Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dead On Arrival: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Doctor’s Orders
I felt the warn water trickle down my face and down my back. My body relaxing under the heat of it. All the blood and dirt of these past few months had gone down the drain, but the memories. They remain. Would the world go back to the way it was before the dead rose? Maybe. A hot shower definitely made things feel normal, but I knew all too well this was a minor temporary pleasure. If Matthew was here he would probably scold me for getting too comfortable. I wish he was here. Where was he?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dead On Arrival: Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Blood of an Innocent
I hesitated. I watched his eyes open slowly. I heard an awful low sound escape his lips. Before I could make a move I watched him bite into the arm of the fragile Sarah. Horror grace her pale freckled face. Gary, her fiance was no innocent man. Not anymore. He was a mindless creature with a hunger for flesh. A walker.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dead On Arrival Continues This Sunday!

Chapter 9: Blood of an Innocent & Chapter 10: Doctor’s Orders.

Hope to do both back to back. Don’t yell at me if I’m late posting the 2nd one tho. Warning you now. xD

Voting still open for previous chapter.

Oh and the shower scene was fun to edit. More to come. :P

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Senior High: Model Bootcamp- Finale Scores

Keep forgetting to post this....
Runner up!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dead On Arrival: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Found

“You’re right that did taste like shit.”

“You could at least lied,” she huffed pouting across the table after her so called breakfast. If you could call breakfast soggy cinnamon bread.

Despite that, things were going smoothly with me and Audrey. Two whole days had passed and I was getting stronger. My shoulder at least felt better. I was even getting some rest despite Audrey’s “night activities”, but my mind often drifted to David and Mark. Were they alive? Were they even looking for me? I would have to go find out I guess…sooner or later.

“You said you liked breakfast food the best, so I was just trying please you know. I’m not chef Boyardee”, she griped while staring in the mirror as she fixed her hair. “But what’s on your mind? You look…lost.”

“It’s just…. why do you go out every night?,” I found myself blurting out anxiously as I sat down on the bottom bunk. It was one of the many questions on my mind. A young girl like her going out at night in the zombie apocalypse alone with assholes lurking about seem like a pretty stupid idea.

She froze darting her eyes from me and to the mirror. “I do it to clear my head…..nothing more. I promise.”

“Well you must got a death wish with the walkers and Roy’s men looking for you.“

She said nothing looking down at the floor with a worried expression. I could tell there was more to her night outs, but I decided not to push it. We all had our secrets. If she knew I was an ex-con who broke out when all this shit went down she would have kick me out by now. I remained quiet as she continued brushing her hair.

“I’m going upstairs to check on the generator. It’s not too far from here. The lights flickered last night so I’m wondering if some zombs got thought the gate around it,” she finally said breaking the silence and relaxing again.

“Let me go with you. You might need backup.”

She grabbed a knife and her disgusting bloody jacket. “ No. I’ve done this before millions of times before you came. You’re starting to get better as well, so stay put and read some comics.”

Before I could even open my mouth to argue back she was gone. That damn girl was sure a fast one. I sat there staring at her stack of comics on the box near by till boredom made me pick up one. I read it for awhile studying the different panels and pictures. As the time passed I began to get worried and I got up preparing myself to climb up.

“Damn you Audrey. You couldn’t you get your damn uncle to put in some stairs?!” I thought to myself as I slowly made my way up with my busted shoulder.

“Audrey! I’m going kill you for this. You better be up here doing something worthwhile,” I muttered breathing heavily.

I open the shed door glad to be out in the fresh air again, but my relief turned into shock and dread when I saw Audrey with two men I knew all too well. David and Mark.
Mark had a knife to Audrey’s neck holding her tightly in almost a choke hold while David stood by with a handgun firmly in his grip. He saw me first squinting at the sight of me.

“Vince?” he said aiming his gun at me before slowly putting it down. 

Mark turned around to see me. He look genuinely stunned at first, but his face twisted in anger and Audrey gasped as if she was struggling to breathe. 

“Let her go. Please. She’s with me,” I said inching closer.

“No,” he laughed. “I don’t give a shit about who she’s with! Fuck man! We’re been looking for you about two days now and you’re here with some girl?!”

“It ain’t like that man. I was shot,” I said pointing to my shoulder. “She saved my life.”

“Well ain’t that some lovely shit. Ain’t that just fairytale type of shit?” he scoffed looking at David.
“Well you can have your little girlfriend back, but you still owe me Vince. I saved your life too remember.”

“Yeah. I’m one lucky SOB ani’t I?” I frowned.

“Well what you got in that shed? I saw you come out of there, so it must be something good.”

“Ain’t nothing. A corpse and some tools.” I said as they pushed pass me. I started to rush pass them to block their way, but David stop me pointing his gun at me.

“Sorry Vince,” he said looking gloomy.

Me and Audrey stood by as they checked out the shed. They discovered the body first making faces of disgust and then the door leading to the bunker full of food.One by one they climb down. You could literally hear them gasping from up above. When we reached the bottom they were practically drooling looking at the food. They didn’t even notice we had joined them as they began opening cans and gobbling down their contents.

“Vince, my friend. You hit a goldmine. No wonder you’re shacked up here,” Mark mumbled with jaws full of fruit.

