Thursday, May 13, 2010

Politics and trolls don't mix!

Well the thread wasn't starting off to great with a silly question like that. He should of know very well that celebs in sims is only possible if you make them yourself or ask for them to be made by fellow simmers. Well it only took a sec and slimy troll to get the flame wars started.

Well Little V has been playing the nice card lately on the forums and well to be truful I was offended by this comment as some others were too. How would she like it if this was Bush we were talking about and I said that? Well this is the Sims 3 forum and your suppose leave your politcal beliefs at the door. Let's continue...
Well I decided to turn to this thread around quickly with a joke and test the so called now nice Little V and see how nice she would stay. I admit though that this was kinda a bad joke, but as you see the arrow is pointing to the word "kidding"!

Anyone who wasn't a troll would have ignored it or said that's not funny, or try to make a laugh out of it. Being that I don't like Little V, I could give a shit about her feelings. I didn't mean to pass judgement as I said kidding, but of course she wanted to make me look like that bad guy. I replied back with "Geez didn't mean to start anything." Note: I never apologized to prick as sorry was lefted out on purpose. Well that shouldn't been the end of all the political banter, but not with Little V....
I called her out on this!

And got bullshit back!
Then I got my fly swatter, swatted the little troll back to the hole she crawled out of, never to be seen again on that thread.
Well you will think that thread would be deleted or locked, but the hot mess of a thread lived on for several pages, with political discussion and disagreements. It was even moved to ideas and feedback, then back to General where is resides now. Don't believe me. Put Obama in search abd your see it. Do I have to quote the rules Mods:
This is not the place to debate politics or religion.
Also it's off topic! The hot mess and annoying kind! Well Paco summed up why threads like these seem to survive:

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