Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I gotz me a PS4 this X-mas just so you know!

I got an PS4 for X-mas!!!! It's not many games to choose from, not many local muliplayer games at all, and I don't have wifi at the moment, but it's not bad. Beautiful graphics. I haven't had a new console since the Wii, so it was due time for a new one anyway. For games I got The Last of Us Remastered, Infamous: Second Son, Destiny, Grand Theft Auto V, Knack, Minecraft, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. 

I got Destiny for free with the console and can't play it do to no internet/wifi connection. The guy at the store also gave me Minecraft for free (super nice of him), but I have no damn clue WTF I'm doing or even looking at. I played Grand Theft Auto once on X-mas and haven't went back. I'll eventually play it again, because things aren't going well with The Last Us. I'll explain in a min. Infamous is ok, but it frustrated me a little today. I haven't played Knack yet. My dad keeps saying he's going play it with me since it's 2 player, but I can see him now losing interest in it with it being all cartoony. If so, I'll teach my grandmother to play maybe. lol My most favorite game out of all of these though is Injustice hands down. I get to beat the crap out of people with superheroes. Hell yeah! I totally got my ass kicked when my uncle played, but I've gotten better since that last time. Rematch! Me and my dad played too, but we're equally matched, which almost never happens. I love it! We actually got a tie going on, so it's rematch time for him too. I really hope they continue making some local co-op games, because it's much more fun to yell at someone beside you rather than online. Speaking of that, I can't wait for Mortal Combat X!

Now for The Last of Us. I actually sort of wanted PS4 for this game. Don't get me wrong, it's an very scary and awesome game. Scarier than I expected. It's just the damn game makes me super sick if go pass a hour and a half playing it. I literally feel dizzy and nauseous. I even have to lay my head down. I guess that would be the motion sickness they speak of. I got that sicky feeling during X-mas when I played it, but I pinpointed the issue to The Last Us yesterday after playing it. I went over my limit and felt ill. Played Infamous and Injustice for hours, but that game just seems like the death of me. It figures the one game I wanted to play the most is causing me issues. I do think it happens more when I gotta use the flashlight and I'm in tight spaces with enemies. I think coupled with that and having to move the camera around so frantically, it makes me have motion sickness. Maybe a little anxiety too. Sooo I'm kind of scared to play it now. It's a good game, but it's going be painfully slow if I can't play it more than a hour or so.  By the way, the adult female character that tags along with me drives me insane! She does nothing! Ughhhhhhh!

Infamous did have me feeling a bit weird today too, but I think that was mostly due to being frustrated and tired.

I think I could play Injustice all day though. xD

As for Minecraft, I thought it would be right up my alley with the creativity pitch. I really don't get it. I get the making things part to make a house, but I don't get the appeal of it. The graphics are hideous and everything look alike to me. I kept getting my crafting table mixed up with a block of dirt. I really really don't understand why it's so popular. It boggles my mind. To think someone made a billion dollars off it! It looks like something I could make if I took graphics design class. I don't get it!  -_-

The next post will be new years and sim realated crap. At least Sims doesn't make me sick.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas all!

Merry Christmas!!!
And a happy happy holidays to everyone! :) *hugs*

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Edgars Legacy Update: Buried in snow, looking for love, and family festiveness!

Played all day till my eyeballs hurt yesterday. Been awhile since I've done that. I knew Gift Giving Day aka Christmas was coming up on their calendar, so I thought this would be the perfect time to play and update.
I'm guessing this is the tragic clown snowman. Check out the gnome booing him. xD
Lately the theme of this blog appears to be snowmen.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Do you want to eat a snowman?

Either he's eating it or impersonating one. O_o

Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm sorry sims. My heart belongs to Telltale now.

While I still love you sims, I'm heavily addicted Telltale games now. Yes it was Harvest Moon ANB for a moment, but Telltale is the true winner of my heart. I can't deny how freaking awesome they are. No no you're still awesome too, but they have a Game of Thrones game. A freaking GOT game? How can you compare to that? I know you're apples and oranges, but they're looking a lot more appetizing right now. So Sims wait for me. I'll be back soon. Maybe I'll even visit you tonight. Well that's if Bigby from the Wolf Among Us or Clementine from TWD doesn't drag back in. We'll see, but for now hang in there. I'll back for you. No not just for comps pics, but to actually play. You'll see.