Audrey just look at them in disgust and then she turn to me whispering, “So this is David and Mark huh? I know you know these guys, but do you trust them, Vince? They look kind of shady to me. I’m not sure if I want these guys around. They almost killed me up there. I know they’re desperate. I know they’re just trying to survive, but if you hadn’t came I…..I don’t even want to think about it.”
She then rub her neck and stared into my eyes with the most serious expression, “Just know you’re the only one saving them from being sliced to shreds right now. I have no problem taking out these bastards!”

Decision: Convince Audrey to let them stay or have them kicked out?

Vote at >>pollmaker! All votes are anonymous at less you comment.

Note: All decisions have their cons and pros, so choose wisely.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dead On Arrival: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Those We Seek
I smelled the scent of food as I made my way down the ladder to my safe haven. The smell was both intoxicating and alarming. The cans were all sealed up tight and I hadn’t cooked anything. I barely knew how to cook to give off such a smell. Who the fuck was in my shelter?

I climbed down feeling anxious while my mind fought off thoughts of devouring whatever was making the mysterious scent. When I got to the bottom I saw the back of a man at my kitchen counter. I slide out my katana ready to slice open my intruder, but then he turned around with a plate in his hand.

“Woah girl it’s me. Vince. Put that thing away.” he exclaimed wide eyed raising his free hand.

I slide my sword back into its hostler. “What are you doing?”

“What it look like I’m doing chica? Cooking breakfast…or brunch depending on how you look at it I guess.”

“Are you fucking nuts? Wait…….is that my bacon?”

“Yeah girl. Bacon and eggs. Wait till you taste Vince’s specialty.”

“I was saving that! You idiot!,” I yelled feeling a rush of anger bubble up inside me.

“For what? To make frostbite bacon and rotten eggs? You gotta eat this stuff when it’s fresh,” he said as he grabbed a plate and silverware from the cupboard. He then slide half of the pan’s contents onto a plate.

“Bon appetit! Dig in!”

I hesitated inching over to it. I sat down and began to exam it with a fork. It looked normal enough. My mouth watered as I slowly brought it up to my mouth. I touched it to my tongue feeling the searing heat. I blew it and stuffed it in my mouth instantly. The taste brought feelings of nostalgia and euphoria. Before long I was stuffing it in hungrily barely able to contain myself. I hadn’t even notice Vince had sat down across from me with his own plate.

“Um…thank you,” I mumbled with a mouth full of eggs.

He looked up looking as if he was lost in thought. “You’re welcome. Try not to inhale it though.”

“I’m not…” I sighed almost choking. “I thought you left. Why are you here?”

“I decided to stick around. You look like you needed company and I ain’t in no shape.”

“Well you were lucky. The bullet went right through, so you’ll heal just fine,” I said as I finished my plate.

Vince was not too far behind as he hungrily shoveled food into his mouth. He paused swallowing and continued, “I’ll be fucking clueless patching up a stranger’s bullet wound. How do you know this stuff?”

“Well my dad’s use to be a doctor till he went into the science field. Then I remembered stuff like movies and video games. So yeah I winged it.”

Vince laughed shaking his head. He then furrowed his brows shifting in his seat. “So that man upstairs is your…?”

“My uncle,” I quickly said feeling uncomfortable about the subject. “I plan on burying him soon, but not yet. I…..do think that my dad is alive somewhere though.”
He nodded forcing a small smile on his face. “Of course. I feel the same way about my daughter and her mom.“

“You have a child?!”

“Yeah. Maya. She’s five,” he said showing me the back of his cross necklace with the name ‘Maya’ etched on it. “This was a gift from her and her mom, Alesha. Me and her mom are together, but it’s complicated.”

He continued, “But something been bothering me though. Where the fuck you find eggs?”

I snicked “My…we have a coop out back. The zombz ate the hen a few days ago. Why I was keeping it for a special occasion. The bacon specifically.”


“Well this is a special occasion I guess,” I smiled feeling at ease now. While Vince suddenly grew tense as his focus shifted to the corner of the room.

“Well how about that sword? Slashing any faces lately?”

“What do you mean?” I glared at him suspiciously.

“The men who did this,” he pointing at his shoulder and face. “They were looking for a girl with a sword. Someone had slashed into the face of the leader’s son. You know anything about that?”

“Maybe,” I said as memories of that night flashed in my head. I had successfully evaded him after confronting him, but now he was looking for me? Looking for revenge?

“Earth to Audrey. You alright? I’m not going snitch,” he continued as my mind wandered. “Don’t worry. We’re figure something out. Maybe you need a change of scenery.”

“A change? A change of scenery?” I found myself repeating. I regained my composure, “What about your men? The guys you were traveling with? Maybe we should look for them first.”

Vince shook his head sighing, “David probably dead and Mark probably hightailed it out of here by now. I don’t know. Maybe. I’m pretty happy here for the time being.”

“Yeah I bet. Food,” I smirked.

“Is that all you think I care about? I’m insulted,” he laughed rubbing his stomach. “That food was pretty good though.”

Time flew by leaving nothing, but the night above us. Vince went to sleep after some time. The guy was nice, but he sure could talk a lot. I slipped out without him noticing to my relief. Out into another night full of sounds of the forest and sounds of the dead.
My time here seem to be dwindling. My walks. My little sessions of clearing my head and clearing the walkers would be coming to an end. I had only borrowed time to find the walker I truly seek. Vince wouldn’t understand. No one would. I would have to find her soon. Maybe tonight.

No poll till Sunday’s new chapter! In the meantime, feel free to express your thoughts and give me any constructive criticism. :)
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