Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween! Last post for the weekend!

I made it myself. A left over pic for modified beauties (added the words afterwards) FYI! :D

To check my Halloween entry early for that contest click here! I even wrote Halloween poem for it!
Well I'm taking off for rest weekend and maybe Monday. Just wanted make up for not updating yesterday. Have good one guys and stay safe! :)

I just told SuzetteR what she needed to hear...

She been nothing, but rude! As I always say you can have a opinion, but don't be ass about it! Well I just told her something I don't regret!

If I get banned, I have a backup. I don't want to, but I couldn't hold that in.

P.S. She hasn't posted back in that thread since I said that. I don't care what bile she has to say to me. She needs to f'ing calm down and shut up. Stop trolling all the LN complaint threads being rude.

Unrelated joke of the day!

A small band update!

They been playing gigs now and just found they could register at city hall! Agh! Well they just started so they didn't miss out too much! Put my game on epic lifespan, so they can really carry out their band.

Er...nice outfit?

:shock: Pictures, Images and Photos
I think this is a LN outfit. Maybe a swimsuit? Just wow!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Late Night thumps in the night!

......or both....wut? Pictures, Images and Photoslaughing smiley Pictures, Images and PhotosNevermind. whistling Pictures, Images and Photos

New dog paintings at Vidkid20 Customs

Vanity Cycle 1 almost done! New comp and Vanity Cycle coming!

I'm keeping my new comp idea hush hush till LN goes world wide on 29th I believe. Not sure. Going wait till next month maybe. Want everyone to have a chance. Hopefully no one does it before I do. Will take the fun out it. >_<

Well 4 assignments left for Vanity Cycle 1! I'm going do Vanity Cycle 2 still. I will probably start the new comp first, then start Vanity Cycle 2 a little afterward depending on how things go. Yes, I will probably juggling two along with being in Modifed, but I think can handle it. Vanity will start with 15 contestants and cut it down to 12 in sign ups like last time most likely (we ended keeping 14 actually).

The new comp might not be as long as Vanity. According to how many people sign up. Start it off 10 and go with 12 the max. Going reserve 2 spots for people who I know will join. ;) Still thinking on how scoring will go and if I will have judges. If you want to know what my new comp will be, please pm me at Simians.

Also judges if your reading this, need scores. Be playing LN while I wait. :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First day with Late Night- Part 2

I have decided to start off with a regular band first and see how that goes. I made all them in CAS earlier today. I did have to cheat to get the apartment, because all the apartmarts offered were too small and only had only one bedroom. My last time cheating for them. Just thought they needed a little help. Anyway, I like to think of them as Alternative rock band.
Thick as Thieves
Always thought be cool to call a band that!

First day with Late Night- Part 1

Late Night crashing? Lookie here!

1. Check if have any conflicting mods.
-Any Sliders
-UI Mod--CAS Basics--Enable Non-Default Skintones

Note: You can have custom skin tones without the UI tool!!!! Just scroll down when click skin tones!

2. Use this:
The Sims 3 Crash Log Analyzer. Can help finding out the problem!

The most important: 

3. Try this
Add each ep and the base. Direction in link.
LN kept crashing for me till I did this. Stop immediately.

4. Use this too if you have alot memory

5.Last, but not least...,15585.0.html
3booter and FPS limiter(First two posts)
If your computer is overheating and crashing, you may want try this!

Ok, now we all know I'm not very tech savy, but I did these things to prevent crashing. Not one crash so far since doing all this.

Well laterz! More LN play, but next the next post will be pictures!!!! :D

Thanks to SR and Eva for the info!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm going be up all night with Late Night!

By time my father comes in with Late Night, it will be another day, 12am. My father said he would pick it up on his way out. I knew if he was going out after he would get it! Even though he's taking forever to bring it, he absolutely amazing! I didn't even have beg or to hint too much this time. I owe him one. I really do! Whenever he gets back, I will try install it. If it gets too late though, I'll do it later/tomorrow. I'm hoping I don't have uninstall everything, but I have a feeling might. I don't mind as long as it works. I just want to play so badly and after day like today, it be nice to play finally.

Thank you to Em, Catz, and Paco from keeping from going into deep depression. Vid with no LN is very sad girl!

P.S. My father just came in with it just as I was typing!!!!! He said it was sold out at one Best Buy! Damn!!!!! Maybe I do have some luck! :) Now I'm debating if should trying installing it tonight. Keep you updated!

