Monday, August 26, 2013

Yet again I got tricked into watching the sucky VMAs!

Warning: I did curse a little. Naughty me!

I f'ing hate the VMAs now! I thought it was a popular contest last year, but they literally just gave away every f'ing award to same talentless idiots!

Robin Thicke lost to 1D for Blurred Lines for song of the summer?! Are they smoking crack? They got to be smoking something tonight. I seriously wanted to do a Kanye and run up on stage. What fuckry was that?! I'm not even a fan of his like that, but it was the freaking song of the summer! Then Miley dumb stupid ass shaking around like a damn slut ruining the damn performance. Bitch get out the way!

I wish someone would tell Taylor Swift and her dumb bestie Selena to sit their asses down too! I'm so tired seeing them dance around in the audience at every award show. Sit the fuck down please!

Then Justin Timberlake took up a hour of the show doing the same crap and gave his old group 5 mins of spotlight. lol It took 20 mins just for Jimmy Fallon to shut the fuck about him. Gawd! You would think he was in love with him?! Geez!

Macklemore won best rap? ....No comment. Thrift Shop still makes me want to strangle him! lol

As for everybody else, meh they were alright. Kanye Trashdasian I mean West jumped around screaming and Lady Gaga did her usual. I did think Bruno Mars deserved more props! Thankfully he got one award at least! Shot out to Daft Punk and Pharell too. They got robbed as well!

And what the hell happen to the dance music section of the show?!

Nothing spectacular! It was yet again boring! I enjoyed the new special episode of Catfish today better than the show. OMG that was freaking intense and crazy! I also think Nev and Max are adorable. Squeeee! :P
They should come back to Maryland and visit me. xD

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