Sunday, May 2, 2010

TSR shuts down Garden of Shadows and EA hides the dirt! *UPDATED*

This screenshot was given to me by my good forum buddy, LisaV913z(as known on the EA forum):
She posted this the Sims 2 site and in her words "not long after out of 62 post on it the thread was deleted and took a screen shot of the post and re-posted it on the Sims 3 name (has anybody seen this yet?)after like 30 sec later before anybody posted on it yet the thread was also deleted.."
As we all know EA loves TSR and pretty much any paysite that's out there putting a price on things that should be free. Anyway the info that has me most shocked is Garden of Shadows has been shut down by the virus ad filled scum of a site! I did hear something about GOS being shut down, but I didn't think much of it as they are super popular and I haven't visit GOS in awhile. Now that I try the link it won't show up which is proof that the beloved site is actually gone. All for false accusations! Also if EA is so quick delete it, it must mean they want hide such info or they took part in it. By the way where is the thread where they list the CC sites that they adore a.ka paysites? Hmmm...?

Update: They (GOS) are moving to a new server! A certain special source told me! *wink*
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  1. :[ of shadows was my favorite!

  2. oh ty Mare! Squee Mare commented! jumps up and down*

  3. Zomgz, I've been wondering what happened to that site... they have hair I wants... :(

  4. i love GOS!!! i never liked TSR before but now i hate them. i really hope all the great content will still be available, i have alot of that stuff. i guess i had better do personal backups if i lose my stuff. and i hope there will be a place to get more!

    grrr tsr reeks

  5. I love GOS, I couldn't figure it out half the time but they had great stuff! What the hell. TSR is a load of crap-that place gave me damn viruses. I'm so pissed now. I feel like starting a RIOT on about this and at the TSR website ! Ugh...stupid ass sites these days.

  6. Well at least they're coming back...GOS is one of the top, say, at least 3 or 5 CC sites out there -- losing them would be a DETRIMENT to the community.


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