Monday, May 31, 2010

For the EA haters!


Skull T-shirts-download!

If you have any problems tell me!

Happy Memorial day!

My Grandfather was a veteran so I though should say Happy Memorial day to all the veterans and all troops. I hope this Monday goes well for everyone.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

If you don't succeed, try, try again and guess what?

I did it!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy! I used Delphy’s CAS Texture and Unitool, SimInem of SiManiacs tutorial and wiki! Thank you to everyone who helped me! Do you guys want me upload it? *jumps up and down*

I'm frustrated today!

Well the forums are acting up today. Couldn't post most of the day, which was  annoying. So I decided try out this t-shirt thing after reading Mare today! They saw my thread last night asking it seems. Thanks. :-) I am this close to making one, but I can't figure out while my image won't show! I'm about go insane!!! I think it's because I'm impatient, hate reading directions, and hate not getting something. Been at it all day! I'm going read the directions and try one more time! By the way this would be third time I said I was going try one time, but I really mean this time. One more time I quit for the day! Grrr!
On a side note I have a rec badge, 1000 badge and Master rec badge now and only have two things in my studio. lols thanks EA. Failing as always.
Also ask Vidkid Part 5 will be posted soon. Anymore questions?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Armand Daniels- New sim!

-Aikea Guinea/Club Crimsyn hair
-Aikea Guinea lether pants
*Aikea Guinea skin
*Oh My Eyes by Tiffany
*Kitty Klan facial hair


Friday, May 28, 2010

Ask Vidkid Part 4!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Fore!!! XD I mean Part 4 now!

Lets say you had to choose between box A, box B, and box C.
What box would you pick?And why would you pick that box?
A because my real name starts with A. hehe. What is it? Ask me later. hehe

What's your 1 favourite CC item? (including mods and things for the game)
Hmm...the cat ears from Simscave! So cute. I use the ones from Rose too.

What is the most sims you've killed in one sitting? Was there a specific reason or intention for killing them? If there was, did it go to plan?
3! I did for my Clue story, that I was suppose continue on here. >_<  Everything went plan! Dexter works great! :-D

If you knew how to create mods, what would you make?
First off hello Lehdkat! I like apologize for getting at mad you for something silly. Well this post here. If had points I would gift you. :-(  Take note I didn't have mention that, but I wanted too. I'm sorry Lehdkat. Clover/Switch too.
To answer your question I would make a mod that would allow CAS to have more family relationships. This often bugs me in making families. A Dexter would be FTW though! :-D

What's your RL hair colour?
Dark brown. Like really dark brown. Almost black, but if you look in sun it has brown tint to it.

do you have a facebook?
No. I use too, but I deleted because I was tired a certain HS mates bugging me! Don't ask. I might make another. 

who is your favorite simmer (besides yourself)?
That hard! You? Too many to name! :-D

what is your favorite lady gaga song?
Poker face!

1. what is your favorite site to visit apart from blogs? (meaning all blogs, not just your own)
Hmmm...Google. On it now! I search about everthing.

2. If you were in a situation of saving yourself and knowing you will live or having to save someone else and you might not live, which would you do?
I want say save ther person as it would be right thing to do, but I don't know. I would hope do the right thing. :-(

3. Do you love me? xD
Nooo woman! XD (kiddin) Of coruse! *hugs*

4. What would you like to see for a future expansion pack?
Hot tubs, pianos, night clubs, and vampires! Nightlife done over again, but better!

5. Do you believe World Peace is acheivable?
No I don't think so. People will never agree and they always be fighting. :-/

6. Choose: Superman or Wonderwoman?
Wonderwoman. Her outfit is much better I think. XD

I'll do one more part and then I'll take a break! Part 5 next! The last part for a min so make them good!

