Monday, September 1, 2014

Fun times at the state fair this weekend!

OMG my hair. Ignore please. The rides and wind didn't help. lol

The fair for the most part was fun. I had a good time. The pics you see are on the Ferris wheel. We left shortly after that, because the lines got insane when nightfall hit! It took us forever just to get on the Ferris wheel.

We had maybe one really funny moment earlier that day with my dad and my youngest uncle. We got on this new swing type of ride. It was like the usual swings, but this one would go and down as we twirled around. It was super fun. Anyway, the wind picked up and we started going really fast. Then out of no where my dad's hat flew off and he kept screaming "my hat." My uncle busted out laughing and I pointed it out. It luckily fell right underneath us on the ground. So once the ride stopped, I ran over and grabbed it for him since I was the first out of my seat. If he had lost that thing, he would of been devastated probably. It's his favorite hat. xP

Then we had a sucky moment with my uncle. He lost his wallet while on one of the rides and we couldn't find it. I wanted to look harder, but he said not to worry about it. :/

Food wise, I ate a corn dog that wasn't that good. The bread wasn't very sweet. More salty. Kind of gross. Then I made up for it with delicious funnel cake. I'm still mad I didn't take one home with me. Even the lines for those were ridiculous.

Souvenir wise, I got one tiny seal my dad one won out of desperation to win me something. The games were high and kind of a rip off, so we didn't really try to play those too much. The souvenir shop didn't really have anything I wanted. I was hoping that I could find a really fun unique hat for the winter, but the ones they had were kind of ugly and cheap looking. Then it wasn't anything worth buying.

I think the only ride I missed getting on was the small roller coaster they had, this one ride I get on every year that for some reason had no music playing, and a new ride. I got talked out of going on the new ride, because everyone thought it might make me sick. I'm still curious about it. It twirled around, but the seats also twirled around and it would tip sideways while twirling. Hmmmm...maybe next year.

I also saw a really big pig in the barn/animal area of the fair. I almost took a pic of it, but it laid down and it didn't look that interesting laying down. I was also trying really hard not to step in cow and pig poo. My father was grossed out more than me though. He was so happy to leave that area. lol I do wish I had took a pic of the cows though or the goats at least. 

Speaking of animals! Roxie chilled at home with my oldest uncle. She was in one piece when we came back, so all was well.

These were taking before the fair with my new phone.
 Her leg has healed up and she has a shiny new red collar. I wanted a new pink one, but petsmart didn't have it. Peep out my dusty computer in the back. xD
Ok. I think that's it for rl piccies. Hopefully the next pics of myself are better and my hair is done. >_>


  1. Aw, nice pics! I'm glad your dad didn't lose his best hat lol! It's ice that you've had a chance to get some fun time at the fair. Maybe it is a good thing after all that his operation was postponed. And your hair looks fine to me btw.


    1. Aw thank you. Yeah he needed a break. I can't even remember the last time he took a vacation. -_-

      But he's back at work. Going be tough getting more time off for his surgery, but meh he'll work it out I guess.

      And thanks on the hair. lol The hair salon I went to closed, so I'm stuck with having to do my own hair. Kind of a pain, so I need a new salon stat! xD


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