Thursday, April 29, 2010

10,000 hits blog party! Burn baby burn!

My Blog Party
Vidkid: Oh Hydra come and share your cooking with us!
Hydra: Didn't you get banned and why do have that shirt on still?!

Oh one of secret trio of Mare came!
Hydra: Well I'm hungry! Let me eat. lala!
(Too bad she doesn't about my boobytrap!)
Oh is that fire???
Everybody: *sigh* What's taking so long?
Hydra: Ahhhhh!!!
Hydra: Oh Please!
Grim: Like no!
Me: lalala Mac n cheese!
A good mod burning to celebrate my blog having 10,000 hits!
What? You thought this was bad! Wait till my awards for Mod of the year! *evil laugh*


  1. so THATS why you wanted tips on fire murdering, you naughty person you, hahahaha


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