Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Walking Dead: "Sick" and "Walk with me" ep thoughts

Break time from school work. lol Got A LOT thoughts since my last post. Decided to do the two recent ep's in one post. 
Spoilers Alert!!! Do not read pass this point!

Trick or Treat? Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Ugh I'm dreading going to school. These 2 days of dealing with the hurricane weather and schools being shut down has made me one lazy person. Plus I got hooked on Harvest Moon again. -_-  

Tomorrow/later today if I don't get too extremely lazy and tired, Halloween inspired post. One Walking Dead one and a possible simming one.

Ugh if I had more time I would post something now, but bed time. Stay safe doing this frightening holiday. Night.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The new patch and Seasons is almost here! :D

Well I can't get Origin to connect to my launcher and I'm not going lie, I want the new patch really bad. D: Luckily Twallan's mods haven't been updated yet, so that's a excuse to wait it out and stop whining. 

2nd I saw this pic under the News tabs and I died of excitement. OMG!!!

I hope it looks almost as good as this. :)

Anywhoo the new patch is under the new tabs as well. Swimming in the ocean, an attraction system, and a diving board are added with the patch. *sobs* It probably f** up my game, but I want it...

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hmm..I still got it. Doing random stuff :)

Once upon a time before the internet became a daily activity for me and Sims came into my life, I use to draw. Ranging from doodles, tracings, and just random stuff. Things I would mainly draw were Garfield the cat, butterflies, and flowers. Was pretty damn good at stuff like that, but I sucked majorly at drawing anime. Pissed me off I could not draw a decent anime character! Eventually after taking useless art in High school, I stopped and got bored with drawing all together. Fast forward today where I decided to draw, because I was bored and fighting sleep. And loookie....
The guy at the bottom is my favorite. Hehe I never drew an anime guy that good before. :)

Now I'll leave you with the latest pic of my Roxie, my doggie. Little rotten fur ball. xD
I have more pics, but I just took this mins ago. ;)

I forgot how sucky it was to get new glasses and lenses

It's sucks ALOT! I got new glasses Thursday and I've had a headache for two days now. It going take a few days for my eyes to get use to the changes, but still it sucks! >_> Then I have the additional suckiness of having an ear ache from the glasses rubbing one side and not being adjusted right. Plastic frames looks great, but damn are they f'ing annoying to get just right on my face. Agh!!!! I want my old glasses back. :/

I have work to do too, but I'm going to chill out with sims some time today. Once I get my glasses readjusted again, I'm going to do algebra real quick and work on research for my other two classes, then sims. Well that's the order I plan on going with if I don't get too lazy to do the hard part. xD I just hope I get a break from this migraine and ear ache. Yesterday with school added in was unbearable. Even my neck hurt. :S

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sims 3: 70s 80s & 90s SP *cough cough decades* Thoughts...

I saw this some weeks ago while looking at the forums index. I was like "oh neat a new section!" lol I haven't see many pics, but as cheesy as it sounds....I kind of, sorta want it...

If  they do it right, I want the 80s and 90s stuff for my rocker sims. This may all to due to me wanting new stuff with Seasons coming out soon, but I'm a sucker for grunge and glam rock clothing! 70's not so much, but we do need another good afro though. The hair will also be tempting! Agh! Once they release more pics, I can make up mind. I usually don't buy stuff packs, but I'm interested. Figures I would pick the cheesiest one to be interested in. xP

To add it should of been called decades instead. Oh well.

Fugly new look for the officials?'s ugly. I think the banner makes it worse. I actually like the background for it's scenery, but the banner is hideous! And it all together is bleh. Kill it with fire!!!!

P.S. Scroll down. The bottom is just as bad. Ew.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ugh I need more cowbell...I mean Sims!

Agh I'm sorry I've been lacking in the posting department when it comes to posting simming stuff. :( I did play a little, but it's not enough pics to post. I moved my favorite simming band to Lucky Palms and moved into a lovely little house made by the amazing Wibs. Brought them instruments and decorated, but that's about it. Nothing too interesting. If I get some time this week, I'll play more and post some pics.

