Friday, January 28, 2011

Miss Simiverse Assignment 5 pic and scores

3 objects to help define what being a teen is!
Items: Clothes, Makeup, and blow dryer!

"Does my butt look too big?" lol

LE: 72+25=97
Comments: I love the concept Vid. Though I think you could have had a full walk in closet, but have the space better utilized with the clothing racks along the walls and pulling the walls in a bit more. Well done tho! Loved the outtake!

Alverna: 70+25=95
Comments: It was awesome! Though I'd like to see more creativity
Total Score: 96

Aw, well I thought I should try something different and girly. Didn't do too bad, but I could of done better. Had another idea, but PK did it and I had decided to go with this one anyway. I had a blast building the set this time. I usually hate that part as I have hard time finding the items I need.

Anyway, Paco won despite sabotaging him with gnomes! Grr... Well now I'm sabotaged again and all my models have to be aliens! At first I was like noooo, but now I kinda have a idea. I may have do some serious editing to pull this off. Will be based off another movie and want it to look just right. Hmmmm.....curse you Paco! *shakes fist in air* :P

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