Monday, February 27, 2012

EA: Welcome to Simbook!

I have new ipod!!! Woo!

Yes my old classic white ipod has been sent to the retirement home! I brought new usb/wall charger for it yesterday trying to save myself from buying a whole new one. Well plugged it up to the computer with a shiny new usb cord and nothing happen. Charged it, but the computer did not recognize that a device had been hooked up. Now it plays music, but I needed to add music to it. I can't update a playlist if it doesn't know a ipod is plugged up you know? So I stayed up till in 2 in the morning unstalling and reinstalling itunes. Reading different suggestions and got nothing. Went back to Best Buy to return the usb cord and get some more insight. Guy plugged it up to his computer and got nothing. Told me I would have to send it off to get it fix and well I said hell no. It's about 5 years old now? Got it for 18 birthday, so it was getting up there for gadgets.

So my dad and grandmother chipped in and brought me a shiny new black ipod classic! I love it!!!!! :D

Welcome home shiny new ipod
P.S. I had to listen the radio for a week, because ipod usb cord died. Well they play the same damn songs over and over again every hour. Drove me nuts!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost forgot..Same party, different townie

I pity the man who marries her. Looks like big foot. Lawl xP

Just another reason to love cc!

Oh the radomness...
Don't you just love his party outfit? Trendsetter I tell you!

*Clears thoat* This comp looks amazing doesn't it?

I don't know the person hosting it, but do join. ROFL ;P

Monday, February 20, 2012

My first Unicorn sighting and more game pics!

No relations to Mare's post, but it's funny how similar they are in some of the pics and the title. ^_^

Roxy had a girl named Tori with my other sim Zack Chase.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

New Poll involving comments

Since we may be finally rid of the little scum bag that pledged us for a year, I was wondering if I should switch back to commenting with blogger. Meaning no more Disqus comments or worrying about your real name popping up if you comment wrong. Honestly, I've been missing commenting with blogger and I've always felt guilty that disqus might be turning people from commenting. I know some have stop commenting, because disqus isn't the easiest to use or understand. I remember commenting on Poida's blog and my full name showed up under comments. Gave me a big scare since I wasn't planning to showcase my real name to the world. I'm sure a lot of people have been scared to comment with all the little directions I posted. :/ I wouldn't of done it if it wasn't for you-know-who, so I appreciate your feedback on the subject.

If in any case someone is to spam or cause trouble using blogger comments, disqus can be easily re-installed. I've tested everything via my other blogs. I also have ip tracker on this blog, so yeah I'm fully aware who visits. Don't try nothing! :P

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yay The Walking Dead is back!!!!

Last post for the night.
Rick grew a pair and got just a little bit cooler! :D
*This post will contain spoilers*

The Grammys and RIP Whitney Houston!

Well the Grammys had interesting vibe to it this year. Part celebratory, part somber. Will get to that later, but I thought for the most part the show was a ok. Adele winning was all kinds of awesome! Was so happy for her! I can't believe she's one year older than me either! Such a old soul, but so freaking talented! Nice to see someone with real raw talent win for once!

Seven Deadly Sins Assignment 3 Final scores...

2nd place. Meh, I'm not happy and she didn't even give us comments. Lame. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

First off, thanks and good job simmers!

I honestly would rather not speak on this, but I don't want anyone getting the wrong silly ideas on my silence.

Bravo to AE and Bluebell for their hard work. They both were determine to get rid of the vermin and I first hand saw that, as I was often in contact with them. I do feel that the celebration is a bit too early. We've been dealing with this for a year and having him gone for two days or week does not satisfied me. Another reason I did not rush to make this post, but that's just me.

Again thank you AE and Bluebell. Also thank you to all the simmers who had a hand helping this situation be finally resolved.

Like my other post, I will not be giving the troll something to google if he ever has access to computer again, so case closed for now. Good job everyone.

Just wanted to say I'm still here!!!

This post may self destruct as soon as I get enough energy to post more.

It's 12:30, but I just wanted to post something as it seems like it's been forever since I last updated. I would of updated today with a few post, but I had a mirgraine. Will be going to bed after this. Anyway, I have been under the weather since Friday and I've been just hanging out with my family more also. My father is off on weekends, so I try not to be on here a lot when he's around. Then with me feeling blah I haven't been in a mood to really be online at all lately, but please do understand I do have a life other than sims. I missed yall, but I can't be here all the time and I'm not wonderwoman. lol  >_<

Anyway, I will most likey be here today since it's 12. Might post something on the Grammys, Walking Dead, and a few sim community related stuff. We'll see. Goodnight.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins- Assignment 3 and no scores so far...

I'm not sure if I'm getting scores for this. People lost interest in this competition and the host has even moved on it seems, so it's over! D: I suggested a finale, but I can't see that happening.

I wanted to do something fun and scary. I had a caption, but its not my best. xD The picture to me speaks for itself. Reminds me of gothic farie tale almost. Anyway, I did quite a bit of editing for this. I'm getting really good at adding stuff in. The pie, jellow, fork, blood, knife, crumbs, and cookie were all added in. I had empty table when I started. ;) Thoughts?

If I get scores, I'll post them. Just really sucks I did this pic for nothing basically. A lot comp are starting end this way. Kinda depressing. :/

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just a few pics from last playing

I haven't played since taking these pictures, but I plan on putting down the DS later to play.

Who's kid is this?

Biting my tongue for the sake of being nice...

For about a week or two, I've been seeing some stuff that been a big turn off for me when it comes to the simming community. I have started playing my game again just to take a break from it all and I've been getting a life recently. Well I come back this weekend to really lurk and I'm more irritable than when I left. To the point, I have hold in crap! Now I'm going try very hard to be nice, but I'm going to be blunt and give you the general version. Foul language is included, but not too bad.
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