Friday, April 9, 2010

Fixed it!

I figured out how to not make my playlist auto-play! Ok now I got it how I want it! Just push play if want to hear it!  ^_^
Also I edit this. It said is the ipod thing on th side annoying tell me?
Well I'm happy with it now even though it won't shuffle! Agh!


  1. I'm sorry Vid - I don't want you to take your music off the site! Lots of people have it, and you should DEFINITELY keep it if you want it on here! I can always pause whatever song is playing if I don't want to listed to it, or pause my own music if I DO want to hear it!

    Please please PLEASE don't take it off if you want it here! I don't think people are annoyed by it because so many people use that feature. I can't have one on my blog because my taste in music is so weird, and people would hate my playlist!

    It's just like how you don't like rap -- if I had a music player on my site and the featured song was a rap song, I don't think you'd want me to remove the entire feature just because you weren't into that type of music. I'm just not a fan of Lady GagGag, that's all. *dodges barrage of tomatoes*

  2. thats ok. i fixed to shuffle through songs so u get a diffrent song each time. ^_^

  3. i hope it wasnt my blog that offended you, i wasnt talking about anyone specific., i just tend to go off on rants now and then. plus im sick and cranky lol

  4. huh? oh now i see. haha didnt even see that! I know what u mean which is why i took it off autoplay. I been thinking about doin that since i put it up. not because of you or Cel but for the fact i've been on sites where the playlist is blaring in my ears while im listening to music already or my speaker is up high. most of the time i turn them off for that reason. i also found it a bit distracting on auto. thats funny though. i so have to add ur blog! ^_^

  5. Speaking of music, vidkid, I have a song for you. Forgive me if you've heard this before. It reminds me of you for obvious reasons:
    Hope you like.

  6. aha i like it. never heard it. i know the band name though. thanks Jessa! i will add it to my playlist and ipod. ^_^

  7. i have theme song now! (kiddin)


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