Friday, July 9, 2010

I can not leave without giving you a decent explanation!

I've been trying not think about any of the drama happening, but I feel like gave you a shitty explanation to why I'm taking a break. Then I saw this comment:
This is why I can't hate them! They have said and done to much for me. Well people want me to discredit Mare, to tell Mare when they are wrong in doing something. That I am only one they will not flame if I do that. I don't even know why they like me, so how hell do I know what they would do. I can say they are harsh, but I'm just as harsh. It would be calling the kettle black with whatever I say! People disagree with what I have to say so who am I to tell what they are doing wrong.

People keep coming to me though when they post something negative about them, like it's my job. Like I'm suppose bad mouth them on instance. I agree with them most of the time, even when I don't want too. There are times I do disagree, but I'm not going make it a point to disagree with them. It's their opinion and it's just another blog. If you are really good person, it show eventually. This a bad example, but Clover was villain for so long on that site and now she being talked about positivity. What I mean is even Mare can changed their opinion on you. Also one negative post is nothing to how many some people have on that site. It really just another blog for FFS, but it's become a big deal now.

Another thing people act like they are scared of me and what I will say. They are even more scare of Mare will post about them. If post something though, they are scare it will get back to Mare. That is not always true. Also Mare looks everyone blogs, not just mine. I never wanted people to be scared of me though. People think that I'm like the 4th Mare, because I don't get talked about negatively. I am not special and I'm sure the day will come when they point out something I did wrong with same harsh tone they do with others. I can say they did with OT rebellion, but they will not consider that negative Mare, because you guys could of been more harsh. Well I'm not anti-Mare and I've always remained friends with people despite their opinions of them. I said all I can say and done all can do. If you don't want to be friends with me any more I understand.  

When I come back on Tuesday I will be making decision to keep my blog or delete it. No one was coming to me about Mare till I made this blog and I have made things worse sometimes with this blog. If If I was delete it, I would make another, but I would be strictly sims. It is killing me to think about deleting it though. I should not be crying over something so silly, but I am as write this post. I never wanted anyone to hate me and never wanted to lose friends over a blog or anything. Mare or Erick should have never ended any friendships, but I think it has. I'm so sorry this happen.

Talk you all soon. Certain people have my email. AE and LisaVictoria might have it still. I would post it, but too many eyes. You may email me, but I'm not coming back till Tuesday. I will be signing out now and leaving this blog.You are free to chat on my chat box. I read all the sweet comment by the way. I love you all. See you later. :-(

P.S. I'm not mad with you Mare. It's not your fault. I'm not happy when you post negative things about my friends, but it's your blog and respect your opinion. As I said sometime I have to agree, even though I don't what too. I can't ask you to do anything and I'm not going too. You don't tell me what to post, so I won't tell you what to post either. Thank you as always.

UPDATE: I'm not deleting this blog! Anybody hoping I was can kiss it!!!!! I happen to always wander back to here and I read all the comments. As for any updating. Tuesday! Still pretty hurt and pissed so I need this break. Thank u everyone!


  1. i understand the situation completely. some ppl feel that are a conduit to tmn, because they have openly supported you, so since they cant comment on THAT blog, they target you instead. well thats not fair to you viddy. and any real friend should KNOW that.
    being caught in the middle isnt your fault, and people who make thir issues with mare YOUR problem, arent your real friends.

  2. and i forgot to add, dont you dare delete your blog. especilay if you dont want to! destroying something you love and enjoy wont stop people from being emotional bullies. also, running away from your problems never helps.

  3. Zeri said it better than I ever could.
    I totally agree.
    Your true friends will not bring their issues with TMN to you or try to put you in the position to take sides.
    Whether or not you delete this blog is strictly up to you,but don't let anyone bullie you into it.
    You still have several true friends who are in your chat box all the time.
    I'll shut up now.

  4. Aw, Vid, but you're sooo crazy and awesome! Your blog is a place for anything and everything, and it doesn't have to be Sims related. And yes, friendships will end, but new ones will begin, always.
    And other peoples' opinions of you don't matter, either. Just because the Mares support you DOES NOT mean people can come to you with their problems about TMN. Just tell 'em, it's not my problem. Though it seems rude, they should know that they CANNOT put it on another person's shoulders to deal with! And yes, maybe TMN has supported you, but they've also supported Jess, Fury, AE, and many more! Just look at the list of blogs on their website! Those are people they like, follow, talk to, and you're lucky you're on there! :)

  5. Please don't delete this blog!! Even though I'm not on the forums as much anymore, I still check your blog almost daily because I love to hear what you have to say and your views on things that happen. Don't worry about what other people think or what they want you to do, as other people have said, your true friends will stick by you. People will disagree with what you have to say but as Emerson said "to be great is to be misunderstood". I don't know if this means anything to you, but for some reason this quote came to my mind when reading your last two posts. The fact that people come to you and ask you to do things, or to comment and discredit the mare, just proves how good of a leader you are and your impact on the community. If you do lose friends, there will always be new friends to make, friends that will always support you, even when they disagree with what you have to say. I will admit it, at times I may disagree with what you have to say, but that never changed my opinion on you as a person, because I respect all that you have to say.

