Monday, April 26, 2010

Who the fuck are you?!

This was under the post talking about my awards that's coming soon. My first negative comment! The rest were positive. For the post Click here!
Ok. Before you come on my blog talking shit, tell me your name bitch! Anonymous! Pfff! Be anonymous! I'll still rip you a new one bitch! Grow some balls and tell me who you are, then talk shit!!!! I have a feeling who you are too! I have two people in my head who could of wrote this. I'm smarter than you think sweets. Anyway if you don't like me then get off my blog and stay off!
Also who the fuck made me look stupid? They made themselves look stupid! Your stupid! Fuck off! The awards is for laughs jackass and now you have made me mad!
*breathes in, breathes out*
Guess we have asswipe for a fan as well. I'm glad you like the blog. Don't come back now!


  1. Hey fucktard Anonymous bitch if you dont like vidicus than stay away from her blog dumbass. X[ As for the anonymous-ness, why? are you a pussy something? to chicken to show your face? Who cares, just dont come back. Hater.

  2. :/ I hate when people post negative comments as anonymous. They're too scared to recieve the verbal rapage personally so they just submit anonymously. Dumbasses.

  3. Eh I get that shit a lot, I just ignore em. Fuck em.

    I wonder if the person you suspect is the same person I think it is...? o_O

  4. not worth the time and effort thinking about it. getting all burnt up just gives those kinda people power. dont let her win

  5. man that man is stupid

    to me, a way to fix this, is to turn the anonymous option off on the comments


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