Sincerely, Vid

P.S. No I'm not talking to that bastard child, The Sims 4. You know damn well I'm not taking ownership of that.

Telltale on the other hand...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Walking Dead: Season 5 mid-season finale and "Crossed" (Spoilers)

Yeah the last of TWD post for now. Gotta do a simming post or legacy update next.
Spoilers alert! Big spoilers ahead from Season 5 after this point. Beware!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Roxie said wazzup and Happy Belated Turkey day

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Here's a new Roxie pic. My doggie if you don't know. :P

Here she's getting out of bed stretching. She cracks me up when she does this. She likes to stretch like this in the living room too and then roll around.
 She does still sleep in my bed at bedtime, but she sleeps in her dog bed during the day. She also likes sleeping in our new living room chair now. It's not too far of a jump, so we're not too worried about her hurting herself. I wish I had took a pic of that, but things are back to normal with her now. She runs around and jumps just like she use to do. She even runs up the stairs to come get me if my grandmother orders her to. It's really nice to have a healthy active dog again. I wish I could catch half the funny things she does tho. She's so silly. 

As for her getting Thanksgiving dinner, nope. She is still on a diet and she's not happy about it. lol I enjoyed my Thanksgiving tho. With all the food I ate I'll probably be on a diet with her after the holidays. xD

P.S. Speak of the fur. She must of knew I was talking about her, because she just poked me with her nose and dropped a toy beside me. :P

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Magnificent: Cycle One - My mock & Scores

My evil queen Lilith Rosemary. I got the name Lilith from True Blood (hated that season) and I think they used it on Supernatural (I don't watch it regularly) as an evil name too.

My mock:
Vid with Queen Lilith of the East High Garden
Meh, it's alright pic. Could be better.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Walking Dead: Thoughts on "Self Help" & "Consumed"

*rings the alarm* Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Don't read pass this point if you haven't seen these eps. Major Spoilers ahead! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The new EA officials has a off topic section now?

After reading about this on Mares, I had to see for myself.
There's no pm'ing due trolling and porn trolls are known to sneak through the cracks, but you add a off topic section? 
Translation: Flop 4 was a flop, so we're desperate. Please don't leave!
I give it 2 weeks tops. Anybody want to take bets?

P.S. I love how she almost admits how much of a wail of a fail this whole TS4 mess is. lol

Monday, November 3, 2014

Walking Dead Rant: "Slabtown"

This is going be really different from my usual post. It's basically a rant just as it said in the title.
Spoil Alert! This post will contain spoilers & foul language!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Spooky day!!!!

And for us rl non-pixelated people....
Have fun, be safe, and don't eat too much candy! :)

Legacy Update: Teen love, Kat's granddaughter, and snow...

Just some pics from yesterday play session. No ones aged up yet to my dismay. I think my aging setting are off. Either that or I'm impatient. 

Henry seems to be enjoying time to himself though. The house is empty during the week.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walking Dead: My thoughts on Season 5 "Four walls and A roof"

Spoiler Alert! Spoilers ahead! Don't read pass this point if you haven't seen this ep or any of the previous eps!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

To my next door neighbor sitting on the porch "singing"....

And please get a new cd or song! FFS! If I hear those same songs one more time, this is going happen:
Please STFU!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

That ad thing is happening again with the exchange

I can get to the page after going through my studio and clicking it again (sometimes more than once), but that shouldn't be happening at all!
Is Sims 4 flopping that hard?

And I finally got around to finishing and uploading Daryl from The Walking Dead. I know it's probably too late, but I wanted to finish him for myself. I'm sorry to those who waited for him. The pressure to get him just right just got to me and I kind of lost my desire to create sims for awhile. I think I might be back. I don't know. I do know one thing. I'm not taking request this time.

These two are in my studio. I'll try to add them to my customs blog this weekend.

Daryl Dixon
 Merle Dixon (my best attempt at him anyway)

But as I was saying, what's with the ads EA?!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: The Trick, the treating, and the flirting....