As for the forums, I haven't been paying much attention to it. Sims and modeling are the only forums I  lurk or have time to lurk in this case. I'm surprise I'm still getting my pics done for Ninja's comp.

So just letting you know, this isn't Vid School and Walking Dead lair. lol Or comp pic lair. I'm just trying keep things lively with my random school post, WD post. comp pic post. At least the comp pics are sim related though. xD

I might make a small WD post, because tonight was awesome!!! I'm officially on team Rick now! Even my father watched it with me this time. He liked it as I knew he would. lol

But once I get stuff straightened out with my Speech communication teacher, I'll have a little time to breathe and relax hopefully. Math is all caught up. I did the homework and a test this weekend. Got a 80 something with 24 out of 28 on the test. My English midterm is this week and once that's done I have paper due on the 10th of November. My main concern is Speech communication and my English Midterm right now.  Bare with me. If I have time tomorrow, I might pop in to goof off and play. We'll see.

I'll leave you with a preview of my band in Lucky Palms. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 9 Pic + Story

The Masquerade
“I am the walking dead heartbreaker apologies.” I said to her as we waltz. She laughed thinking nothing of it, but I knew what I had come here for. If she only knew I indeed wore a mask to this masquerade party. I wore the smile of gentlemen, but the hunger of a wolf underneath this cleverly designed disguise. I fit right in with rest of these morbid faces.

“The taste of fresh blood…pushes me on.” The pursuit of making her life source mines was all I wanted. We dance like lovers, but my insides screamed for her blood. Trapped in this vicious cycle…. in a prison full of death, I fit right in with these hideous mask. I don’t know how she couldn't see the horror right around her, but all she saw was the light. All I saw was the darkness.

“I used to be golden… a saint in a time of sorrow.” Hard to believe, but I was once like her. I was once a boy with hopes and dreams. I saw goodness and beauty in everything, but now I paint a different picture. I’m no longer a child of the sun, but the bringer of death. “You'll never see what I see,” I said to her sadly as we waltz one last time. She looked at me with wonder. I looked right through her feeling nothing and then we heard the screams.

I turned to Victor and we both smiled. Blood spilled all over ballroom floor and I knew she understood now. She looked around to see the real monsters had indeed came out. She was in my world now. A single tear came running down her cheek and I knew I had to kill again. Heck, the whole room cheered for it. Was this a dream? I didn't know and I didn't bother to find out.
Decided to do it early while I had the time. I'm first posting actually, so I'm nervous to see the rest. I really can't believe I'm still in this with the little time I get, but so far I'm doing it. Didn't rush this time either. :) Click read more for the lyrics it's based off of....

Saturday, October 20, 2012

OMG OMG!!!! I got a B on my paper!!!!

So today my school got everything in order from the drop issue and put my classes back up online. I can now view announcements and my grades again. They had literally took my classes down as if I had really dropped out. -_- Anyway, I've been avoiding looking at my paper grade for a few days now (before the drop/payment mess came about) and I decided to look today while I was making sure everything was back. Then I fell out my chair onto the floor, screamed, and ran around the house like a crazy woman. Dead serious. Yes, folks it's only my 2nd paper and I got a B!!!!!!

This is an interesting paper on either the harmful or beneficial image of celebrities on the youth. You have enough examples to mold this paper, satisfying the exemplification assignment. Errors include misplaced punctuation, wrong verb forms, pronoun shift, and subject and verb agreement. A grade of B <------
Tsubaki, 10/13/12

excited gif Pictures, Images and Photos
I can't stop smiling! I'm speechless! I...I can't even...I'm in shock!!! I wanted cry I'm so happy! After this hellish week, this just makes up for everything! I thought I was going get a F or maybe a D.  Not only didn't get a grade like that, but I went up a grade. It was so last min too! OMG, this means so much to me. Really...I got a little teary eye. I had so little confidence in this paper and my ability in this class. Wow....

