Thursday, January 13, 2011


"It's only 12 losers posting all those hurtful blogs"

Oh someone called me a loser! I shall cry myself to sleep tonight. Oh how ever should I live! *sarcasm* Oh piss off and stop saying sh*t that will get you in trouble. So what was I doing before reading that? Oh I was acting like none of you existed as I don't know half of you anyway. Yep that's it. That how much I love your opinion of me.
Have a nice day!

P.S. SimEve your following my blog! I'm so honor! Thanks for followering me you two faced twat!


  1. This nearly made me spit out my diet coke! :O

    When I FIRST came to the sims forums, I looked up to them as good people who build, respect people, and etc!

    This is mimicking corrupted government, with a twist! People actually LIKED them before and now, everyone hates that building "lot"
    (hehe, I made a pun)

    But seriously, almost all those people in that chat I thought were 2 thumbs up cool, now, they're 10 facepalms to society.

    I am disappointed.

  2. I actually liked Ruthless and I'm dissapointed myself. Don't know the others too well, but it sucks they are acting like two faced brats.

    20 facepalms would be good. lol

  3. TBH I don't even know who these bitches are lol, glad they are taking the time to read peoples blogs that they claim to not care about.....during their oh so busy lives rofl.

  4. To tell the truth - I had thought ruthless was being bad-mouthed for accepting the as mod because she accepted the job as mod when an ex mod stepped down to support the gifting banning incident - But after catching up with mare - And reading the post by AE I lost all respect towards alli and ruthless, i don't even know who the hell the others but I sure as hell will never respect them - The f'd up b*tchs are two faced lieing b*tches who obviously have nothin better to-do then talk behind others backs - And are obviously fame-seekers.

  5. They're a pathetic bunch hardly worth the attention they're getting.

  6. ^I agree. A bunch of fame whores. They lucky to get this small post out of me.

  7. Wait wait wait.......

    Who are these people again?

  8. ^LOL Nobody. Personally I never heard of them either.


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