    I'm not very good with putting thoughts into words but I tried my best. I hope I got the message across that you should keep this blog and not worry about what others think, or want you to do. You are your own person and as long as you agree, and feel good about the decisions you make and the things you say, then your true friends will always stand by you. Many people look up to you and value your opinion and I am sure that they, along with myself, would be tremendously sad to see this blog gone.

    So have fun on your break, it is well needed, and I hope you are able to put this drama aside and find support in your true friends.

    Happy 21st birthday!!

  6. Ok, I had written a long drawn-out post over this, but deleted it all. I'll be ranting it out on my blog so I don't take up your whole page. LOL

    Vid, you are a great person. You speak your mind, you keep a clear head and you stand up for yourself. You keep an open mind and you seem to have a long fuse on your temper, which is great...but when it blows, man you are a force to be reckoned with I'd expect.

    All I can say, is that if you want to delete your blog, then I will miss you. However, I will also say that I hope you're not deleting it over this mess, as I don't think that'd be you. I think if you're anything, you spite the haters. If the haters want you to disappear, and attack and harass you in an attempt for you to delete your blog, you spite them, and you fight back and you don't delete it. I think that's what you've done so far, and I salute you for it. I just hope you're not giving in to the pathetic jerks who are so unhappy with their lives, they have to try to make others unhappy.

    I'll end that here, but just know, when you get back from your birthday, you'll have a nice post waiting for you on my blog. =)

  7. I'm still confused lol

    There's a lot of people who have never had anything bad said about them by the Mare....whoopity doo, they are just some random woman who cares!

    It's amusing yes, but I think some people are far too worried about what others say about them and also have this, high school mentality that if someone doesn't like them that all their friends should back them up and hate them too.

    If other people want to discredit the mare, then THEY can do don't have to feel like you have to do it on their behalf, we are all big girls, we can handle the heat by ourselves we aren't big wussies (I've been watching Titus re-runs hehe)

    Real friends aren't going to stop liking you because you aren't blacklisting a gossip blog, or publicly posting about something you don't agree with.

    Cheer up vid :D

  8. Vid,im not gonna write a novel here but, you HAVE to stay. DONT delete this blog. I smile everytime I read this blog. Dont you dare get rid of this. Take a break, we all need one once in a while but dont leave us forever off this blog. Just remember Viddy, I love you and so do many ohter people around here!


  9. hey! i just wanna say that you will have to stay, and it will be alright if you take a break!

    ps: i was gonna throw you a surprise birthday but since you are leaving then, I guess I will throw you a welcome back party this tuesday!

  10. Vidkid, do whatever you want but we will all miss you. It would be great if you didn't delete your blog though, your blog posts are very entertaining to read! x) I agree with you about the Mare, I agree on most of the things they post. :p

  11. I am not a wordsmith like some of the other posters here but I will say this....if you let the "assholes" determine what you do, then you will never do anything! And that's exactly what they want! If you take down your blog then they have won! Just keep being yourself and true to yourself and you WIN!!!

    People need to keep in mind that the Mare is just another blog...people with an entertaining opinion...but they are not Gods! So if people want to start drama because of what Mare says...well, that just shows their immaturity! If others are jealous that the Mare has a high opinion of you, I say "Fuck 'em"!

  12. Okay, now this is gonna be along comment, so if you can't be arsed reading it I completely understand, but I feel there are some things I must say. Please ignore any typeos and spelling istakes because I'm typing this up in a hurry and shiz.


    I don't hate TMN. I quite like them. I think they're funny and smart and they have done a awful lot for me lately. (though a few names wouldn't hurt, hint hint if you're reading this Mare's!) But I do not worship them like some people who are quite obviously stuck upp their arses. I sometimes agree with them, but other times I dis-agree with them. But I DO LIKE them.

    As for Windbag, Blazaxx and the gang, ignore them. They're not worth your time anymore than they are worth mine. DO NOT delete your blog because then the trolls will get what they want. And this is YOUR blog, you can post whatever you like on here. I can post whatever I like on mine, TMN can post whatever they like on theirs. The same goes for Zeri, Candii, Kelle and EVERYONE else.

