Monday, January 31, 2011

This is Sim lair isn't it?

They are too many fishy things going on with the latest drama and I have decided to no longer discuss it here. Mare, just reminded me what I should be doing!

Anyway, I still say this is not the mare nest #2 or the blog to use to get anyone attention! Make your own blog for that. A lot of that last night was still uncalled for, but right now I will like change the subject. I somewhat accept the apology I was given, but I'm still not completely sure. Still can't understand why the discussion ended up on my blog in the first place, but meh.

Back to business of sims as I'm really too drain to go into another rant or explanation.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Yay! Take a peek at my latest simiverse entry....

Turned out exactly like I wanted! I did the movie Avatar and I <3 it! Even if I get eliminated, I will feel awesome for that entry! The editing was actually kinda easy and fun! Hopefully it fits into the assignment. Aliens and Teen vs. parents all in one entry was hard!

Miss Simiverse Assignment 5 pic and scores

3 objects to help define what being a teen is!
Items: Clothes, Makeup, and blow dryer!

"Does my butt look too big?" lol

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remind me never to do that again...

I just went that other sims 3 listing site with the anons and became nauseated by reading some of the comments under a very talented creator's post. It just reminded me why I avoid that blog mostly. It also reminded me why I will never add anon comments back on any of my blog and why I ask to be taken off that site in the first place. This creator is on my blog list and I don't know her too well, but she seems like a very sweet person. Keep making clothes and screw those commentors. The more you make, the better you'll get and your making better stuff then me! That's for sure. >_<

Seriously, who made this people experts at cc? Most of them don't even have screen names or have the guts to post under names! Epic Fail! I mean creators want criticism, but adding malice to it crosses the line! *sigh* This excatly why I made my own listing site.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's snowing cats and dogs!

My camera on my phone sucks, but it's looks like a mess outside.

By the way, can you believe my neighbor has his dog outside in this. It's hiding in it's dog house, but I'm absolutely disgusted by how they treat their poor dog. Like why have it!? Just awful!

Poll Results: What have you done to my avi/sim?

What have you done to my avi/sim? I'm scare to ask, but...
A. I gave her a good life! :) 5 (12%)

B. I killed her of course! Bwhahaha! 8 (20%)

C. I can't say... 14 (35%)

D. Sitting in my sim bin still 12 (30%)

Well it seems most can't say or have her sitting in the sim bin. I was expecting more to kill her, so it's nice see something else win. I know I'm not the most liked, so I was kinda expecting A. Glad I asked, even though "can't say" could be anything. Oh well. Was just asked out of curiosity. Thanks for voting. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Just in case, you didn't notice....

I added a new page for Stories as The Roxy Tab will be replace with the new story. You can find all the episodes under that page. The Roxy story was me just getting my feet wet with this kinda stuff and I honesty got bored with it after awhile. Just not enough romantic interactions and I was running out of ideas. The ending is cheesy, but couldn't think of another way to end it. No matter what, I think it would be cheesy as it was a spoof of those type of reality shows.

A sneek peek of the next one...
The blond vampire set down at the classic piano with a smile on his face. It was a night like every other night. Alone as always now, but something about tonight felt different. It was if he was expecting visitors.

He continue to play as the night went on and then he sensed the present of another immortal or immortals in this case. 'Should we greet them?' he thought smirking to himself.

Now I'm still struggling with picking the name, but this is the opening of it. Thoughts? I plan on make this waaayyy better than my last story if you can tell.

Miss Simiverse Assignment 4 pic and Scores

Man VS. Machine
Yay! Got 1st again! :D

Blog and Download Status- Wow who knew?!

-Firestar nooooo! is the most viewed post on this blog with 568 views. WTH? Why? It's old news, so um 0_0

-Anyway, my most downloaded celeb sim is Johnny Depp on my blog. Didn't expect that!

-July of last year was when I got the most views. I think I know why. *sigh*

-Mare, Em and AE give me my most hits along with SR's site. Thanks :D

-Kimi Kato is my most downloaded sim blog wise.

Found this quite interesting. :)

For The Love of Roxy Episode 7-The Finale!

All the eps in order listed here!
Note: I know the ending is probably cheesy, but ah well. xD

A week has gone by and Roxy has had time to make difficult decision of picking her bachelor. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hamsterlover, I'm in the bussiness of misery or a sim in this case....

Since I completely failed at the makeup, I decided to go back to working on your sim. I'm so freaking sorry for the wait. This waaayyy long over due! No real excuse for it accept I sometimes spread myself to thin and get distracted. Anyway, here she is. Add your own traits and dress her in other clothing as I payed more attention to everyday. Enjoy Paramore fans! :)

P.S. And peeps please don't post request under  help, say hi page. I said it once and I will say it again. I'm going wipe clean now as I hate clutter and all the comments are pretty old.

