Thursday, May 29, 2014

Roxie is home

She's home and she has a lovely e-collar/cone/lamp shade on her head again. She looks so miserable. She would totally fit into one of the sad dog spca commercials. lol The cone this time is a lot smaller than the previous one and fits her better, so I don't have take it off as much. Don't have to watch her as much like last time either. Of course she occasionally tricks me into taking it off, but I put right back on her without thinking.

I think the only thing that's going be a real issue is sleep. She woke us up 5 am in the morning last night. Was such fun. -_-  *sigh* 2 weeks of this and the cone will be gone at least. Just gotta get to that point....

When she's sleep one of these days, I'm totally going play my game. Been awhile.

Hot or Not Cycle 4: Softer Side of Sexy- A1 pic and scores

I entered another comp and it's hosted by Beech. 20 including me are competing in this, so 14th place isn't horrible I guess. 


72.5 points 
As I said on the thread, I think I got too caught up with the sexy and forgot the soft. It's actually too sexy in a way. Nothing was working out for me on this assignment.  >_>

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Roxie had her surgery today :[

We dropped Roxie (my dog) off yesterday around 4 and she had her surgery today. We were out when they called, but my uncle got it and relayed the message to us. He said Dr. Allen found another tear in her leg, but he fixed it and will be calling us tomorrow to let us know if she's ok to come home. Hopefully she'll be ok. I don't know what the 2nd tear is about, but hopefully it doesn't cause anymore problems or money. *sigh* The house has been really quiet since she left. Too quiet. Feels empty. D:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

✧Seeing Double - Assignment 6 Scores ✦

2nd: Vid with Alex and Alan 
A6- Vintage Glam (1940's gangstas)
Finally got scores for this assignment. I was getting worried for a min. With Hipster cancelled and Going Vogue almost dead, I was going be sad if this died too. I'm super happy with my pic this round!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another surgery for Roxie :/

I've been meaning to blog about Roxie and her upcoming surgery, but I been putting it off I guess. If you haven't been reading my c-box, we took Roxie to back to the vet and we finally got Dr. Allen from before to fully look her over. She still limping on her other back leg and we had tried waiting to see if it would get better on it's own, but it didn't. *sigh* Well to make a long story short, she needs the same $2,500 surgery like last time as we suspected. Dr. Allen said this usually happens if the dog has preposition for it and it's quite common. He also said that she could of been just walking when it happened, which would explain why she just randomly started limping for no reason. We had no clue how she hurt it upon visiting him.

The surgery did go up $3000, but he let us go with the same price we had last time. Thank goodness. I'm also throwing my money into pot this time. I saved every single paycheck from my job at k-mart. I almost had enough to pay for the whole thing actually, but I'm only paying part of it. My dad is paying part and my grandmother paying the rest, which isn't much. She paid for most of it last time, so we're trying to make sure we cover most of it this time. I do think my dad plans to pay me back though. He doesn't have to, but I'm sure he will. I practically had to beg them both to take my money for this. lol

So we're going do it all over again. I'm so thrilled. NOT. Roxie also is really thrilled. lol She's probably going be like WTF. Oh well return of the cone head. >_<

On positive note, Dr. Allen has a new hairstyle and it looks great on him. I look forward to seeing him now that I have excuse again. What fun! ;)

P.S. In case, you're confused or just started reading my blog. Roxie, my dog had ACL/tore ligament in her left leg a year before (around holiday time 2012) and required surgery, but she now needs the same surgery on her other back leg for the same issue.

I also don't know why I said 1200 in my older post, but it all came $2500 when we were finished. Can't help, but remember. -_-

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Friday, May 16, 2014

My thoughts on the TS4 CAS Trailer!

TS4 CAS Trailer:

My reaction:
With the exception of tattoos and makeup, I saw nothing new! Wooooo! I'm so enthusiastic I don't know to do with myself. I think my eyeballs going roll out my head. I can't wait to color with preset colors when they could just add a freaking color wheel! I can't wait to play with goofy plastic grinned dolls that look like TS2's bastard child. It just all f'ing fantastic! I'm pre-ordering as we speak. I think my head may explode.*gags*

-This message has been brought to you by sarcasm. The best way to express yourself when you're overly unimpressed-

The only positive thing I have say about this is I like the pull and drag system in CAS minus the plastic graphics.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hipster been cancelled, but I have my Assignment 1 and Bonus entry...

I figure I might as well post this. A lot went into it.
 Sup y'all! On vacation living it up big in Cali for Coachella with my boyz! We totally crashed this one fancy party that was going on near by. We were so wasted! It was awesome! Babes everywhere. Ethan puking on some random chick. He sooo didn't get her number! HA! The only bummer was the security! He wouldn't even take a bribe from Reggie. He kicked us out! Lame! Oh well. Onto the next party. Laterz! #vacation #festivalparties #partyinglikerockstars #wasted

Dear Followers Bonus #1 - Spring Celebrations
'Dear Followers this spring I'm stuck in a stuffy classroom with a bunch runny nose brats dressed as the Easter rabbit. I'm doing it as a favor to my mom. Man this sucks. If only I hadn't dented her car! #spring #lame #moms

It always sucks when comps get cancelled or die off. Especially when you done the assignment! So much work for nothing. :(

The host has some rl issues though, so that's more important. I hope her and her family will be ok.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry: Think Pink!

Not many pictures this time, but we have an new addition to the family and Nicolas is putting his evil trait to good use. :P

Speaking of the little troublemaker, he got caught setting up a booby-trap on dad's computer. Mom wasn't pleased.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm hosting a vampire competition. Come lurk!

I'm back hosting my own competitions on the forums. It's been awhile since I've last hosted my own. I took a long break, because I felt like I've about exhausted every idea. Then I started binge watching True Blood on HBO Demand recently and the ideas started coming. I've never done a vampire competition before, so it's definitely something new for me. You would think I would of done one by now with my love of vamps, but I could never really think up any fresh ideas for a vampire competition till now. With True Blood, I got a bunch of ideas just from the concept of it. So I started a competition called....
Sign-ups lasted for a day or two before the freaking thing filled up to the max. The whole list of 15! WTH?! I'm still amazement that I got that many sign-ups so fast. I got 12 models and 3 reserves at moment. If anyone is interested, they'll going have to wait to see if anyone misses the reserved deadline of the 10th or wait for a possible 2nd cycle.

But if you're ok with lurking, then come lurk and say hi. We don't bite. ;P

As for anything else, I got this cool siggie...
I had it for min, but I never mentioned it here. I was a nominee in Sim modeling awards 2014 for best judge. Still kinda stunned I was even nominated.

Speaking of judging, I'm also judging LE's latest Simiverse. I know I seem like I'm busy, but I'm not. I have no life, so I have time for these things. lol

Going re-install Dragon Valley and give my vamps a dragon egg, so less modeling talk and more simming pics soon.  

✧Seeing Double - Assignment 5 Scores ✦

2nd: Vid with Alex and Alan
A5-Twins: Swim Suit Edition!
*fans self* I enjoyed this more than I should have. 

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