    Anyways, you need a viirtual hug. *big hugs* And a box of tissues by the sounds of it. =-) Cheer up mate.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hey Vid *hugs*

    I just wanted to say that I hope you have an amazing 21st birthday. I know it'll be tough but try not to let all this crap ruin your day.

    I don't often comment but I've been keeping up with your blog and what's been happening and I continue to find myself absolutely disgusted at the way you've been treated.

    To think all the crap that has ultimately caused this was started over a teen-rated game that is supposed to be fun... it's just sick! I hope those scumbags can sleep at night.

    Do what you need to do, regardless of what anyone says. Your real friends will always stand by you no matter what you decide to do. <3

    (FYI: I deleted my original post because of bad wording on my part, I haven't changed anything or covered anything up, I just thought that what I said could be misinterpreted and I couldn't find an edit button ^_^; )

  15. I hope you'll decide to keep your blog. Don't let the drama drive you away, please. You're a great asset to our community and if people don't like what you have to say, fuck em.

    It's not your fault people get crazy because TMN is supportive of you. They should be. You're a good person and have shown as much to the rest of the simmers out there. Don't let a bunch of assholes get the better of you. They don't matter.

  16. Hey Vid. First off, Happy 21st B-day. Present:

    Second: You do what YOU feel is best. No matter what that may be. I know you and I don't keep in close contact, but I do consider you an asset to the community and a friend.

    Today, I was going through this mock petition I had done up last year about cowplants and saw SuicideSpat, and it got me to thinking of when you, him and I were on Cece's old chat talking about whatever when you had gotten banned, and I got flagged for it. lol.

    You are a strong and beautiful person who seriously does not deserve such treatment.

    Have a fabulous 21st. They totally rock (take it from this oldie ;) )

    My email addy is on My Blog, feel free to use it to keep in touch, no matter what you decide. *hugs*

  17. Wow Vidi I didn't realize how messed up this whole situation was, you know chic forget about the drama leave it and keep doing what you do best. Making your friends laugh and entertaining us. Heaps of hugs and stuffs. Stick to ya guns baby and don't let anyone change ya.

  18. Had to fix the typos!
    Don't worry this blog will stay up if kills me! I made this post in my lowest of time on this blog and I stupidly thought that running away from the problem would be the best thing. Well I faced it and got a answer I didn't want. It sure didn't kill me and what don't kill u makes u stronger! I won't let this blog die for FFS! I feel like blogging right now! I have pent up shit in me, but I'm going think about my next post carefully. Thank u for everything guys! I been reading comments and I don't worry about this blog being deleted anymore! It's not going anywhere. :-)
    Dark u can curse all u want. xD

  19. Yay for Vid! Happy B-day BTW, Im going to tell you early cause you'll proboally be busy when it is your B-day.


  20. VidKid! I'm so glad you decided to keep this blog! It's very entertaining to read.
    Vidkid...dont you dare change for anyone! Your awesome and nice, and if anybody says otherwise juss come tell me and I'll kick'em in the kneecaps! :] Have a wonderful 21st!

  21. Hi VidKid,

    I am so glad that you have reconsidered deleting your blog - I have only just started reading and it's fun!

    I am also sorry that you have been embroiled in the nonsense going on elsewhere. You don't deserve it. Some people love a drama and others can't handle critisism. Sadly, the negative energy exuded by these people can be difficut to ignore and leads to kind hearted people such as yourself feeling worn out.

    It will blow over as soon as people have something to complain about. In the meantime, I hope you feel reassured by the lovely posts left by others.

    I hope you have a smashing birthday!


  22. Well I for one am a big fan of yours! I think that people just want attention and can't stand that you're a better person than they are. So they have to be rude and dramatic about everything.

    This will all blow over sooner or later =) I'm very sure of it. The Sim World wouldn't be the same without you.

    Btw Happy 21st!

  23. All I can say is, Glad to hear it Vid.:D

  24. Yay! Happy to hear it! Now, you party yourself crazy! It's your one and only 21st! Just be safe and have fun!


  26. Vid- I'm wishing you a very happy 21st birthday and I am so so so very sorry that you had any drama to deal with on your birthday week. That's so unfair and you DO deserve better than that. I've stayed away from the drama cause I don't really know all the players, but I think your great.

    What's so cool about you is that you're just you. Your nuts and zany and funny and serious and cleaver all rolled up into one very nice person.

  27. Viddy, I made you a b-day thread then the bums who are called EA deleted it. >:-(. Damn them. Sorry for it being deleted vid.



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