Saturday, October 13, 2012

All I have to say is mother freaking epic Walking Dead is back on tomorrow!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I excited?! Hell yes!!!! I totally forgot about the exact date and nearly lost my mind when I saw tomorrow is the premiere of Season 3. F*** yeah!

Crap I'm wanting see this season:
-Rick loses his mind and grows some balls! It's a Ricktorship!!!
-Michonne isn't too over the top, but still badass!
-Lori has a zombie baby and dies! (kidding..slightly lol)
-Shane comes back from the dead. (lol not going happen I know)
-Merle's racist ass gets killed in very bloody death. (I hate him seriously.)
-Morgan and his son join the group. (I miss them.)
-More zombies!
-And we get more interesting people to join the group. Shane isn't around to cause drama and we need more drama other than this baby stuff.

That is all! *jumps up and down* 
Me and my father are going be fighting over the tv this Sunday. lol

P.S. Gotta get back in CAS recreating them. I know I totally slacked off and forgot. D: Also watch out for my thoughts on the premiere.


  1. *SCREAMS* I'm so torn because I'm happy it's the weekend, but I also want it to be Sunday night already lol. I think I'm going to have this problem all season >.<

    1. LOL Me too! I wish they would put it on Saturday night instead. Well it's good way to end the weekend I guess. ;P

  2. It's not on tv over here so we have to wait for the dvds.


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