Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's next...

-Paint.net is slightly limted with making makeup and some of my ideas are not coming out like I want. Going slow up making anymore.

-Going try paintings

-Next thing I make will be a sim. Currently making a celeb.

-Going continue my awards and story soon. I haven't forgot. ^_^


  1. Try Gimp. It's what I use. It's pretty awesome for a free program.

  2. yeah i was gonna suggets GIMP as well. its got most of photoshops functionality, in a simpler package ..but its still too complicated for me haha

  3. Thank guys. I just got used to paint.net. D: I guess I can try gimp. Get dds plugin. Hmm...

    @Hamsterlover Yep. ;)

  4. i think alexurt1 will win most shocking ban, in regards your awards


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