And yes next time my paper will be a little early I hope, so I can get some help on the grammar and punctuation with the online tutor. I'm a little rusty in that area. Oh well, I'll take that B. Hell yes! :P

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Best phone call ever! Back to class!

Ahhhhhh I'm so happy! I felt like my life was partially ruined for 2 days now! I've been in a depressed stupor ever since Tuesday. Some of you might could tell from my chat box and such. So now that everything is all good and dandy now, I'll say it.

I was little late with my first payment for college and they dropped all my classes! To be honest with you I thought the payment wasn't due till this month and I didn't take it serious really. I had the money, but I didn't really even look at my payment sheet. Then I went to go pay it Tuesday and they told me they had dropped all 3 of my classes. Said it was no way of getting them back either and I would have to wait for the next year I think. I even had to pay the whole big bill still for all 3 semesters, so I was like "WTF"? They did this to over a 100 student for late payments though, so I wasn't the only dummy. Still I freaked out and my grandmother was upset. I was like "I did all this and I have to start over again next year?! Then I have to pay all of the money too?!" *dies*

I even felt embarrassed to show my face here. I made such a big f'ing deal about going to school, I was like how the hell am I going explain this one. Now I'm back sitting in the house doing nothing! *dies again*

Well I just got call and they told me everyone can come to class tomorrow. They gave me till the end of the month to pay the whole big bill, but I'm paying that crap tomorrow! OMG you don't know how happy that made me just now. LOL I guess it empty in there if it was over a 100. (told me the amount on the phone) xD

Agh now I have to play catch up and figure out how the heck I'm going do my speech since it was today. :/ Oh well, I learned my lesson. Next year I'm paying the whole thing as soon as I get in there. 0_o

P.S. I did get something done while I was out. My new glasses should be here next week. Excited. :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Walking Dead S3 Ep 1 "Seed" Thoughts....

I'm so happy it's back. Quite an interesting opening...
Major Spoilers alert!!! Do not pass this point....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

All I have to say is mother freaking epic Walking Dead is back on tomorrow!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I excited?! Hell yes!!!! I totally forgot about the exact date and nearly lost my mind when I saw tomorrow is the premiere of Season 3. F*** yeah!

Crap I'm wanting see this season:
-Rick loses his mind and grows some balls! It's a Ricktorship!!!
-Michonne isn't too over the top, but still badass!
-Lori has a zombie baby and dies! (kidding..slightly lol)
-Shane comes back from the dead. (lol not going happen I know)
-Merle's racist ass gets killed in very bloody death. (I hate him seriously.)
-Morgan and his son join the group. (I miss them.)
-More zombies!
-And we get more interesting people to join the group. Shane isn't around to cause drama and we need more drama other than this baby stuff.

That is all! *jumps up and down* 
Me and my father are going be fighting over the tv this Sunday. lol

P.S. Gotta get back in CAS recreating them. I know I totally slacked off and forgot. D: Also watch out for my thoughts on the premiere.

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT- 8 Pic, Story, and Scores!

Yep I got lazy and put it in all in one post.....
3rd- vid & henry - 908

Under The Moonlight
With my visions of spirits still plaguing me daily, my maker suggested I take a walk one night. I could tell by the strain in his voice, that he didn't have the patience to deal with me. So I did as he said and went for a walk. At first I couldn't relax one bit as I had been on edge all that evening, but I felt myself relax as I made my way through what looked like a forest clearing. My mind cleared instantly looking upon the beautiful scenery.

For once I felt free and alive as I tracked through it’s rugged trails. With no ghost in sight, it seemed like this walk may have actually been a good suggestion and I enjoyed the solitude. It was only when I began to walk back, it felt like my senses were on fire. The pain unbearable, I stopped in my tracks trying to make sense of it. I had fed only hours ago, so I thought this feeling couldn't be the need to feed.

