Friday, October 15, 2010

I love Christmas!

I saw a Xmas tree picture from last year I took on my phone and got bit giddy seeing it! Last year we couldn't put out Christmas tree in it's normal spot, because of my Grandfather's stuff. A lot medical things. Was the beginning of back and forth stuff with the hospital and his health. :-/ Didn't help in the mood at all. Well the house is back to normal and I can't wait to have a normal Christmas this year! My first normal Christmas in two years really. I'm like big kid around this time and my Father doesn't mind treating me like one this time of year. Hehe! Late Night. I don't know if I can wait that long to get it! Oooo and my uncle said to get PS3 for the new tv we got earlier this year in the living room! That would be awesome if I had room to store the games. I have too many game. PS2, Wii, Gamecube, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo DS. I haven't been getting a lot of newer systems because of the lack of room to store the games! Then this will be my doggie, Roxie 2nd Christmas.Yes, Zeri who picked the name for my sim, just happen to pick the name Roxy. Had to got with it. lol I was going post pictures of her again, but my phone is being stupid. Anyway, can't wait. Just have get through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Good holidays, but not as good as Christmas!


  1. I didn't bother with the tree last year because the husband was over in Iraq. Christmas consisted of Skype. I cammed with my mom, then him, then his parents, and he did the same, and it was just all weird and nice.....but un-Christmasy. By the time Christmas rolls around, we're going to be in Arizona with no effing snow. -.-

  2. Well then, I hope you enjoy your Christmas.
    I always loved Christmas with all the trees and lights and presents. For the 25 years I lived in Illinois I would every year be outside hanging my Christmas lights the first week in October because any later than that, would be far too cold and windy, and every year, the neighbors would say to me " You're not gonna turn those on yet ,are you?". Rolls eyes.they were irritating.
    The day after Thanksgiving was the day for the tree to go up and the lights to be turned on. I looked so foward to that day every year.
    My first Christmas as a wife, I was in S.C. alone, no family, no friends ,no tree,no snow , and my husband of 3 months was out to sea in a Sub. The only means of communication back then was snail mail and a brief phone call when they'd finally go to shore somewhere. That was interesting. LOL
    I'm not sure what this Christmas will be like.
    I haven't decided yet. LOL

  3. o i loved christmas when i was a kid, my dad really knew how to make holidays magical. as a parent, i dont love christmas so much. its just alot of work (and money) for me. but, i DO love to see those happy little faces on christmas morning :)
    and, christmas is my bf's birthday (and our anniversery) so it holds alot of extra meaning these days too

  4. I love Chrismas but I swear putting up the little tree we have every year is a pain in the ass. Well no that's a lie; putting it up is fun even untangling the lights - taking it down is a pain in the ass XD

  5. Man, I wish I had a Playstation! Because if I did, I could buy the first two Kingdom Hearts games and play them... GRRR!

  6. I love Christmas. A lot of my family live far away so it's a chance for me to see them, which is always lovely. It's my Dad's birthday on Christmas day too.

    My city has Christmas lights up already. O.o

  7. (I know this is unrelated but I need to post is somewhere since I can't find your email!)

    Hi everyone,

    I think you all know me by now, and because you have all used MS3Blog you all know who Little Miss Epic is. I am writing this email as a petition (the only reason there are so few contacts is because I couldn't find everyone's email addresses and need to leave this as a comment on their blog). I usually wouldn't bother with something like this but the fact of the matter is, LME's feelings are hurt by the recent trolls telling everyone on MS3Blog that she is me. I do not care about the whole Briddy thing, people can tease me as much as they like and I don't care how Briddy feels because she is not my friend. She has even insulted me (well... metaphorically).

    So basically what I am saying is, if you see anything on MS3Blog about LME being me, or anything of the sort, please defend her. I am not asking you to defend me, because I personally don't care. I've been called someone else since day one on that blog, but it's not fair that my bad reputation has rubbed off on someone I truly admire and call a friend. I am a passive person and rarely stick my hand up for anything, but now it has hurt a friend I need to do something about it.

    You all know that I am Shyne, and LME is LME. The more of you who support us publicly the less the anons have on LME. She's a sweet girl and doesn't deserve any of this. Please, I know that this has just started but I want to bring a very sharp end to this right now. LME doesn't deserve this.

    And thank you all for your kind comments and support, I really appreciate the warm vibe I get from you in the Sims 3 Community :)

    - Mary (a.k.a Shyne)


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