The last episode of For The Love of Roxy is will be posted VERY soon....

I just shot the ending to For the love of Roxy and it turned out great! Should I post it? Should I make you wait?! If I finish it, I'm moving on to my interview with a vampire story, soooo I could make you wait or post it now being that I'm slightly bored.

Well I'm going try to finish something I was working on and when I come back, I might post it. :P

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Juat in case, you haven't notice....

I figured out how to add reactions yesterday! Check them out on TS3 CC gallery. Was so freaking simple! I deserve a facepalm for going for almost a year without knowing how do that. I see some people have already click some. Hehe. Made me all excited! :)

Now I have comp pic to do. I have backup picture, but my other idea is much better. Wish me luck!

P.S. Hi Daily/Littlemama! Hehe, a small shout out! :P

Friday, January 21, 2011

For the Love of Roxy Episode 6- Kalvin's big date!

Well after long drive to Bridgeport, Kalvin took Roxy to the club! He got bonus money from the consignment store challenge, so going out of town was his plan!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The sky is falling, because someone got caught in a lie!
"I just needed to talk to them about something, and I swear it's nothing bad/evil. Miracle, Darian and I just need to talk to them and clear something up. I assure you no one will be thrown under the bus and no will get hurt in the process of the e-mail. "
Do I need post anymore to make this clear to you? Lies!!!! All you did was harass them! It was not some heart filled message! How dare you use me?!

Don't you ever come back to my blog! Don't think about emailing me! You lying good for nothing little twat! Everybody can go back to Cloud Ten and drop dead for all I care. Too many snakes slithering around there for my taste and of all things, Kami now lying to me. The nerve! I don't trust anybody from that site, so you can all say your goodbyes now.  

I'm sick of the drama, but damn you going use me as a pawn for it! You don't deserve the pleasure of getting away with lying to me! You don't deserve the dirt from off my damn shoe! Piss off!

By the way, Kelle keep your pet away from my blog! Do you see me going on your blog harassing you? No, so you better keep Darian on a chain and fuck off! If I see anymore of you on my blog again, I swear you will be wishing I never knew of your failure of a site! You want attention, well here it is! Enjoy this why it last!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vampire picture spam!

This is a sneek peek of my story I guess. These pictures were taken for fun mostly. If you notice, Louis isn't a vampire yet in my household. I wanted to see Lestat turn him, so in 3 sim days the real fun begins. Will start shooting for the first chapter once he turns.

P.S. I plan on making it more real without those damn skill things and thought bubbles floating above their heads. I think MTS has something for that.

I'm not going say I'm back again, so I'll say this...

I did say I was giving up this blog, but running away won't make me feel better or make this situation any better. Your comments are right. All I can do is apologize and learn from my very stupid mistake. I feel quite dumb saying I'm leaving to only return though, but I'm here. Next time, it's best not to believe me.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I refuse to report any "gossip" as of today...I'm so sorry Yazzie!

If it does not have a screenshot, some solid proof, or picture to along with it you can forget about me giving it the time of day. I have not only been lead to believe someone was lying about a illness, but I have hurt someone in the process. I do not feel good about it and hell I feel like scum. Yazzie you have every right to despise, hate me, so on. That's what I get for taking someone word and not investigating or bettet yet taking your word. If it wasn't for Cat, Em and AE saying they would be pissed if I deleted my blog, I would delete it. I feel so fucking stupid right now! I'm about this close to going nuclear on everyone who fed Em this shit. I don't even know if I post anything tomorrow, because I'm so pissed and embarrassed!

I am beyond sorry Yazzie! I heard of this and became concern! I'm truly beside myself right now with regret! I'm just so very sorry I ever posted anything or said anything.

For the love of Roxy Episode 5- Shane's big date!

Sorry it's been awhile. As I said before, I have hard time sticking with stories and rather than write this half heartily I rather take a break on it. I never planned to drop it though as I saved these pictures for when I felt it was about time to end it. Epidsode 7 will be the last epidsode, so only 2 more!
Note: The shoes she wears in this epidsode are bad cc, in case you were looking at them.
Shane: Could of swore it was standing?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am terrible with stories, but.. (rambling on a Sunday, I know)

I suck at making stories and keeping to them. If I get bored with something, I just have hard time going back to it. I'm going try finishing Roxy, before this other story I have in mind. Yes, another story...

 Now that I have the characters of Interview with a Vampire pretty much finish, I'm going try make a story base off of them. Kinda like a alternative story if certain events didn't come about.

#1 Idea is that Claudia never tried to kill Lestat and they lived on to this century. That now they are trying to adjust to moderm century city life.

