Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Friday, so where is the OT thread mods?

Not that I care about the mods stinky little OT thread, I did notice it wasn't up top on the board today and no one was asking, so I made a thread asking where was it!
Thought I might of missed the thread. Even thought I had my days wrong again, but I wasn't alone.

Apparently after only a few months EA is already screwing up with the Friday OT thread and gawd, how hard is to make a thread and pop in a few times? I never really post in those stupid little threads, but I know they bring alot people joy. After adding thier stupid little marketning scemes: twitter, facebook, and badges to avatars, they have forgot the one thing that has made some simmers really happy. If they can do one thing right, it should have the thread up every Friday as promise. Well I decided to call EA out on thier bullshit and I've got no answers from any of the mods as they seem to avoid me like a virus or delete my threads. Aw, mods don't be scared! I don't bite! Biting Smiley (Evil) Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyways it seems they are either too smug about the recent little pointless changes they made, to make a OT thread or they are too busy thinking of next way they will get simmers to bring their wallets out..... or maybe they're just slacking on the job again! Who knows!
Slacking for Dummies Pictures, Images and Photos
*Also check out Simsy' blog for her take on it!*

Bigamy in sims?!

omg smiley Pictures, Images and Photos Weird! Thanks honeypooh1267!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

OMG! 10,000 hits!

I'm so happy! I would like thank all the little wait, that's not it! Kidding! Seriously thanks to everyone who takes time out of their day to read this blog and to the Mare's Nest for giving my little blog attention as well as making awesome shirts for it. When I made this blog I thought it might fail terribly, but you guys encourage me to do it and thank you so much. Never thought it would get so many hits and followers. This blog brings me joy and I love entertaining you, my fellow simmers with my post and talking with some of you on my chat box. I shall continue despite the trolls and mishaps that I may encounter along the way. I will definitely keep you updated. Thanks guys!

10,000 hits blog party! Burn baby burn!

My Blog Party
Vidkid: Oh Hydra come and share your cooking with us!
Hydra: Didn't you get banned and why do have that shirt on still?!

Oh one of secret trio of Mare came!
Hydra: Well I'm hungry! Let me eat. lala!
(Too bad she doesn't about my boobytrap!)
Oh is that fire???
Everybody: *sigh* What's taking so long?
Hydra: Ahhhhh!!!
Hydra: Oh Please!
Grim: Like no!
Me: lalala Mac n cheese!
A good mod burning to celebrate my blog having 10,000 hits!
What? You thought this was bad! Wait till my awards for Mod of the year! *evil laugh*

Blog info for comments...

Ok, comments are back to like they were, but if I get any more rude comments, it goes back to like it was! I will delete/ignore nasty comments, but too many will get to only followers or every comment must be approved! I'm not scare of no stinking trolls and I'm not letting you ruin other people's fun as not everyone has ID for to post comments. I have other ways up my sleeve though so don't try nothing! I'm watching you! I have the ban hammer now! This is my domain, so remember that! I'm also good at getting back at people, remember that too! Now let's get back too what my blog was made for. A award update, maybe a sim, and whatever comes to mind. :-)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

John Lennon- a sim request

A good forum buddy requested this on the EA forum and here he is for my blog:
-Hair from TumTum's BlueBook
*Suit from World Aventures EP
*Aikea Guinea skin
*Nighteyes from GOS
*Kitty Klan facial hair

A special post for tonight and the last of any of this!

He wrote a new profile? I saw this last night:

Wow who knew? omg smiley Pictures, Images and Photos *snickers*
Also if you try to say I did it and that this is slander. Please refer back to your slanderous page, in this post. Also your too young to think about court. Get a life and grow up! What you wrote wasn't deleted and the text in this screen shot was (well after awhile *snickers*), so consider yourself lucky! Now I'm done giving you attention! Be gone! Have fun hooking on the streets!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Serioulsy, what did I do deserve that? I'm sorry, but it must be said...