This is right on time for Halloween. :P I wasn't really expecting to play all that much yesterday, but I got really into it. I played for hours for the first time in ages. :)

Nicolas is enjoying his newly decorated room.
While purple is his favorite color, I didn't really like the purple room. This looks more like a proper room for an athletic inclined boy.

The Walking Dead: My thoughts on Season 5 "Strangers"

Sorry for the late night post. It took me a min to type this and another upcoming post (sim related).
Spoiler Alert! Major Spoilers ahead! Do not read further if you haven't seen any of the recent episodes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Walking Dead!!!! I was watching! Season 5 premiere thoughts!

Spoilers ahead!!!! Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, ahead! Do not read ahead if you haven't seen this ep or the previous eps!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New uploads at VK20 Customs & My Studio

Nova, my model from the Senior High: Out of this World competition I was in.
Alan and Alex from the Seeing Double comp I was in. Oddly Alex is winning in downloads.
I also added Shawn, my model from Art of Love and the short-lived Hipster competition. I had added to him to the exchange awhile ago, but I never got around to adding him to my actual customs blog.
I took brand new fresh pics of them and they are completely unedited, so you're getting what you see. 

Coming Soon:
Just in time for winter. A winter fairy called Winter. lol
I was thinking about releasing her for X-mas, but winter is coming (GOT reference?) and I might make her my avi. Maybe I'll create some different faeries for X-mas. Oooo better yet, I could make one for Halloween and one for X-mas. Hmmmm...I'll think about it. Oh and don't forget to rec these on the officials. Happy Simming all! :)

B/w she's not the only one coming soon just so you know. I have more. ;P

Thursday, October 2, 2014

EA making a buck off the exchange? (Update: They fixed it)

I haven't uploaded to the TS3 exchange since the forums was switched over to the new officials, so I was curious if it was working properly. So I started off uploading my alien/model, Nova to my studio. She seemed to catch a lot people eyes over on the new officials when I made her my avi, so I decided to share her with the world. :P I uploaded her yesterday without issue and she appeared in my studio like normal, but then I encountered a problem when clicking on her.

I got a freaking ad and no matter how many times I click the back button or refresh, it continues to give me an ad. Why is that EA?!
And before you cry fowl, I went on google chrome and got what it should look like.
Notice that I'm not logged in on that browser. I logged in just now to check and I got the same damn ad thing!
 EA, are you that strapped for cash from your flop that you gotta place your stupid ass ads on exchange items?! You make me sick! You really do! Lousy bunch of toerags!

Grrrr.....Anyway, look for this sim on my customs blog. Will be working on updating that today. 

P.S. I got the same thing clicking on another creator's recent upload, so it's not just me. :/

Update: Someone from EA must of been reading this blog, because it's magically fixed on both browsers. EA be

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

TS4 adds ghost via the new patch and pools will be next!

No. I haven't join the dark side yet, but I feel obligated to acknowledge it's existence and report on any new free content EA coughs up that will make the game less of a shell and bore. For Halloween, EA has given TS4 players ghost and glitches galore via the new patch.

But wait there's more! You'll getting new coustumes, eye colors, and a new gnome in the current new patch. *yawns*
But wait there's even more coming in November and December!

"In November, get your Sim-suits ready (too much pun? Sorry!) because pools will make their triumphant debut in The Sims 4."

"December is Put-Your-Sims-To-Work Month, as we introduce new Career paths and rewards."

So it sounds like all the complaining is working folks! Wooo! Now if only they would add toddlers, cars, and a color wheel. Less loading screens creating a more open world would be nice too. Oh well. Continue complaining. The more we complain, the more likely we will see these things again and better the game will be with them. 

As for me, this bodes well for my future with the Sims franchise. Hopefully things continue in the right direction and the glitches don't continue to pile up.

P.S. Speaking of those glitches, people seem to be already having problems with ghost showing up. Typical.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Senior High Cycle 2: Out of This World - THE FINALE (A6 Pic + Scores)


52 Stellar Points
*You were tied originally, but looking back at your average placement throughout the competition, you came out on top

Your siggy:
Ahhhhh! OMGawd! I won! *jumps up an down* It saids 1st. :P

A lot people dropped, so the host decided to cut this short unfortunately. I'm a little sad it's over since I won't be finishing my story, but I'm relieved too. It's getting harder and harder for me to meet deadlines now.

