Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maybe some sims this weekend?

If I don't pass out from the exhaustion of this week, I might play sims for once and post pics. Maybe even some forum lurking. I can't promise you anything, because with it being weekend I'll liable to just crash and turn into a lazy blob. Going try to play my game though, because I do miss it.

I'm also going be doing another paper off and on. Gotta get a early start this time. Then I have a speech coming up. I have to do a speech on my family. Blah my family is boring (in a good way), so I don't know what to do. I'm up to date with my math homework. Maybe a little ahead. Sooooo I'm going focus on the writing and speech assignments inbetween sims.

Ohhhh and I got C on my 1st English paper! Thanks to Cat, I figured that out. lol :D

As for college itself, community college sucks for making friends so far. Everyone is too busy in a hurry or they already have a group of friends. Then you have the super serious people and old people. xD Not that I'm miss sociable myself with all my anxiety issues and with only 3 classes I guess that doesn't help either, but 1 good friend would be nice. Well I should probably be focusing on my studies anyway, but my social life is in the can in RL right now. Oh how I wish I could drag one to you to college when I feel lonely. Haha, whenever I get my smart phone working again with a new battery I'm so sneaking on here to say hi. :)

But sims sims sims! I wanted play so bad! I must play! Seasons will be coming soon!!! 0_0

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