#2 Idea I had, was that Claudia manage to escape the coven and get to the city. That Lestat is still furious with her, but still feels slighty guity that he almost got her killed and wants Louis desperately to come back. Claudia doesn't know of Lestat's doings, but still hates him. She decides to come back with Louis after a many years and centuries as the old coven is still looking for her. They live on trying to adjust to moderm times and trying forget their past differences.

I am planning to do Armand as well and have him appear in this story if I can make him. Him appearing in the first idea might be a problem since technically wouldn't have met, but we'll see.

So 1 or 2? Or a mixture of both? Neither? lol I've wanted to write fanfic of them, so been thinking of putting it together with my love of sims. I know the author banned fanfic, I will probably title it something else. Really just a sims story. >_<

P.S. I would like to make Daniel too, but the movie Daniel is meh.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Lestat, Louis and Claudia as Ts3 Vamps!!!

*click to enlarge*
I will take better pictures, but I was testing this out to make them vamps and it worked! Going really test them this weekend and let me know if you want me upload them. :P

A update on my Lestat....

Good? Bad? Tom Cruise is very hard to make. The hair is bugging me the most. All I want is some curly long hair for guys FFS!

Louis and Claudia so far...

They were incredibly easy since Brad Pitt was already in my studio and making kids is actually easy. I may try using a different skin, but things should change when they are vamps. Not sure if kids can be vamps without being born in game. I hope so. I also can't find decent hair for her. Well the main two are Louis and Lestat. Lestat is being a pain to make by the way. Stay tune....

Thursday, January 13, 2011


"It's only 12 losers posting all those hurtful blogs"

Oh someone called me a loser! I shall cry myself to sleep tonight. Oh how ever should I live! *sarcasm* Oh piss off and stop saying sh*t that will get you in trouble. So what was I doing before reading that? Oh I was acting like none of you existed as I don't know half of you anyway. Yep that's it. That how much I love your opinion of me.
Have a nice day!

P.S. SimEve your following my blog! I'm so honor! Thanks for followering me you two faced twat!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am really thinking of creating this household....

I treid doing it awhile back, but we had no vampires at that time. Now we do! Gawd, I would love to make them over, but I'm not sure if have the patience! >_<

Note: Yes, it's one of my obessions! I have been into vamps since forever. Can you blame me? *drools* Curse you Twilight!!!!


Grumpy comp host is grumpy due to waiting! I'm wake today so I'm bored!!! >_<

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Really? The Awesome mod?

I had no idea the Awesome mod changed the script or programming in your game. I was only using it for the slider hacks and certain features. I stopped using it a little before Late Night was announced I think. Does that mean the save games from that time are screwed or all of them screwed? I only have like 2 save games I saved using it. Playing LN, everything was fine. Should I be worried since I'm ex-user of it? I say this after reading Mare. Kinda got me worried. :[

P.S. I don't remember adding it for Ambition, so I may be alright. Does it make permanernt changes?

All year around allergies suck!

I'm completely exhausted today due to my stupid allergy medicine again. Then if I hadn't taken it today, I would have been miserable with all the sneezing and nose blowing. Either way I'm screwed when I need it. Some days I don't need it, but geez when I do I can barely get through the day. Just sucks either way! I could probably go to bed right now and be completely knocked out! It's 9:49, but I'm serioulsy thinking about taking that nap I should of took earlier! >_<

P.S. I have tried everything to keep myself awake all day, but so far I'm failing. *yawns*

To add my feet are cold and my warm slippers had to be thrown away. *cires* Also it's snowing! o_0

Monday, January 10, 2011

Miss Teen Simiverse Assignment 3 Pic and Scores

Vidkid: 63

LE Comments: Good vs. Evil is a great interpretation, and it’s a great idea. I would have liked to see perhaps a more in depth battle to really give it life, and the foot sinking into the rock is a minor issue. But you did a great job Vid!

Didn't do too well on this. I had a idea, but it didn't really come out like I wanted at all! Plus I didn't do a outake, which would have helped a lot with my score. Almost got eliminated, but luckily it was non eliminations that round. I will get eliminated if I screw up again! Going to work on it now. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just wanted to say...

Have a nice weekend!
Thought I should end the day/night with a nice post! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Well since we're crap, TS3 CC won't be hosting her stuff anymore...

Warning: This post contains foul language!
I have deleted all of Ruthless stuff from the TS3 CC gallery site. MS3B will be happy to post her stuff, I'm sure. They are happy deal with the troll element, so why not host a two face useless mod! I was half sleep last night when I read Mare, so this is the extended version of my last post. She is abusing her power as a mod as Em stated in her post here. She can post her lots in general, but we can't post our stuff in general without it being moved? Along with that she clearly has the time to be in General, but Miss Useless KK can't bother to do anything about the trolling in the forums. You should be fired as a mod or for the sake of the community step down. You won't though, because you love the power and if it gets you a free pass to show off your lots in general, then who gives us shit about us! If I get banned for posting my complete disgust with you, then so be it. I will come back and I will make sure you get your walking papers! I'm crap? Well your nothing, but shit under my shoe! Piss off you complete useless moron! And here's a tip, if your don't want Mare to find out your a hypocrite and downright toerag, don't say it on a public chat. Only morons do that!

