Thursday, April 29, 2010

OMG! 10,000 hits!

I'm so happy! I would like thank all the little wait, that's not it! Kidding! Seriously thanks to everyone who takes time out of their day to read this blog and to the Mare's Nest for giving my little blog attention as well as making awesome shirts for it. When I made this blog I thought it might fail terribly, but you guys encourage me to do it and thank you so much. Never thought it would get so many hits and followers. This blog brings me joy and I love entertaining you, my fellow simmers with my post and talking with some of you on my chat box. I shall continue despite the trolls and mishaps that I may encounter along the way. I will definitely keep you updated. Thanks guys!


  1. Congrats Vidkid! Horray!


  2. Congratulations Vid! XD Right now it looks like you're up to 10256 hits! I love TMN's "moral of the story once again" comment -- I've tried updating more since they told me that, and because I don't keep a counter I have no idea if it's done any good (probably not). I've resigned myself to having low readership, but as long as there are blogs like yours out there, I'm happy!

    Take care lady!

  3. Congradulations! :D
    I have like, 100.. and I am sure more than half of those are from me.

    I'm not surprised you have so many, your creations are awesome, and you help many people on the Sims 3 forums.
    So, uh, congrats again. :P


  4. congrats! im not even past 5,000 T.T no one loves my blog! *weeps*

  5. Congrats Vid! Isn't it great to have so many visits/readers

  6. aw thanks guys! Kelle i like ur blog! I'm sure many others do too. You to Cel!


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