Thursday, August 1, 2013

Job rant: 3 days and 9 hours each of bumnuggetry!

Couldn't think of a title, so I felt like MareNesting my title! Bwhaha! I've worked 9 hours for 3 freaking days! Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....*breathes* Thank God I'm off tomorrow and Friday!

So this week has been a very crappy sucky hurtful week. I don't know what I did to deserve such treatment at my workplace, but it open my eyes to how hurtful and petty people are at jobs.

It started yesterday. I saw 2 of my co-worker fixing up the shelves and putting up new merchandise in my aisles. I offer to help, because they were in my aisle. One of them is really nice, but the other is nasty b****.  I assumed she was ok at the time, but she proved to me she's a bitter toerag! She immediately start sprouting out instructions for me to do and I was extremely confused.  Now I could of lied and acted I knew everything, but I figured this stupid woman would help me and explain sh*t to me. Nope. Instead she told me to go straighten up stuff and to basically get away from her from the way she was looking at me. She instantly became annoyed with me and didn't explain anything.

Later that day, I see my boss in aisle looking around. I don't usually see her watching me now, but she all so happen to appear all the sudden. She told me the aisle looked terrible and that after 90 days they can fire me if I keep it up. That completely caught me off guard, as I got positive feedback just the other day from another older employee. Well that scared the living crap out of me! I  immediately started having a panic attack in the break room shortly afterwards. I tried my best to conceal it and went back to work on my aisle quickly, so I could get back in her good graces.

Then today, I called up my male manager who is in charge of me at the door and asked him if wanted me there till the other guy comes. Yeah they pretty much replace me there. I'll go into that more later. He said yeah go ahead. Then my moody ass of HR manager come in and starts bitching at me again. 2 carts are outside. Both of them are opposite direction literally down the street from the store. She get angry at me for that! For that! It's guys who do that you know? She's not even in charge of me when I'm at the door, so WTF?! You would think I had x-ray vision and physic powers though from how she said it. So then she told me I wasn't doing a good job organizing the junk pile of a toy section and that I needed to grasp things faster. That my dear my fellow co-worker from the other day told her I couldn't grasp any task she trying to give me. Lovely.

Sooooo I got in the car with my dad and immediately spoke with him about the matter. He then made me realize that the nasty b*** must of complained and had a good ol time telling my boss how awful I was doing, which lead to the sudden change in attitude towards me. So basically this waste of life tried to get me fired. I'm completely new to this, but yet she expects me to know everything? I'm sorry you can ramble all you want to me, but if you don't physically show me what I'm doing or teach me I'm lost!

I honestly don't understand the need to go to the boss for that. She could of told me to my face or better yet got over her bitchy mood and helped me! I would of rather she said nothing, than give me a horrible reputation. Now I'm going be watched and picked at for EVERYTHING! I can't even take a break without my HR manager looking at me like I'm laziest human being on the planet! Then to top it off, my job at the door was stolen by a former middle-aged employee who came back to work there again. He use to work in the back, but yet he's literally took my position greeting people and pushed me to the toy aisle.

Now I really have no idea what they going have me doing. I really don't want the toy aisle anymore. To me it's impossible to make it organize. Most of the shelves aren't labeled and it basically like finding needle in a hack stack with most of the stuff. I tried my hardest to make it neat and find the corrects spots, but IMO everything needs to be cleared off. To be organized, it all needs to be taken down and put back up one section at a time. It's way too much stuff and too many things out of place for one person to make it perfect! I've even found old wrappers and candy behind some stuff. It's freaking gross! I would even recommend that section to someone more experienced in the store rather than someone new like me.

I'm going try to stay positive, but don't be surprised if they choose to fire me. I'm going try to do my best as it's the only thing I can do! It frustrates me and makes me absolutely furious, but I'm going to push it aside when I go in Saturday. *sigh*

Edit: Maybe I should of said aisles with a "S", because 3 of them and they all look like a bomb went off in them!!!


  1. Oh crumbs, Vid, they are not treating you well. :(

    Unfortunately there are plenty of people in all sorts of workplaces who believe that management just means throwing their weight around rather than building a happy team and making sure everyone is trained and comfortable with their work.

    Just try to stick it out, do your best with the crap you've been given to work on and remember that it's not worth getting upset over.

