Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sims 4: My thoughts on the graphics...

If you're expecting a lengthy discussion about the gameplay and how gameplay is more important than plastic cartoony graphics, please turn away now! You're bound to get your feelings hurt! Yes, I am one those vapid gamers who can care less about an game with s*** graphics. I also was one those shinning simmers who expected more.
Rant time!!!
Yay! Sims 2 came out with revamp version. Oh wait I forgot this is Sims 4. Uh yeah....
What in the heck is this?!

After a few days of thinking it over in my head how I would come to like this, I've made up my mind. I don't like it!

It's not my style. While I did love some of the silliness of Sims 2, I never wanted to go back to the look and feel of it. I feel like Sims 4 is Sims 2 done over again. A much prettier version of it, but still outdated graphics.

When ones buy a game, graphics are a factor. I don't care who you are. Graphics and visuals matter.  If the game fails to please with the eyes, then the game will eventually bore you no matter how fun it is. You can not have one without the other. The visual of the game effects how you play and it will effect how you create in this game. Graphics are half of what makes the game!

If I was EA right now, I would be embarrassed! Every game in this market is shooting for realism and crisp graphics. TS4 from the looks of it has neither! It's not even step up from it's predecessor graphically. It's cheap makeover of a facebook game and it's hard to get excited over something that looks like that!

I guess if I was posting this on the TS4 forum, I would be consider a "graphics snob". Ha! Most of the people sprouting "that only gameplay matter" are full of BS! They know damn well that the graphics are large part of the game! They can say all they want, but it's no way they can just play a game without judging it on it looks!

Then some of the people bashing Sims 3 are laughable. As soon as these shiny plastic pics came out, you suddenly hate sims 3 while being on the sims 3 site?! Don't make me laugh! You either never played sims 3 or take the time to even play it. I hope you will be greatly disappointed when TS4 comes out, so I can laugh. lol

Then the TS4 fanatics who say TS3 lacks charms and the sims are robots. That TS3 bored them. You want to know you why get bored so quickly? You want to know what most of you really lack?
Though EA screwed up with not adding more meaningful interactions, the game isn't designed for you sit around and expect the sims to create a story for you. The sims is a game you have to use your imagination and to come up with storyline yourself. If your sim is a robot, that's your fault. Do something different with them.
Aggh, The TS4 forum section just pisses off. I can imagine how stupid it will get over there when more info comes out.

In summary, I'm not happy with how TS4 looks. It's cartoony and plastic. It's a step backwards. While the gameplay could be an improvement, the graphics alone are an turn off. With all the money I put into TS3, I see no point of buying this (right now) and it looks like half assed job by EA yet again.

Pfff I can't even think of sim that would fit into this game for me. I've gotten so use to making somewhat realistic sims, it looks so freaking childish and backwards now. Ugh. If this was TS3 and TS3 was T34 with the new gameplay it would make more sense. The direction EA is going with this confuses the crap out of me! lol


  1. i completely agree. very disappointing. looks plastic-y. yeck.

  2. I know. I'm trying to like them, but I can't get pass the outdated look of it. I feel like we're going backwards. TS2 2.0. :/

  3. I think what people are forgetting though is that when TS3 came out it was a similar scenario - the graphics were not fantastic for the time it came out and EA hardly pushed the envelope with it considering what else was out on the market at the same time.

    I can appreciate that this new look is going to be an acquired taste for a lot of people but honestly? I think it is an improvement over what we have now - especially the sims which look absolutely gorgeous (no more pudding face!).

    I just wish that EA would go back and give us hair movement again like we had in TS2 and that UI looks so bad, I think it's something that was left over from when the game was supposed to be online, blegh lol.

    1. Ok. After finally seeing everything, I do see your point about the sims being more detailed especially in the CAS pics. The in-game pictures are a total turn off though, but it's going be something to get use to and different game from TS3. As for the hair and UI, yuck! That alone is a big turn off. The UI looks confusing as hell and it's huge!


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