Update: Got it installed and no longer crashes. More later! Night.

I'm having a bad day!

Right now I should be going through CAS and making vampire band! Guess, what I'm not! Target and Walmart doesn't have LN yet. I really don't have the energy to hunt it down and no one wants to help me hunt it down either.

Then this morning, I was woken up by my dog getting sick. It was 7am! She was gagging and was going run her to toilet or tub, so she wouldn't spit up on my bed. Well, we didn't make it and it was not pretty site! I need new blanket now and I had to wash my sleeve. :( Note: She better now. She ate something that didn't agree with her due to one of my stupid family members feeding her table food.

Anyway, I'm going try Best Buy. So far no one is volunteering to drive me or to help me. It truly pisses me off! I might have to wait!

If I don't update after this, I've gone to bed or annoying everything sims and possibly my family who pissing me off.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm ready for Late Night!!!!

I just finished crawling around on the floor unhooking my computer and blowing compressed air inside. Was my first time doing that and my allergies are going nuts! Agh! Well, LN better install and update right or I'm going be VERY mad with EA. I better not see uncompatitble pop up! Hopefully, I have no problems. I'm extremely worried it won't install right.

Anyway, I have new idea for a comp with Late Night coming out! It's going be opposite of Vanity and whole new thing. First, I have to see if it's possible when I play LN myself tomorrow. Then if it is, I might have do Vanity and that at the same time. Aha, it's such a good idea I want to try it out and think I can handle 2. We'll see!

Thanks to Doodlesam for helping me fix the crashes I was having. If have NVIDIA Geforce GTS 240 video card, check it out.,15585.0.html

3booter and FPS limiter(First two posts)

Hopefully it works for Late Night also. :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another pair of Bad CC shoes! Haven't been listed yet!

Another special Sunday update!!!
More bad cc!
From a known site and my favorite shoes. :(
Note: I did upload a sim with these, but luckily .package files don't tranfer. No worries. 

Modified Beauties - Assignment 3 and Results!

Assignment: Naughty or Nice?
It's post apocalypse! Law and order. Right or wrong. They don't exist in this land. All Roxy needs is her bike and her man pet on a chain!

1st place baby!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

EA impersonators: Hackers or a cover up? *updated for TMN*

Well, well, about time you told us what the hell was going on!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Late Night Celeb sightings or look a likes in this case!

Now if these townies have similar names like Fifty bucks or Kane West I'm done for! 0_o

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vanity annoucements on VK20 modeling

It won't let me post any new threads to even make a announcement, so please take a look my blog for modeling for any info.

Assignment posted on the blog also.

Now they post it!

Noooooooooo! Why? Vanity!!!! *shapens dagger*

Waring: Bad words and reeks of anger!!!!

Vanity Assignment 8:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Technical problems!

I'm having off and on problems with the computer at the moment. When I'm in CAS sometimes, it goes to black screen/crashes. If make anything, it will be small stuff. As I said it's off and on kinda thing. Sometimes I get lucky. sometimes I don't. Today I didn't. Just note that making sims is extremely fustrating when your wondering when your computer going crash next. I don't think it's the game, so I'm have to fix it myself.

P.S. Hamsterlover, everytime I almost finished your sim it crashes! I guess I'll be done soon. I saved part of my work before it crashed last. >_<

Sims or Halo?

............facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos
*at a lost for words*

Monday, October 18, 2010

Late Night ramblings! No not the time, the game!

I want Late Night so bad!!!
First thing to do when Late Night is installed....

-Make a vampire band called the Lost boys! xD
-Attack townies with my vampire gang/band
-Make vampire version of my avi and upload it
-Make a household devoted to my love of Interview with a Vampire. Lestat!!! Louis!!!
- Make cool shape pool
-Make my avi do the bar tending career
-Make Shane do the music career and make a regular indie band with made over townies
-Explore the rest of the game has to offer- can't remember all the features >_<
-If no serious glitches, die of happiness till the next ep

Do I seem obsessed with Vampires? Nahhhh!
P.S. Steal my band name and will hit something!

Share your band names and ideas here:

Doggie pics!

My dog Roxie. No relation to my sim! lol
Last night she ran in my father's room and jumped on his bed. Didn't even wake up! lol Bad doggie! I would have just died if he did. >_<

I'm here! I'm alright!