Note: My last piccie came in 3rd though, but my overall points gained me the win. I almost dropped during the last round, so I'm glad I turned something in. It turned out being a pretty good pic.

If I had more time and patience, I would of tried the other idea I had for this. I went kind of the safe route, because I didn't really have any ideas till I got way deep into making this one. Oh well. I think it's still good. :)

As always the story is the very last thing in this post. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Small Legacy Update: Katherine the birthday girl

Another day, another birthday.
I need a birthday break. lol

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Senior High Cycle 2: Out of This World - A5 Pic + Scores

I was super nervous about this one, because I had no real ideas and I just winged it. I did better than I thought I guess.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My blog TS3 CC gallery is marked for deletion

Along with the updates with my blog, I've decided to delete some things. Those things being specifically old links and TS3 CC gallery. I'm going to delete it, because I have no intentions of updating it ever and it's outdated. I think it's time to put it out of it's misery. I'll be doing that sometime this week. I would do it now, but I'll give people time to look at it if they want.

Sims 3 Custom Content Gallery
So feel free to delete it from your blog list and bookmarks.

As for my other blog with my sims and stuff, that's staying. I just need to find time and patience to update it with sims I've made.

Blog under construction!- Nvm I'm done.

I just randomly decided to change it today, so please don't be frightened by the constant changes and weirdness you might see today while visiting here. Things should be back to normal tonight.

Update: I think I'm done design wise. I'm going start updating the link and thingys on the side, but that's about it.

Updated 2: I deleted a lot cc links on the side and added some. Added link include Forever and Always, Sims national, and Akiea Guinea's Tumblr.

Forever & Always moved, but she has a new tumblr with lots of good hair retextures. Sims National Design has A LOT of amazing male clothes and Aikea has some new clothes on her tumblr. Going add Darko Sims 3 too as they have some clothes.

As for anything else design wise, I might change the banner. It doesn't really match that well. Hmmmm.....

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: Nic the rebel and Daniel the young adult!

I would of posted this last night, but then it would of been another late night post and I already promised not to do that. lol  B/w I might fiddle with TS2 as well, but for now I'll just mess around with TS3.

Nic is up to things since aging up into a teen. xP

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I didn't get TS4, so expect only TS3 stuff from me

Well most know this, but I don't have TS4 and I don't plan to buy TS4 anytime soon. I'm quite happy with that. The thought of buying it did cross my mind, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy a game that doesn't have any features I came to love from the previous game or base game in this case. Just the thought alone of a closed world and loading screens makes me want to cringe.

I will only buy TS4 when it goes on sale and they put it in a bundle with good eps like seasons or toddler crap. Honestly after seeing the creepy baby glitch in TS4, the thought of toddlers in TS4 scares me. If they can't get object babies right, I can imagine what horrors they will create with TS4 toddlers. Well if we get them anyway. 

Even with added things like pools and toddlers, I can't see me abandoning TS3. Buggy as it might be at times, it has pretty much everything I've wanted in a Sims game. CASt, open worlds, and beautiful scenery. Aha talking about it makes me want to play it right now. :)

Anywhooo, I'm going try to come on here earlier and stop being a vampire with my late night post. I'm also going work on changing up the look of this blog. I might go back to something similar to my original look and banner. 

I should have a legacy update soon as well. I have some pics already, but I need to have Daniel's bday. 

Now if only I had took a pic of a toddler near a pool to end this post. Oh well you will have to settle with just a vampire toddler with a dinosaur.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Senior High Cycle 2: Out of This World - A4 Pic + Scores

This makes me so happy on so many levels! Even though I was happy with the final results of this pic, I was so not expecting 1st. :D

As usual, the story is after the jump. Forgive me for all the typos in it. I rushed it. >_<

Hot or Not Cycle 4: A9 pic and scores

Note: The pic has been censored since it kind of too racy and blogger might get upset about it.

I'm not surprise, so I'm not too broken up about it. It was last literally last min. I didn't know it due the same day as Senior High, so I did it the same day it was due while not really feeling all that well. I didn't pre-plan it either, so it just ended up being a mess. :( Meh my time was coming anyway.

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