Oh noes!!! A moment of silence please! *updated*

Last night my G1 phone died! It randomly cut off again (this makes the 3rd time), I took the battery out, put it back in, and all get is a black screen now once it finishes with the logo screens. It won't come on and nothing brings it back to life now. Charger, nothing!
Let's hope I get free new phone! I had insurance! Hadn't even had for a year! Oh well! I did like using it for the internet (peeping at my blog, peeping at the forum, etc) , but I guess that won't be happening. *sigh*
More of update laterz!
Updated: They gave me exact phone over again! I was hoping for a newer model, but oh well! At least it was free! :-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh slacking off is refreshing!

I didn't update today as you can see! Why? Don't know! I was reading Queen of Dammed and got into a good chapter. Then time just flew by. Whenever read that book though it makes me want vampires in Sims. Really smexy ones! Squeee!
Anyway Ask Vidkid Part 4, a new sim I hope, I think I finish Yoko Ono for a certain someone, and might actually play my game tomorrow. Been a minute. As for the forum did I miss anything? Probably not. Look for a update! ^_^

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's happening at Sims Sanctuary you ask?

Yays!!!!! I can't wait! I was surpised! That forum is great by the way, check it out! *waves at Lady Em* I will be on there more often. Cece don't get jealous! You will get some advertisment next missy!

Ask Vidkid Part 3!

Part 1
Part 2

Part 3 now!

What would you say is your favorite kind of meal?
I would say pizza, but everyone says that. I love seafood! Crab cakes without claws! I would like one now, but they are bit pricey. I guess I'll just eat pizza!

Lets say you won $100,000.
Your friend took it from you.
You go to your friends house, and you tell them to give the money back.They say no and grab a gun from their pocket then point it at you.What would you do?
Try to reason with them and if I can't, tell them they can have it! It's not worth dying over!

If there were a group of ignorant, mediocre people-who would you destroy in a second? Why?
EA, because they are evil and I can't think of anyone else! XD

Who are the top five people you hate or hated from the Sims 3 forum?
No comment! They are very few I hate and well hate is strong word though. Maybe dislike. I rather not talk about it. The drama llama might come! 0_0

What sim would have to be your favourite? And least favourite?
(could be someone elses sim you've download, your own, or just one in game)
I like all the sims I make. Ronnie would be favorite guy, because he makes me laugh. My own Avi is favorite female. My all time favorite sim from someone else is Spat's pinhead sim! LOL I so have play him later. Too funny! Least favorite sim is Hydra's sim. I downloaded it so I could set her on fire! Might do it again. Hehe!

If you could have one super power, what would it be? And why?
And also, If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? And why?
The ability to transport anywhere like Nighcrawler from Xmen or the movie Jumper(it was so-so)! That way if needed money I could just pop into valut of bank and suddenly be gone in flash. That probably would make me a villain though. XD I could also travel which would be nice!
If I was crayon I would be pink as pink is my favorite color!

Part 4? Ah, why not! Go ahead.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paco banned for asking EA to do their job!

The email:
Temp banned for one thread, while Nashville has been spaming for a week now! When will the love for trolls end EA?!
EA<3 Trolls!

Ask Vidkid Part 2!!!

Part 1
Part Deux now! That's 2 in french!
If you could go anywhere in the world, even beyond Pluto, where would you go?
Me: Well going to another planet might be a bore and disappointing. Just rocks up there really and never had any desire for that stuff. I always wanted go to Paris. One reason why I brought WA, which was a let down. I know focuses on France in general, but I was hoping to see Paris made over in Sims. I mostly wanted the Effie tower for romantic dates for my simmies. I want travel to all kind places though. England, Italy, and go sight seeing I guess. See what I always see on tv up close.

Ok, now I must get all giddy as Mare has posted two questions! Hehe! Might not be a big deal to some, but I love it when they pop in and surprise me. So wasn't expecting a question from them and they asked me two. :-D By the way thank you for changing to my current/permanent banner on your site.

