Friday, August 30, 2013

The latest TS4 rumors: No CAST? My thoughts...

CAST= Create A Style Tool

Well the latest rumor and debate on the Sims 4 forum has been the lack of CAST in the game. So far it looks like EA will not be adding such a feature and players will have to rely on preset colors. From speculation and debate, it appears that with the new emotion feature makes it almost impossible to have patterns or anything that isn't a preset color. Well it makes it impossible for EA, because you know damn well they are too damn lazy to make anything work. Still having emotions connected to colors presents a problem for the coding of the game. The color red for example might give a sim a feeling of confidence, while the color blue might make another sim sad. If patterns or a custom color from the color wheel is thrown in that can easily confuse the game and cause errors. This can be tweaked as colors do have hex codes and can be programed to relate to certain ones. Will EA do this? Who knows! If they don't, I have a good reason I will mention that later.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Yet again I got tricked into watching the sucky VMAs!

Warning: I did curse a little. Naughty me!

I f'ing hate the VMAs now! I thought it was a popular contest last year, but they literally just gave away every f'ing award to same talentless idiots!

Robin Thicke lost to 1D for Blurred Lines for song of the summer?! Are they smoking crack? They got to be smoking something tonight. I seriously wanted to do a Kanye and run up on stage. What fuckry was that?! I'm not even a fan of his like that, but it was the freaking song of the summer! Then Miley dumb stupid ass shaking around like a damn slut ruining the damn performance. Bitch get out the way!

I wish someone would tell Taylor Swift and her dumb bestie Selena to sit their asses down too! I'm so tired seeing them dance around in the audience at every award show. Sit the fuck down please!

Then Justin Timberlake took up a hour of the show doing the same crap and gave his old group 5 mins of spotlight. lol It took 20 mins just for Jimmy Fallon to shut the fuck about him. Gawd! You would think he was in love with him?! Geez!

Macklemore won best rap? ....No comment. Thrift Shop still makes me want to strangle him! lol

As for everybody else, meh they were alright. Kanye Trashdasian I mean West jumped around screaming and Lady Gaga did her usual. I did think Bruno Mars deserved more props! Thankfully he got one award at least! Shot out to Daft Punk and Pharell too. They got robbed as well!

And what the hell happen to the dance music section of the show?!

Nothing spectacular! It was yet again boring! I enjoyed the new special episode of Catfish today better than the show. OMG that was freaking intense and crazy! I also think Nev and Max are adorable. Squeeee! :P
They should come back to Maryland and visit me. xD

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Well that was an unfortunate Meet & Greet!

Dying right now. No pun intended, but ROFL! Started up an Uni save with two of my favorite male sims and this happened...
Death by soda machine?!

 Grimmy was nice enough to pour out a soda in his honor. For all his dead homies!

Well Mikey won't have to worry about Nick cheating off his paper anytime soon! :P I went from being in total shock to laughing so hard. OMG! I won't try the "slam the soda machine" interaction anymore. Glad I saved before that. Geez! LOL! 

I do have one thing I like about TS4...

I like CAS. Yes. I want them to make available to download, so I can play with it. Other than that after they get out of CAS, TS4 is a total turn off. Something about them in-game just seems so cheesy and fake. The facial expressions for one drive me insane and the hair! But this specific CAS shot makes her look kind of real. Could be just my eyes though or EA brainwashing me in some ways. Noooo I will not join the dark side! *runs off to play TS3*  o_o

Oh and one other thing I notice, the female faces looks way better than the males. Hopefully that's not true, but if so poor guys!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Sims 4: The first trailer and gameplay

The Sims 4 "Arrival" Official Trailer

First Look: The Sims 4 Official Gameplay Trailer

All their faces look the same like TS2.
But I'm thrilled as you can see. Ugh...
P.S. It's not just the faces, but the whole look is a downgrade.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sims 4: My thoughts on the graphics...

If you're expecting a lengthy discussion about the gameplay and how gameplay is more important than plastic cartoony graphics, please turn away now! You're bound to get your feelings hurt! Yes, I am one those vapid gamers who can care less about an game with s*** graphics. I also was one those shinning simmers who expected more.
Rant time!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

PHOßIA: Mock Pic+ Scores

 This stinking shed use to be my salvation. A place I hid away from the fights, the yelling and the constant pain my dad use to put us through. I was a different person back then though and things quickly changed. My dad had became more and more disturbing as time went on. This shed became his twisted workshop and I was forbidden to go in. The day I got locked inside was the day I figured out why. The darkness, the smell of rotten animal flesh, and the cramp space burned into my brain. I can remember it like yesterday. The screeching of the door locking behind me sill haunts my dreams. "I WANT OUT! I CAN'T MOVE! I CAN'T BREATH!" I want out of this recurrent nightmare, but the fear still holds me here in this small stinking shed. You can just add it to the list of my many fears.

Friday, August 9, 2013

As the Tide Turns: A gift worth getting... *plays dramatic music*

Sebastian, our handsome scuba diver is still seeing his married lover. He took her up on her invitation to her gift giving party.

He enter the house not knowing her husband would be there or what he looked like....

Monday, August 5, 2013

Shark Attacks and Underwater Affairs!

Well things have been going pretty well with my game. IP has been a more layback experience, but some randomness has threw me a very interesting storyline I plan on sharing in this post. Bwhahaha!
Sebastian is still working on his scuba diving skills. He found some buried treasure, which proved to be loaded with quite a few gems.
 Along with selling fish, he should be able to afford a bigger houseboat soon.

A small update on recent events

I've joined another competition after I swore down I was taking a break. I started feeling really creative all the sudden and I just wanted to get my mind off of work. I already finished the mock assignment, so it's not going  be a problem. It's just 1 comp, so not really worried about it getting in the way. It's something to do when I'm off and don't feel playing sims or when I need to get some adult angst out. lol

I see one little touch up I could of done, but I'm really happy with it.
As for work, I'm feeling better about it. I'm just kind of annoyed and confused now. I had to work this weekend and other people were in charge. A higher up boss over HR and a supervisor. I'm still learning their titles. lol Anyway, they both were quite happy with my work. They said everything looked neat. Now when I go back tomorrow, my HR manager will probably say something different. I hope not, because then I'm going start asking questions and trying to figure out WTF is wrong with my work in her eyes. Meh, I'm going work around going to her for stuff if she keeps at it. Her boss was a lot more pleasant. I'm also working with newly stocked up merchandise, so maybe now I can keep things in order.

I'm working every other night this week till 10:30, so I'll be here every other day.
IP pics will be next, if I can get some simming time in today. :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Job rant: 3 days and 9 hours each of bumnuggetry!

Couldn't think of a title, so I felt like MareNesting my title! Bwhaha! I've worked 9 hours for 3 freaking days! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....*breathes* Thank God I'm off tomorrow and Friday!

So this week has been a very crappy sucky hurtful week. I don't know what I did to deserve such treatment at my workplace, but it open my eyes to how hurtful and petty people are at jobs.

It started yesterday. I saw 2 of my co-worker fixing up the shelves and putting up new merchandise in my aisles. I offer to help, because they were in my aisle. One of them is really nice, but the other is nasty b****.  I assumed she was ok at the time, but she proved to me she's a bitter toerag! She immediately start sprouting out instructions for me to do and I was extremely confused.  Now I could of lied and acted I knew everything, but I figured this stupid woman would help me and explain sh*t to me. Nope. Instead she told me to go straighten up stuff and to basically get away from her from the way she was looking at me. She instantly became annoyed with me and didn't explain anything.
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