Sorry, about the last post. I should have went to bed instead of sitting around being depress and feeling sick. I was not feeling good the whole day to be honest and I was trying to act like I was ok. I don't like fighting with people and effects me a lot. When I was younger I use to let everything go. Whatever I argue with someone now I wonder that maybe I should of done that instead. Then I stupidly blame myself. I do get tired of falling out with people, but I get tired of people treating me like shit also. I'm not going distance myself though and everybody who doesn't like me can kiss it!

Now I still don't feel good, but I saw Spat is back! Get your ass over here dude!!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

I love Christmas!

Agh, not this topic again!


Beating Dead Horse Smiley Pictures, Images and PhotosBeating Dead Horse Smiley Pictures, Images and PhotosBeating Dead Horse Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
And no chenmn123, it'a not donkey! lol
P.S. This was my excuse to post that gif again! <3

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bad CC is bad! *contains important and helpful info*

I'm going post this before I forget again! D: Well, if hadn't heard I was trying rid my game of bad cc last weekend. I kept getting my sim wearing these shoes below in the shower!

Rose hair fail!

Last night I decided to play around in CAS and try this new hair I downloaded. 
 Looks nice in the front, right?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My heart not in it today...

Sorry, for not updating. I just didn't feel like it today. Hard to describe. I'm tired, a little down and worry about something. I don't know what to say. I was going type out a long depressing post about what I'm feeling, but I prefer to keep to myself. *sigh*

Well it's almost 12am. Goodnight!

P.S. Awesome_Phoebe check into Vanity. Haven't seen you lately. I know so OT.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New decor at Vidkid20 Customs!

The Death note one didn't turn out exactly like I wanted, but the dog one is perfect! The Death Note one isn't bad though. I still like it. :)

For those wondering where AE went....

Monday, October 11, 2010

For the love of Roxy Episode 4- The gift that keeps on giving!

I think the irony of the title makes me laugh. I had planned that title way before the gifting scandal. Anyway, enjoy!

Roxy: Today I would like you two to go out and buy me presents! I'm going to give you each 1000 simoleons, so it better be good!

I'm beginning to not care who did what!

With all this drama going on I was going drop the post I promised for today and let things cool down. Well, I changed my mind! We all need a laugh right about now, so I'm going see what I can post. I don't care who stole what, I don't care about any of the drama anymore. It's none of my bussiness. At the end of the day, it's just a game community and we all need laugh sometimes. We all need to stop taking things so serious. Smile!

Also I refuse to say anyone guity of anything, because I don't know all the details. Sorry if offended anyone.
Again lets all cheer up and let it die!

Update: I do have my own opinion on this now, but I'm keeping it to myself this time. Hope you don't mind. ;)

Who thought gifting would be this dramatized!

Note: My movie plans were a no go. Next weekend.
They supposely used this hidden url/button to get points for free.

First off I would like to say WTH! I really have no idea what's going on anymore! I had no idea this button existed!
Kerby admitted to this, but what about everyone else. I'm so confuse and not going point fingers at anyone. Heck, if I saw free simpoint button, I would have pushed at least once. Who wouldn't?! Not to say it was right, but just wow. 0_o Hopefully TMN or someone will shine some light on this. I'm still trying grasp who's who at the moment.

P.S. EA is incredibly stupid to have this button around! They could at least hid it better! Morons!

1am and all is well!

I plan on going to the movies tomorrow/later today, so I might be late updating. Now I must make a announcement...

- Roxy and my recent avi on the forums are safe! The bad cc I had didn't attach to them! I made sure though first and I even took the link down for Roxy. It's back up and you shouldn't have any problems!

- Story update tomorrow. I took pics!

- More paintings

-Hamsterlover, disregard the pm! I have to start your sim over again though. I will have her done very soon.

 -I will also post some info I learned while trying to rid my game of the bad cc.

Ok, I'm done! Night!

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's the weekend!!!

It's my father's birthday tomorrow, so I'm not going be around much if any.
I'm having bad cc problems! I will inform you as soon as find the cc that snuck into my game!

If you downloaded my Vampire paintings, read this post...

The first ones you couldn't change the frame. The new ones you can, so please redownload them. Apologies. Still new at this, but no excuses. I know better now. ;)

It's late, but I made Interview with the Vampire paintings!

