Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More talkie talk from me!

I'm extremely tired and don't know why? I'm also really cold. I hope I'm not sick again. :-/ Anyway I'm trying to find a job and get a life! Playing sims bores me, the forum thing is a bust, and not to blog about, (which probably why I keep putting my foot in my mouth on here), and I've found other things to do. I hate to say it but, I'm waiting for Ambition really. I will try update everyday, but I'm not going be on here as much. Thanks for the nice comments, yes I do have my friends who will remember me I hope. To clear up something I'm not looking to be famous, I was actually sad that I won't be remember as time goes on. I thought people only visit this blog, because of that shitty forum, but I guess I was wrong. I just wish EA wouldn't have gotten away with banning me. They successfully quiet me, one of the few people who would called them on their bullshit right front of them. I wish could get EA back for banning me to be honest. That stupid OT thread pops up tomorrow. Unfortunately I didn't screw up that thread before everything happened. *sigh* I left with class, maybe should have posted dancing bananas all over the forum, those bitches! Grr! Ok, now I'm done.


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  2. Hey Vid *hugs* know, I really wish we could get back at EA too. Not in a "leaving a flaming bag of poop on the doorstep" way, but I wish we could get that stupid rule of theirs changed. If you are permabanned, you absolutely SHOULD have the right to appeal, or at least be heard. There's every chance in the world that a person's permaban could have been a mistake, so why should they be forever punished if it is?

    I guess the worst they can do (if you try to contact them) is ignore you -- it's not like they can have you arrested. But how piss-poor is that? It's like a hand in your face. Really pisses me off because ANY OF US could be perma'd for ANYTHING at ANYTIME.

    Keep your chin up, Kid. ;)


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