Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Simiverse Assignment 4 pic and Scores

Man VS. Machine
Yay! Got 1st again! :D
LE: 71+25
This is a really nice pic. One of your best so far . My only issue is that the trail of bloody foot prints seems random in the nearly pristine room. The fire in the corner also seems out of place. Now if the furniture was on fire or there was more blood, I’d call it perfect. Great job

Alverna: 75/75 +25 for outtake
Bwahahaha xD I L-O-V-E the outtake! xD And the real picture! PERFECTION! Dancing robots ftw :3
Total Score: 98 

I totally agree with Em with this one. The fire was afther thought and the foot prints was not a great idea. I would have loved to try setting the furniture on fire, but for some reason after I took this one, all I got was crap after that.

Anyway, all those simbots were fun to work with and SR's broken furniture was useful! Thanks SR! :)

I got my inspiration from the movies Terminator and Kill Bill! Also the fact that I'm a big anime fan. Was the first thing I thought of and I had to go with it! Being that I got first, I sabatoged Paco. He had to put a gnome in his picture. Bwhahaha! ;)

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