Sunday, September 7, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: Nic the rebel and Daniel the young adult!

I would of posted this last night, but then it would of been another late night post and I already promised not to do that. lol  B/w I might fiddle with TS2 as well, but for now I'll just mess around with TS3.

Nic is up to things since aging up into a teen. xP

 His dad is not pleased.

 "Ugh being a teen is hard. Let me sit here and be angsty."
 He's also not getting along with his brother now.
 He left the house angry and decided to blow off some steam throwing eggs at the neighbors house after curfew. Yeah that went well.
(Sorry for the darkness. I may look for a lighting mod for this town.)

Aha I love how the cop was standing there as to say "Really? You're trying to get away?!"
 Henry was again not pleased and Nic got grounded. lol Unfortunately now Nic is stuck sneaking around everywhere, so I may have to move him out and move him back in to get rid of that glitch. "Let off the hook" definitely didn't work. Pfff... I had to let him off the hook just so he could go to school. *sigh* EA....
 Gnome watch. Snowflake is still hanging around in the living room.
Kat and Katherine have been bounding.

 Aha I love this pic!
 Henry has sparkles now when he paints. I forgot what that means.
 Oooo pretty!
 Daniel went to school and came back to his bday party like this.
 Nic on the other hand came back right on time to get scolded for a prank.
 "Look at the wall mister!"
 Who the heck brings a wedding cake to a birthday party?!
 Birthday time!
 1, 2, 3, ta da he's a young adult! Finally! Woooo! My first in-game born sim to fully grow up. He's not looking too hot with that hair and clothes though.
 That's better!
He's kind of handsome. The beard definitely helps. Hmmm...still not sure if I want him to be a legacy founder. He's a neurotic genius, which might be fun. I'm just not sure if he's exciting enough in the looks department for a legacy. We'll see. Katherine is aging up next. Her bday is literally the next sim day. Then we got Nic still. 

I might make another save and take a break. All these parties and kids are wearing me out. lol I also might look up some lighting mods for this world. I like the darkness, but it's too dark and I'm getting tired of it. Maybe some different lighting will help. 

As for my plans for Daniel, I'm going to have him date and work at the science facility. I'm also going give him a violin for a hobby since he has the music trait. The violin doesn't like staying installed, so first I gotta find it. >_> I won't be moving him out quite yet though. Not till everyone is grown up at least. 


  1. Ah, poor angst-ridden teens. Those were frustrating times lol!

    If you find a good lighting mod for Midnight Hollow let me know. I really like that world because it is so different but the darkness is a bit OTT. Sometimes I can't see a damned thing! I just downloaded a lighting mod that is based on the MH darkness to use in Barnacle Bay - to make it more stormy-looking and less cheesy bright. That works pretty well but now I need one to take MH in the other direction and lighten it a little.

    Your sims are looking very handsome. It can be hard work dealing with a sim's neuroses though! Have fun xxx

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey Vid,

      I was given this link on Twitter by Cinderellimouse:

      Just in case you want to lighten up MH!



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