What is your earliest memory from joining in the Simming community?
My earliest memory was making a avi which I hated. No CC and it look like acid trip! Had lots color in hair, pigtales, and huge sunglasses with a blue star on her face. I would show you if EA wouldn't have hid my old page. Was trying stand out though. XD Then a few days later I made Shrek and Fiona for the Exchange. I posted in the creative section and when it got no attention , I posted in general discussion. Then everyone came and said I was spamming. I felt so bad and I thought might not come back after that, but I did. This is first forum so I was learning back then. 

If you had an AK-47 but only one magazine clip (and a guaranteed alibi), who'd be getting made into a human Swiss Cheese c/o yourself?!
LOL I saw this yesterday and I was thinking about it for awhile. Well right now with all the drama, I would have a few names, but they not worth losing the one clip. Poptwat would be a great a target, but then Hydra would have to go too. Well since the mods are bent on not banning him and I keep seeing this dude as I type this question, Nashvillekitten guy. I don't understand why he isn't banned!? I would been perma 20 times by now!

If you knew today was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?
Wow, another good one. I would spend all day with my family and friends. Go ot partying and doing everthing can in that one day. /go on shopping spree, bowl, arcades, and then end it with a drink. XD I'm almost 21 anyway and might as well end with that.

Who or what inspires you and why?
Well anime and the music inspires me. My most famous sim/avi was inspired by Death note. Most of sims are inspired by anime and rock music. I use to listen to nothing, but Hip Hop and got tired of it. For the last couple years my whole style has changed up. I love anything with skulls! Pink and black are favorite combinations. I'm not gothinc or emo though. I hate labels!

What would have to be your all time favorite song/s and why?
Oh my! Hmmm...let see! Saying Micheal Jackson would be too easy. Sadly I didn't get back into listening to the poor soul till he passed. Sadly I was to young to appreciate him when he was alive.

Anyway I'll give you ten.
1. Fall Out Boy- This Anit a Scene
2. Panic At Disco- I Wirte Sins Not tragedies
3. Prince- When Doves Cry
4 My Chemical Romance- Helena
5. Snow Patrol- Crashing Cars
6. Kanye West- Good Morning (hate the guy, but I can't help listening to it)
7 Eminem- The Way I Am
8. Fugees- Killing Me Softly
9. Toni Braxton- He wan't Man Enough Me
10. Keane- Somewhere Only We Know
If my ipod got wiped out I would have a fit. I told you I listen to all types music. My music taste is all over the place and I'm such a 90's kid.

Who is your favorite singer? Least?
Lady Gaga I hate to say. She is everywhere now and I kinda liked when she was more unknown if that makes sense. Only for the moment. I hate the Beiber boy. His songs, his silly little hair style! He's everywhere like the annyoing Jonas brothers were! Grr!

Part 3? Anymore?

Please stop the drama!

A lot people are talking shit about me. I almost responded, but I deleted the original post. Would have just added to the fire. I have seen people call me two faced, drama queen, and basically saying I want attention on various chats boxes and blogs. I'm tired of it and no longer care. I have explained myself enough and I don't care if don't you like me. I'm not going jump hoops for anyone just so they can like me. I know how Mare Nest feels, endless people talking shit about them and they can't win for losing. Well this is me saying I will longer speak on the drama and longer respond to nasty shit people have to say about me. I don't know what is your problem, jealousy or just being ass holes, but get it together. Just stop it, because it won't make you famous and only leave you a lonely person. If this is how treat people in real life it will. I have made up and apologized to the people I wanted to apologize too. I'm done really. Blog about that if you will. Call me every name under the sun, but truthfully I'm too old to play these childish games and as long as have real friends it doesn't matter. This blog will continue to be what it was before and if your feelings get hurt too bad! I can't please everyone it seems. I found that out the hard way I guess. People talking about me behind my back, I'm dissapointed. You know who you are and I will not apologize to people who will be two faced to me.
The recent bullshit about me if your wondering told by AE:
And check the chat boxes for more stuff people were too afraid to say in my own chat boxes. See who the fakes are. I will not be responding to that shit, so check other people blogs for the drama if you want. Let's the drama die folks!
I accepted Amieezilla's apology. Just wanted you to know. It's over. Let it die!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ask Vidkid Part 1!!!!

