Sunday, July 18, 2010

My latest annoying glitch! Windows and doors! Oh my!

This is what happens when I put windows up now. Same with doors too. I have to place it just right for them to show normally. WTH? I'm going update and see what happens, but I'm bit scared it might make things worse! I haven't been doing much building so I'm kinda just noticing it. It's really annyoing for building sets for my comps.

I also had a sim that refused to go upstair as if something was in her way. This is happening all in Sunset Valley by the way. I haven't played in Sunset since Ambition. Well another thing I notice which ticked me off is all the new buildings(fire house, consignment store, etc.) are place backwards! I heard about that, but what the hell? EA failed on that one big time!

Update: Bitten said the moveobjects does it! You can hit me later for my slow thinking! Thank you Bitten!


  1. Are you sure you haven't got moveobjects on?

    Cause that always happens to me when I have that cheat on. :P

  2. ^oh!!!! Yep that's it! I was using it for a comp pic! I usually don't have built sets. >_<

  3. Haha you silly banana. ;D

    Glad it's fixed for ye now. :)

  4. Thanks, Bitten. I was gonna tell her that, but you beat me to it, you dirty, rotten cupcake. ;D

  5. I get that glitch all the time, yep, it's move objects. Grrrrrr..... Very annoying.


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