Interview with the Vampire

By the way, I been saying Interview with A Vampire, when it's The Vampire. I'm such a dummy! >_<  Just thought I would share that with you. Goodnight.

P.S. AE, I will email you tomorrow, but you can go with just the first pic (the one above) or the first 3. ;)

Read this post if downloaded them...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I hate being cold...

I haven't been myself lately. For one thing the weather has dramatically change to really cold temperatures here. I think it's been contributing to my mood lately. More irritated and just want to keep myself lately. I'm sleeping more than usual too. I miss the summer already and it's just Fall. It's times like this I wish I lived somewhere with hot climates all the time! The only thing with that I would miss the snow. Agh, then it's the colds! I get sick easily and then asthma crap will come into it around this time. I thought grew out of the crap till last year when it came back. Then I get so f'ing cold so fast! Damn, I hate Fall and Winter! For all the haters, screw you if you consider this whinning! If you don't like it, don't read it! *sigh* Sorry, I need something to cheer me up. Nothing is working. I just feel blah. :-/

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Was playing in CAS again...

I'm going start making more ethic sims. Going be a bit hard with the lack of hair. Going work on this guy more, while working Hamsterlover sim. ;) First I must get him some better clothes. >_< Going play around with his face more too. Just a little.

To add my computer sounds like it's going die when I run the game, so I'm trying do less gameplay as possible. If I can get some play time with Roxy without it freezing and crashing, then the next epidsode be up soon.

VKSL awards nominees for Fail/facepalm of the year!

The Fail/Facepalm award
For the fail that was too epic to be ignored!

EA: The Sim site is down, but wait Spore???
Poptart: No you didn't just say that?!
EA: EA's late night typo!

Wow EA sweep the board in facepalm moments this year. Big surprise! wink Pictures, Images and Photos Vote and anymore you think of?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's next... is slightly limted with making makeup and some of my ideas are not coming out like I want. Going slow up making anymore.

-Going try paintings

-Next thing I make will be a sim. Currently making a celeb.

-Going continue my awards and story soon. I haven't forgot. ^_^

Halloween makeup and preview over at Vidkid20 Customs

Some creepy makeup for Halloween. I'm still trying do zombie makeup, but it's kinda hard. Jack o' latern makeup was a fail b/w Dylan. *waves* xD

The male shirt didn't turn out as well. Had alot white dots on the side. Going have go back redo it, so just a preview for now.

Don't post on MS3B!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Vidkid20's Sim Lair awards:The LOL/WTF award nominees

The LOL/WTF award
For those moments that make us say WTF, LOL!

Vidkid20's Sim lair awards nominees for quote of the year!

*Play dramatic music*
Quote of the year:
Thoes one liners and quotes that just equal win! Some from this blog and other blogs

Two things you must check out!
A new CC site just opened up! It's ran by the miss grumpy herself, xxAngelicevilxx or AE as I like to call her! ;) It's MS3B without the cranky anons and it's for us creators starting out. Receive real criticism without the added malice!
Then Simians, which is getting a lot members now. It's all the simmers and blogs in one place, ran by the awesomness that is Zeri! Join!

Ok, now later today The Vidkid20's Sim Lair awards (the broke version of Mare) nominees will be posted! Stay tune!

To add, I'm also going try making something prehaps!

Hmmm...A idea popped in my head for days like these...

Tomorrow I might break my own rule since today I didn't post much. I'm thinking of continuing on with my awards. Remember those? ;) Well, I might do a Mare and have you vote. Only thing with me, you get nothing! I'm broke! This Vidkid20's Sim Lair awards (the broke version of Mares)!
Yep, I think I will and of course I will put my spin on it! An actual narrowed down list of nominees tomorrow.

Quote of the year
Forum Comment of year
FTW moment of the year
Fail or facepalm of the year (includes EA)
TS3 moment of the year
Most shocking ban of the year
And whatever else I think of....

P.S. It's almost 1, so I guess I broke my own rule already! xD

Friday, October 1, 2010

Modified Beauties Assingement 2 Pic and Results!

The assignment was to do a picture inspired by the flower given. I had the flower, peony!

I will update before the night is over!

Sorry, I'm trying do a comp pic at the moment! If I don't update tonight, then tomorrow even though it's the weekend. Agh! *goes back to taking screenshots*

Update: My computer is acting up! I downloaded abdore air update earlier! Maybe that's it. :-/
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