If a strange person was at your door, you would...
a. let them in because you like new friends
b. call the police because they are a stalker
c. slip $100 under the door hoping they will go away
d. Pretend you're not home because you're too lazy to go to the door
e. Invite them out to icecream because you are hungry
f. Ask them to do your homework

Me: D. Pretend you're not home because you're too lazy to go to the door
Yes. Plus it's safer! I usually don't answer doors! Alaways someone around to answer it.

How did you get gadgets to be on both sides of your blog?
Here is where you do it:
You might have change your background and header. 3 columns under layout. Once you do it you can go back to regular blogger and make post like normal. If you need help just ask.

xWednesdayx :
How much time would you say you spend on average Simming and/or on the forums?
Me: Most of the day on the forum and very little on the game. I'm trying do less forum and more simmin. I'm also trying to get life as I think spend too much time online.
What is the craziest thing you've seen in the Sims game and the craziest thing on the forums?
Me: Well the stretchy baby glitch was freaky. In my own sim game, I don't get too many crazy stuff happen accept when downloaded bad hair that made brown blob over Sunset, but already talked about that. By the way you were the one that help me with that glicth. Thanks. XD
As for the forum before the mods killed it, I saw lots crazy things. One was Lufferkinz making a thread saying her cat was physic, because it typed a message on her keyboard. OMG, that thread was too funny! Read on it Mare, here!
Do you have any tattoos?
Me: Nope. Not one. Some days I want one, some days I don't which is one reason why I haven't got one! XD The big reason though is I hate needles! I use to hate them with a passion, but in recent years I've gotten better. Maybe some day, but I don't wanted get something regret either later down the years. I'll do temp for now. I always get temp when I go to amusing parks. lol

Ask me more!!! :-D

Lady Vamp, the job guru!
On the"Pick a job, any job for the avatar" thread. Lady Vamp picks some interesting jobs:


Oh my!
Amazing she is!
laughing smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ask me anything!

Fury sorry to kinda "borrow" this from you. Where I got the idea from. Hope you don't mind. lol Well I wanted lighten mood here and I think I'm misunderstood alot. Well instead rambling on, how about ask me? What do want to know about me? I wil pick 10 qusetions, post them, and if this goes well I will contiune it. I will not respond to nasty or to personal questions. I would like people to know I'm more than drama or ranting queen. and all negativity is draining. This blog need get positive again.
Ask and you shall receive. Be nice. ^_^
Note: Doesn't have to be sim related!

These kids got hit with the ugly stick!

Laughing Smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Wanted know what happen to my old page?

Wow, like geez, thanks. You of could of at least let me get the one last gift I had off that account first! Grrr!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Talking about me behind my back isn't nice you know! *updated*

Update: I take back what was said about Claire, since she has explained to me that she meant no harm. Same with Cel. Amieezilla  has apologised too.

20000 hits and 62 followers!!!!

carlton dance Pictures, Images and Photos
Lady gaga dancing Pictures, Images and Photos
Peanut Butter Jelly Time Pictures, Images and Photos
Wooo! Thank you!!!!!! ^_^

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chatting with a troll! *Exclusive*

I never approved of Firestar being friends with Altai, but last night things changed!
Yea, Firestar was having a lovely chat with Altai on her blog chat box, when she mention a suppose rumor that was going around about him reporting people. He was supposedly boasting about it on his private vox blog! Note that's it private and people he chooses can see it, which mean he can talk shit about you behind your back and you won't know. Pussy much? Anyway he admitted to reporting her. Let's continue..

