Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The EA forum...*yawn*...

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Can't wait for the new ep! Why? Maybe things will liven up over there! Mods locking and deleting threads for littlest OT. I despise them! They are killing the forum, those bastards! I don't even know what to post on the forum anymore. I would love to start a silly thread, but if I can get wrongly banned for a facepalm pic, then lord help me that I start a funny thread that goes OT!  Can't even think of anything though. No funny material over there. Llamas again? No. I even miss the trolls. Gawd, some of them were hilarious! Not the kind that was stalking my blog, but the Nikos, the bjrockstars. They were full of fail and comedy! Aha, remember "the people who aren't jerk club and " Omg! Too funny! Not just the trolls though, Most the good/funny people have either left because they got banned or they were fed up with EA. I think I'm one of few original posters that is a regular left, along with Firestar and a few others. Very few left and you can thank the EA mods for that! You can also thank them for the forum for turning into a ghost town! Oh and all the new people defending EA you will see it soon enough! I started off with no idea of EA's poor treatment and now look at me I'm ranting about them! Eventually "the I hate EA" feeling will hit all of you newbies! Maybe one of the thousands of new people on the forum these days, won't. Don't beleive me? Well go ask another original poster on the forum besides me. If they haven't ran off to a blog or left completely. Finding someone who hasn't been banned or has been on the forum since it's been up is like finding a needle in a hay stack! Funny thing though I'm getting the errie feeling that I might be banned again now, so I have to be careful. The forum is a boring minefield now a days. What's next? Banned for typing! *sigh*


  1. I can honestly say that it has been quite a while since I was on the sims forums. Actually I can't really remember at all....I just hang out on everyone's blogs.

  2. What makes you think you're banned VK?
    I did notice your absence today.
    You are right though.
    I may not have said alot on the forums,but I was always reading and laughing at a lot of the threads.
    Yes,even some of the Trolls were fun.
    I notice a lot of the people have just left.

  3. OOPS,I forgot to say who I was in my comment.

  4. *sigh* they ban people for dumb things now adays. wouldnt be surprise and ive been taking more time off the computer. i did pop in yesterday for a min.

  5. I have managed to survive...I've been around since the first day! Course, after 3 bans, I really behave myself now!

    I don't give EA enough of my energy to hate them. They are just another company! I love Sims and I like alot of people on the forum and that is all that matters to me! But I agree....the forum is a bit of a yawn, lately! But at least we have blogs like yours to keep us entertained!


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