Then through my confusion and fear, I saw it. I saw a full moon was in the sky and I felt it’s presence had something to do with this. I closed my eyes trying to focus, but it was no use. Hearing and feeling something near by broke what little concentration I had. Something in the form of a human was near by. The blood pumping through their veins, their hearts beats, their voices, and even the smell of their blood filled my senses. I felt wild and uncontrollable all due the full moon that hung menacing in the sky.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Pics from my weird simming weekend! :D

OMG, it's been forever since I've played, but was so much fun!!! 
Also I just finished watching Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp and my family reminds me of that movie so much! So weird. Anyway...... 

Victor: Who the fairest of them all?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I know who my English teacher reminds of!

OMG *dies of laughter* Like twins! I'm dead serious. I said this earlier to someone and seeing this clip again was like sitting in my English class. The only thing is my teacher is waaaayyy older, mumbles with an accent, reads from the book for the whole class. Haha he even saids "anyone" sometimes. Everyone is usually just sitting in a daze when he askes for feedback. Then he'll make a joke and laugh about it to himself. 

This man is going be the death of me! By the way, I look like the blond girl in the school jacket when he's talking saying "WTF...why am I here to hear him read a book to me? Someone please put me out my misery!!!" *yawns*"

I bust out laughing seeing this clip again though. Classic!!!

I don't even wanted talk about....

Well my weekend is turning out to be slightly sucky and that's putting it lightly.

Yesterday the table full of books and paper were cleaned off yesterday. That's wonderful and all, but my speech communication text book and notebook was there. So yes my speech communications and notes were thrown in the trash yesterday. I don't wanted talk about. I don't wanted think about it. I already had mini breakdown over it. I don't wanted talk about it. I just hope I can recover the notes and get into a better mood this weekend, because thinking about makes me wanted cry. I think I ran out of tears. I have the unlucky trait. Pages of notes and 88 dollars in the trash.....

That is all, because I feel the anger and frustration as I type this. I can't even....

P.S. Now that I type this, I think I'll spend the rest of the weekend trying to post something more happy and sim related.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maybe some sims this weekend?

If I don't pass out from the exhaustion of this week, I might play sims for once and post pics. Maybe even some forum lurking. I can't promise you anything, because with it being weekend I'll liable to just crash and turn into a lazy blob. Going try to play my game though, because I do miss it.

I'm also going be doing another paper off and on. Gotta get a early start this time. Then I have a speech coming up. I have to do a speech on my family. Blah my family is boring (in a good way), so I don't know what to do. I'm up to date with my math homework. Maybe a little ahead. Sooooo I'm going focus on the writing and speech assignments inbetween sims.

Ohhhh and I got C on my 1st English paper! Thanks to Cat, I figured that out. lol :D

As for college itself, community college sucks for making friends so far. Everyone is too busy in a hurry or they already have a group of friends. Then you have the super serious people and old people. xD Not that I'm miss sociable myself with all my anxiety issues and with only 3 classes I guess that doesn't help either, but 1 good friend would be nice. Well I should probably be focusing on my studies anyway, but my social life is in the can in RL right now. Oh how I wish I could drag one to you to college when I feel lonely. Haha, whenever I get my smart phone working again with a new battery I'm so sneaking on here to say hi. :)

But sims sims sims! I wanted play so bad! I must play! Seasons will be coming soon!!! 0_0

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I have a twitter! Tweet Tweet!

I was going make it a personal twitter, but being that I don't know anyone else with a twitter and I'm lonely at the moment looking at my wall...FOLLOW ME. It's cross between personal and simming.

I'll post something up as soon I finish up some homework. It probably consist of me moaning about college, ranting about pop culture, goofing off, and some sim stuff.

P.S. I always wanted a twitter. I tried it awhile back, but deleted it shortly after making it. I just wanted try to something different.
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