Well Firestar wasn't happy with Altai reporting Simsy and well Altai showed no remorse. He basically reported her because he was tired of hearing her opinion. Real nice Altai. Way to show how much of douche you are. Also I thought we had mods to handle things like that?!
Then Simsy came in...oh my!
Well Firestar chat box got alot action as you can see...
Altai admitted to keeping his blog private and well I got into it. Ha, couldn't resist.
Well, then Altai show more of his true self. Clique? Is this high school again? Petty much or are you jealous you have no friends? Anyway...

Well Altai left with his tail between his legs! Convenient dinner time comes around suddenly. Anyway, Firestar saw the bullshit that is Altai. Just proves good people can't be friends with petty trolls. A troll is a troll!

EA still has a grudge!

I posted that in general discussion:
But looked what happend:

Thanks EA! Playing games with me already I see.
Yes, I'm back thanks to someone! ^_^

Cup in a box?

Claymeganpruitt/Megan/Waffles love the name! ROFL! Welcome back!

A short post about TMN bussiness

Well folks don't be mad at the Mares. I'm not upset anymore and don't be upset with them. Well that thread was fun and now deserved after Megan's ban to me. Mare we can disagree. It's ok. :-) It made no difference though, but it probably pissed the mods off. I didn't mean to be hypocrite, but show the right way to rebel and well maybe it wasn't excatly the best way. XD  Well it doesn''t matter, now that I'm back as vidkid21and Megan is back. I'm going stay low as EA is probably not happy with my return. Thanks everyone! I won't mess this up! At least I'll try not too.

Noooo Mare, don't starting hating me please!
I was sad reading this and you guys sounded so disappointed in us. It made me so sad! I wasn't posting in that of course, but I was practically the one who thought of doing it. Me and Hippiedippie. Mostly my influence though. We were all over at my chat box laughing after it was over. It didn't turn out like we wanted it too though. We thought the grurus would lock it quick, but they ignored us. Then they just kept posting as I watched happily. We were all trying get back at EA in some way and get their attention. I especially wanted this to happen. I can't dispute my ban and I was angry it's nothing I can do, so I made this plan up. I've been wanting to wreck that thread, so since everyone wanted to rebel, I said lets target the OT thread guys. Oh even the title of your post makes me sad. If your going be disappointed and angry, then its me you want. Don't blame them. Sure it was them that made the final decision to post in that thread, but blame me.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sadly another one gets perma!

After posting another thread saying she wanted a cup in a box Claymeganpruitt/Megan/Waffles has been perma banned. I could of told her this would happen as we all know by now, I was basically banned for the same thing. Sadly not being able to post I couldn't warn her. The email below:

Only been banned once! A shame!
I didn't screenshot of the thread she banned for, just know a troll was in that thread. Either the mods or the troll reported her. 
Check out how her blog to say hi, since it seems she won't be posting anymore.  :-(

Oh, who knew my avi had a sister!

Her avi look familiar?

Well for a mintue I thought I was seeing things. Then after asking silly Kelle what she thought, she asked her what was up?

Awwwwwwwww! Thank you! By the way guys I'm not dead. Those two made me sound like I had died in their convo! XD Miss you too!<3

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rebels flood the Wednesday OT thread!

It began with a normal OT moderator thread despite it being Wednesday:

But, that soon changed:
Bawhahaha! She stretch the page!
Did it end at this? Noo!
Kelle quoted Hippiedippie's breaking the next page!

Poor Simjett...
Anyway Poptwat tried to keep the so called OT thread on topic by ignoring them, but failed miserably. The next few pages was pretty same story with the introduction bagels and Cece!

(Got cut off. Said #3)
Aw thanks guys!
More page breaking post flooded the OT thread in honor of me and anyone who was ever banned innocently. Me not being able to post I watched from the sidelines.
Poptwat ended the thread early without even acknowledging the rebellion.
Still it was a epic win! Better luck next week....if is a next time!
Also if your pissed we hijacked your little OT thread, sorry...well not really!
Evil Laugh Pictures, Images and Photos
By the way I saw some hypocrites on that thread. I won't say any names, but if you don't like EA, why post in it. Just saying. 
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