Monday, October 11, 2010

For the love of Roxy Episode 4- The gift that keeps on giving!

I think the irony of the title makes me laugh. I had planned that title way before the gifting scandal. Anyway, enjoy!

Roxy: Today I would like you two to go out and buy me presents! I'm going to give you each 1000 simoleons, so it better be good!

Twinbrook's consignment store
Shane: Wow, this place is a dump!
Kalvin: Isn't most places in Twinbrook a dump?
Kalvin: So what you buying?
Shane: None of your bussiness!
Shane: So may I see your  most expensive merchandise?
Clerk: Sure.
Shane brought a magic gnome for a 1000! Kalvin was next...
Kavin: OK, give me the cheapest and girliest thing you got here!
Clerk: Ok?
Kalvin got a music box for 69 simoleons!
Kalvin: By the way, are you single?
Clerk: Um..well..
Shane: Idiot come on!
Kalvin: What? I was only socializing!
Clerk: Well bye, come back soon. *sigh* Dreamy men in Twinbrook! I must be dreaming!
Shane: What is the guy thinking? Flirting with other woman!
Roxy: Oh the guys are back!
Shane: Hey who that chick outside?
Roxy: Our hillbilly neighbor! Damn, Twinbrook residents!
Roxy: Anyway, what you buy me?!
Shane: A magic gnome!
Roxy: Oooo, I always wanted one of those!
Kalvin: So.... hows it going? 
Neighbor: Shut up! I'm watching the game!
Kalvin: I brought you a music box!
Kalvin: Let me see...should turn on here.
Roxy: Looks cheap. Well while you figuring that out, I'm taking a shower.
5 mintues later....
Kalvin: Witness the amazing music box!
Roxy: Oh it's beautiful!
A hour later.
Shane: Ummmm.......
Shane: I swear sometimes I wonder about them!
Well depsite Kalvin's flirting, he seems to have impressed her! Gotta love music boxes. lol Stay tune!
P.S. I will also be keeping my eye out on the gnome. ;)


  1. LOL, Music box for the win. Gooo Kalvin. 'Cept for the flirting! Booo Kalvin!

  2. Yeah! My sims will listen to a music box for hours! Until I will have to gently nudge them to say, "Hey guys, you kind of have children to take care of..."


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