1. I'm not lesbian or a bimbo!
2. You gave me link so you obviously wanted me to see that stupid page. I post what I see.
3. Homophobic are we? Only children go down to this level. Grow up!

I'm not  arguing with you anymore, so you can forget about getting any more attention from me and this blog. Don't feed the trolls and attention whore kiddes. All it does is give them more attention. I just wanted to make sure he knew his little page can't silence me and I'm sorry to those who said ignore it, but I wanted him to know I'm neither amuse or scared by his childish behavior. I also would suggest he go find something to do, then make wiki pages.
Also I might be making some changes to commenting on this blog due to this. Will we see, but those little comments will be deleted by the night is over. I knew someone would mess up the comment part of this blog. I'm shocked Mare hasn't said anything by the way. Well maybe they're are better than me...well no more of this.  

Jack, you can't hide from the fail!

Well I was going to leave this whole anonymous thing(prev. comment also above) alone, but then I got another lovely comment (under my puppy post) and died of laughter!

Well the wiki itself didn't amuse me as we all I know I loves the Mare and I don't approve of this at all. It's pretty immature and disgusting to say the most:

Anyway I went snooping like Mare did (even though it was pretty obvious who made it) and found out who made the ridiculous page:
Jack4740! You've been snooping on my blog?! Playing with Google again I see. Did Mare make you a dull boy? You took the time to make a dramanica page to bash Mare! Someone needs a hobby and a girlfriend! Obsessed much? Who's the stalker now? You just keep giving us bloggers ammo!
Epic Facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos
Jacky old boy please take the time to leave my blog...even though your constant failure does amuse me!
Update: I'm ignoring you! I don't argure with 17 year olds!

I shall distract you with my puppy!

Sorry for the little outburst last night. Oh look a puppy...
Her name is Roxie and she is 14 month. This is the same dog that harasses me while I'm on the computer and attack/jump on me while I'm sleeping sometimes. Danm dog, but I love her to death, even though she's crazy! ^_^
P.S. I meant every word I said Anonymous! My dog shall attack you! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who the fuck are you?!

This was under the post talking about my awards that's coming soon. My first negative comment! The rest were positive. For the post Click here!
Ok. Before you come on my blog talking shit, tell me your name bitch! Anonymous! Pfff! Be anonymous! I'll still rip you a new one bitch! Grow some balls and tell me who you are, then talk shit!!!! I have a feeling who you are too! I have two people in my head who could of wrote this. I'm smarter than you think sweets. Anyway if you don't like me then get off my blog and stay off!
Also who the fuck made me look stupid? They made themselves look stupid! Your stupid! Fuck off! The awards is for laughs jackass and now you have made me mad!
*breathes in, breathes out*
Guess we have asswipe for a fan as well. I'm glad you like the blog. Don't come back now!

It's in the creatvie corner now....*sigh*

I guess it belongs there, but geez! Anyway click here if you had any request there and will be staring a page on the side where you can request celebs. I will also be adding more on that thread and slowly here.
Page:Celeb Sim Request

Ah why not? Vid's evil pink spawn!

I made her in CAS just now. Almost the same sim as my avi with face shape tweaked, skin color pink, and aged down to teen. I thought she turned out pretty cute, so I uploaded her.
*Aikea Guinea skin
-Aikea Guinea bracelets
*Nightlight eyes
-Mickey ears by Munggom at Mrs. M. Bears
-Bunny ears from Rose
Dress from MTS
-Lorandia sunglasses
-M&T Sims top hat
-Savio hair
***Euphoria -NON DEFAULT Skin Colour Sliders
*Vidkid20's sim lair shirt is not included*
Download the shirt and hoodie at Mare's Nest!

Back to CAS to do some touch ups!