Can we elect TMN for EA moderators?

Seriously, you have to read TMN to catch a clue to what's going on and find out who the troublemakers are? All you have to do is open your f'ing eyes and read! It does not take rocket science to figure that out! What load of complete BS. You have to be kidding me! I can do your job ten times better than you with my glasses off and I'm as blind a bat without them. Then you say they are pointless when you admit to using them to police the forums. You really are quite useless as a mod! Wonderful bulider, but good greif you suck as a mod! We might as well just hire one of the Mares to moderate. They at least would be on time, while our dear moderator is too busy reading TMN trying to catch a clue. Shoot we could get a monkey and they would do a better job than you! By the way, shouldn't you be moderating instead of running your mouth on a public c-box that everyone can see!

Oh are you saying that the nominees of TMN are a bunch of crap? What the f*** do you do as a mod? A bunch of nothing I know that much. Then you wonder why the place has gone to s***!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random videos from youtube...

After playing around on Itunes, this song is stuck in my head....
Sound better on my ipod. If I could have a theme song, this would be great candidate. xD

Now last night I was on youtube and came upon this skit...
I have no idea why I cracked up over this, but ROFL!

Vidkid20 Customs is looking good thanks to AE!!!

AE you are truly awesome!!!!! I finally have cool banner for my blog thanks to AE! It goes with the new template great! So happy! ^_^

I will be adding a little bit more to the new look as the sides still look empty. I also might add some more personal touches to it. Still thinking on what exactly. Hmmm....

P.S. This will be permanent banner for now, so sites like Jazz Hand may change it if they want.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Congrats to all the winners of the Six Of The Best Awards on Mare!!!

Congrat to AE, Fishgirl4, Vera Blake, and Crinrict  for winning!!!!! :D Use those points wisely, even if the store is mostly crappy. Take mostly as complement EA. Some of the sutff is getting better. Well the hair I got recently is nice. Anyway...
Ah, geez so close! I never have points, but oh well. :D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I have no clever title for I'll just say RAWR!

So far 4 people have murder me in their games! I hope they played the kazoos while she met her untimely demise! 5, can't say. Hopefully they aren't doing anything naughty to her. >_< 3 couldn't bother to use her for anything. Oh well. ^_^ And only one treated her like the ranting ban queen she is.

I'm remodeling the customs blog still. It's starting to really grow on me. At first it looked it little too bright and pink, but I need something bright as this one is so dark.

My newest sim...
We need more African Amercan sims and I need mix it up on my blog, so she won't be the last. Once the exchange is fixed, I will add her along with some favs of mine. My studio is bit empty. You can find her on my blog for now.

And the Mare Nest Award results are so close. I wish my best to everyone nominated! I practically voted for everyone myself. ^_^

P.S. My mixpod is pissing me off! Some of the songs won't play. Grrr....

Monday, January 3, 2011

The poll: What are you doing with my avi?

So far only two people have killed her so far. Er...yay? I have odd feeling that number will go up. I hope you at least brought her back as a ghost and let float around.  >_<

I am trying to make a better and more percise simself without the pink hair, but I suck at making simselfs. Something is always off....

Lesson of the day: Do not feed the trolls and especially with poison....

Example: Avie, forum brat and troll. My response....
Result: BANNED and guess what? She wasn't and this has happen to me at 2 or 3 times. All because I responded to dipshit trolls.

So  when you feed the trolls with snarky repsonses, don't be surprise to get a nice email from EA.

P.S. On another note, you can be permabanned for posting a ot threads and funny pics. Why I'm Vidkid21 now. Just thought you should know that, next time you want post something pointless and OT. 3 strikes with EA and your out most of the time. Then you have to start over again. Not fun...

Note: She could of been banned for that, but you get my point. It's not worth it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bored on a Saturday, Band pics of win!

*click the pics to enlarge*
I gave my band Thick as Thieves a makeover! The lead singer has the most drastic change. ^_^ 

Speaking of bands, battle of the bands has offically began here!
Anyone who wants to sneak in still, can. I will be allowing it till the 2nd assignment is posted.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Animated Fireworks Pictures, Images and Photos
It's officially 2011 here!!!  Keep safe and have a lovely New Year guys! :D
Edit: My orignal firework gif was cooler. :[
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