really needed to get all this off your chest, you would have done it on your own blog, no?

    That's only my opinion, though.

  7. RD, I dunno what your true intentions are, because undoubtedly, if you wanted to get this off your chest, you would have posted on your own blog in regards to it.

    However, I don't see how it's any of your concern to pop on here and reprimand Vid because she feels horrible about her friendship ending. How could you even reprimand her feeling bad about that? That's what alludes me.

    And also, I don't remember seeing a code of ethics regarding how we bloggers post on our blog. It's every man for himself, and each blogger has their own set of rules on their blog. TMN plays by their own rules. It neither makes them "wrong" or "right", but simply makes them different.

    It's a double standard. "Oh, I'll post about TMN, but they can't post about me in response." Should Kelle have made a post? Not my call. It's her blog, her rules, but you can't expect to criticize someone for how they run THEIR blog and not expect a response.

    But whatever, my two cents.

  8. *cough* I fail at just letting things go so this one is all for you AngelicEvil-


    And look how I took your advice and made it a blog post instead of some long drawn out response on Vids blog... *sigh*


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