    That one coworker does sound like a bitch - maybe she's in as much fear for her job as you are, given the way they seem to treat employees, and has chosen to try to make herself look good by making others look bad.

    Do you think you could suggest to your manager that the reason the toy aisle is such a mess is that it's got into a bad state and needs to be totally overhauled? If they agree then maybe you could work on a shelf per day or something and get it all in good order over the course of a couple of weeks.

    I know it's hard but try to look for some other jobs to apply for. Sometimes it's easier to find work while you're still in work. Plus it might make you feel better to know that you are working on an escape plan!

  2. Hiya Caspin! I'm better today. I was extremely pissed off the more I thought it about it, but I'm just preparing myself for if things do continue down that road now. I'll smile and keep a positive attitude when I do go back in though, but I'll be definitely looking around at what jobs are available. That crossed my mind the moment I got off. I even thought about asking if the fast food place was hiring across the street from them. lol

    The guy who is my manager sometimes has a better attitude and makes me feel wanted there. It's a shame I can't work under him without Miss Moody breathing down my neck. :/

    But it makes me sad that someone older than me and more experienced, stoop that low. I think she is friends with the manager and probably a kiss ass, so maybe they talked about me over lunch. Still getting upset at me and threating me doesn't teach me a thing. I still don't know what device and task she wanted me to do.

    If she keeps going on about how horrible everything looks in those aisles, I will tell her my thoughts about that section and why I find it difficult to organize. Heck, I'll even ask how I can improve! If she does think I am then unqualified for the job based on that though, then I will happily leave and go on about my life. I'll do my best, but that's all I can offer considering the circumstances.

    I also wonder if the person before me who organized it got fired. It sure didn't look like it had been organized by anyone else in a long time.

  3. As the store is a corporate store, they must have a planogram for the toy aisle. To keep it standard. The toy section often gets ripped apart, the only thing you can do is make the effort and try and put things where they belong. (Or looks like it belongs)
    Retail is stressful, and the more responsibility you have the more you feel like your head will explode when you start learning something new. There should have been a training period, did you not get one at all?
    To counteract some of the negativity, being personable helps. Smiles, using a fake happy voice helps (just not too obviously fake) Getting to know your fellow co-workers and managers in the break room. This will help you identify the nice ones on the floor to ask them for help explaining what you don't know, so your manager can see positive results instead of spouting out the negative ones.
    Just try and keep your head high. Retail can produce a high turn over. If you leave for another job, another nameless face will take the position. The key to reduce that high turn over is to treat employees like people instead of pack mules.

    Good luck!

    1. Ahhhh! I had a whole comment typed out and decided to fix it, but it didn't copy. :/

      Well what I failed to mention that my manager had just told me Monday to just keep everything neat as possible and to really give some TLC to one section. She didn't say anything about my performance or how bad anything looked when we had that talk. Then that Tuesday she completely changed her attitude after talking with my co-worker and just starting criticizing everything. That I wasn't doing so good and things looked terrible. So I'm beyond confused and frustrated.

      I haven't received any real training though. I haven't been taught how to use a pricing gun or any of the devices. I was suppose to learn how use the cash register and she hasn't still gotten back to me on that. All she showed me was how to match the numbers on the barcodes to shelf labels and to bring any pushed back merchandise to the front of the shelf. That's it!

      But all I do is organize toys all day. She doesn't give me anything else to do. The door did give me something extra, but that's even gone. After being told off though, she did send me to the back to unpack clothes. That was different, but I felt like she wanted me out the way then.

      Its hard to trust anyone now, but if I do need help I'm going still ask questions. I'll just be careful who I ask now.

      I will try to keep positive. With things like this, it just feel like nothing I do is good enough and I'm in the way. :(

  4. Pretty shoddy then. She should have made an effort to train instead of leaving you to your own devices or at least paired you up with another associate.
    Most people feel that way (of being in the way). It's new and other people there have been doing it for a lot longer, so it seems like it comes easy to them. I'm sure they had an awkward stage as well.
    Just use your gut instinct as far as your fellow employees are concerned. Some people are just catty for the sake of it, and some older people have no maturity whatsoever.
    Just take the high road, because it sounds like you have a few people there that would rather scum it.


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