I'm not entirely happy with my Halle look-a-like and I hate doing a half ass job with anything I do, so back to CAS I go. I haven't done alot female celeb sims and it's hard to find a pic of female celeb not smiling. You can find male celebs with straight faces easy, but not females. I guess males are most likely to not smile for pics which makes it actually easy to recreate them. I'm going do some tweaking to Halle though. Also if anybody has a celebrity sim they want me do, just comment.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Possible candidates for the awards- 1st Draft

Well I have a few people who I know will make the list. If you are too lazy to scroll down to what I'm talking about click here! Anyway this a list of people who might be up for...
Troll of the year:
NikoBelic999 aka Niko (beg. of year)
Avie (at the very begining of the year/pending)

Facepalm/fail award

A new award I just thought of is The Mod of Fail Award:
Poptart aka Poptwart
(I know who's winning that already, but the year isn't over yet.)

EA's biggest/screw up:
Spore maintenance message for the Sim 3 website
The Great Froum Drought of 2010= invisible and reappearing sections
Poptart wants to party with trolls (thanks Mare for the link)
EA: glitches are bloopers
EA's welcomes parties (pending)

These might change as time goes on and I will give previews like this as well the other awards throughout the year. Tell me what you think so far and I take suggestions. ^_^

Johnny Depp finally!- Download

After many tweaks here and there I've finished him. I wish the blondish highlights showed up better in CAS and the pics. I didn't want make them too blonde either, but here it is! 
- Peggy/Savio hair
* Kitty Klan facial hair
*Aikea Guinea skin
* Nightlight eyes from Garden of Shadow

Stupid EA IS stupid

I just read on Dylan's blog he was banned for calling EA stupid. *sigh*

Friday, April 23, 2010

I hope Mare don't mind! Look out for my own awards!

At end of the year I might make post awarding people for things they did on the forum. Only my awards will be the broke version of Mare's meaning no gifts will be giving out as by the end year as I will be out of points. XD It will be called  Vidkid20's Lair awards! (the broke version of Mare's)
-Epic fail/facepalm award: the simmer who failed the most, failed trolls
-EA's biggest fail/screw up: a moment when EA failed the most/ fucked up bad! The mod's antics more so.
-Troll of the year
-FTW award: winning moments
-Worst ban award: the most unfair and shocking ban of the year
- Ban worthy award: Trolls who got banned or said something deserved a ban
-The no not you Random, but random award: The most ROFL random comment (pending)
-Honorable mention: for simmers who came close to winning or deserved to be mentioned
-Dishonorable mention: for trolls who came close to losing
- Lolwut award: for those moments you were like wut?! (pending)

I might not do some of these depending how the year goes. If I do it, it will be alway in December, but when it get's close I will have you vote on them which will go into my decision. I'm bored right now and this has been swirling in my head for awhile since Mare did it and made my own blog. I might make one dedicated to them, but I'm not sure what kind award it will be. I also want one refering to all the blogs out now. I don't want "who has the best blog" type of award because I couldn't bring myself to pick as I love all of them. Have to think about it.
Anyway most candidates will be people who've been mentioned in my blog and I have ran across. It will be center around the EA forum and  Cstyles Sims3 forum.
Beware! *evil laugh*
If I think of anymore I'll let you know!

The wiki fame whore returns!

Why the hell is he not permabanned after the last incident?
Mare is the least of your problems! Making Wiki of yourself is practically asking for it and you put yourself out there! *hands a dictionary*
Slander- words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another
Um...dude a screenshot of your wiki and calling people faggots isn't slander, it just shows how of much of douchebag you are!
Douchebag -Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole, however not yet reached fucker or motherfucker. Not to be confuzed with douche.
So now it's someone else! Oh not another one! It's the invasion of the so called account snatchers on the forum these days! Seriously though how is this making you look better and who would have the time make wiki about you as well as hacked into your accounts? Shouldn't you be going after them instead of Mare. Also I guess that wasn't you who called everyone faggots? So confusing, but here is a award:

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