Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Spooky day!!!!

And for us rl non-pixelated people....
Have fun, be safe, and don't eat too much candy! :)

Legacy Update: Teen love, Kat's granddaughter, and snow...

Just some pics from yesterday play session. No ones aged up yet to my dismay. I think my aging setting are off. Either that or I'm impatient. 

Henry seems to be enjoying time to himself though. The house is empty during the week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walking Dead: My thoughts on Season 5 "Four walls and A roof"

Spoiler Alert! Spoilers ahead! Don't read pass this point if you haven't seen this ep or any of the previous eps!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

To my next door neighbor sitting on the porch "singing"....

And please get a new cd or song! FFS! If I hear those same songs one more time, this is going happen:
Please STFU!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

That ad thing is happening again with the exchange

I can get to the page after going through my studio and clicking it again (sometimes more than once), but that shouldn't be happening at all!
Is Sims 4 flopping that hard?

And I finally got around to finishing and uploading Daryl from The Walking Dead. I know it's probably too late, but I wanted to finish him for myself. I'm sorry to those who waited for him. The pressure to get him just right just got to me and I kind of lost my desire to create sims for awhile. I think I might be back. I don't know. I do know one thing. I'm not taking request this time.

These two are in my studio. I'll try to add them to my customs blog this weekend.

Daryl Dixon
 Merle Dixon (my best attempt at him anyway)

But as I was saying, what's with the ads EA?!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: The Trick, the treating, and the flirting....

This is right on time for Halloween. :P I wasn't really expecting to play all that much yesterday, but I got really into it. I played for hours for the first time in ages. :)

Nicolas is enjoying his newly decorated room.
While purple is his favorite color, I didn't really like the purple room. This looks more like a proper room for an athletic inclined boy.

The Walking Dead: My thoughts on Season 5 "Strangers"

Sorry for the late night post. It took me a min to type this and another upcoming post (sim related).
Spoiler Alert! Major Spoilers ahead! Do not read further if you haven't seen any of the recent episodes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Walking Dead!!!! I was watching! Season 5 premiere thoughts!

Spoilers ahead!!!! Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, ahead! Do not read ahead if you haven't seen this ep or the previous eps!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New uploads at VK20 Customs & My Studio

Nova, my model from the Senior High: Out of this World competition I was in.
Alan and Alex from the Seeing Double comp I was in. Oddly Alex is winning in downloads.
I also added Shawn, my model from Art of Love and the short-lived Hipster competition. I had added to him to the exchange awhile ago, but I never got around to adding him to my actual customs blog.
I took brand new fresh pics of them and they are completely unedited, so you're getting what you see. 

Coming Soon:
Just in time for winter. A winter fairy called Winter. lol
I was thinking about releasing her for X-mas, but winter is coming (GOT reference?) and I might make her my avi. Maybe I'll create some different faeries for X-mas. Oooo better yet, I could make one for Halloween and one for X-mas. Hmmmm...I'll think about it. Oh and don't forget to rec these on the officials. Happy Simming all! :)

B/w she's not the only one coming soon just so you know. I have more. ;P

Thursday, October 2, 2014

EA making a buck off the exchange? (Update: They fixed it)

I haven't uploaded to the TS3 exchange since the forums was switched over to the new officials, so I was curious if it was working properly. So I started off uploading my alien/model, Nova to my studio. She seemed to catch a lot people eyes over on the new officials when I made her my avi, so I decided to share her with the world. :P I uploaded her yesterday without issue and she appeared in my studio like normal, but then I encountered a problem when clicking on her.

I got a freaking ad and no matter how many times I click the back button or refresh, it continues to give me an ad. Why is that EA?!
And before you cry fowl, I went on google chrome and got what it should look like.
Notice that I'm not logged in on that browser. I logged in just now to check and I got the same damn ad thing!
 EA, are you that strapped for cash from your flop that you gotta place your stupid ass ads on exchange items?! You make me sick! You really do! Lousy bunch of toerags!

Grrrr.....Anyway, look for this sim on my customs blog. Will be working on updating that today. 

P.S. I got the same thing clicking on another creator's recent upload, so it's not just me. :/

Update: Someone from EA must of been reading this blog, because it's magically fixed on both browsers. EA be

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TS4 adds ghost via the new patch and pools will be next!

No. I haven't join the dark side yet, but I feel obligated to acknowledge it's existence and report on any new free content EA coughs up that will make the game less of a shell and bore. For Halloween, EA has given TS4 players ghost and glitches galore via the new patch.

But wait there's more! You'll getting new coustumes, eye colors, and a new gnome in the current new patch. *yawns*
But wait there's even more coming in November and December!

"In November, get your Sim-suits ready (too much pun? Sorry!) because pools will make their triumphant debut in The Sims 4."

"December is Put-Your-Sims-To-Work Month, as we introduce new Career paths and rewards."

So it sounds like all the complaining is working folks! Wooo! Now if only they would add toddlers, cars, and a color wheel. Less loading screens creating a more open world would be nice too. Oh well. Continue complaining. The more we complain, the more likely we will see these things again and better the game will be with them. 

As for me, this bodes well for my future with the Sims franchise. Hopefully things continue in the right direction and the glitches don't continue to pile up.

P.S. Speaking of those glitches, people seem to be already having problems with ghost showing up. Typical.
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