Wednesday, May 21, 2014

✧Seeing Double - Assignment 6 Scores ✦

2nd: Vid with Alex and Alan 
A6- Vintage Glam (1940's gangstas)
Finally got scores for this assignment. I was getting worried for a min. With Hipster cancelled and Going Vogue almost dead, I was going be sad if this died too. I'm super happy with my pic this round!

Luce Says:
19/20 Styling
18/10 Creativity
10/10 Requirements
10/10 Quality
30/20 Twin Cohesiveness
****, the boys are looking dapper this round! Alex and Alan match without it being too much, their styling is amazing, and the backdrop is perfect! Wonderful photo!

Piffle Says:
19/-20 Styling
10/-10 Creativity
10/-10 Requirements Met
10/-10 Quality
20/-20 Twin Cohesiveness (Do they look good together)
I love this photo, the setting is perfect and the styling is executed perfectly. You can really tell the era you picked and the poses are so appropriate. I have no complaints except maybe the shirt is a little too blindingly bright...but it's really awesome nonetheless so well done Vid ^^
Total: 136/140

Hell yeahz! I'll take a close 2nd! I was 2 points away from 1st. My picture barely had any flaws. I think the shirt is only thing that needed to be changed. I had to darken it in editing, so it wouldn't be more blinding than it was. Other than I'm quite proud with my piccie. My twins look hot! :D

I wanted to do something different from the usual Victorian and 1920's pics I'm always doing. I decided to go with another fav era and genre of mine. 1940's gangstas! Men look so dapper back then. Once that idea got in my head, I started thinking up setting ideas. I was stumped about a setting at first, but a idea came to me after thinking about some of the scenes I've seen in mobster movies.

After thinking way too hard about it, I build the setting with ease. Had it laid out in my head. I already knew poses I wanted to use, so I didn't need to hunt them down. Alan poses was kinda not planned, but I knew I would find something fitting in my pose folder. Alex's chair pose was the most important one to me as it really set off the pic and I've been wanting to use that pose.

Fashion wise, both outfits are EA made from the store. Hair as well. Very rare of me to not use any cc. The only outfit I had trouble with was Alan's. lol I can barely tell them apart, but Alan is wearing blinding white shirt with the hat. The other outfits in that set were way too goofy looking and clunky, so I had to settle upon the one in the picture. I also had issues with the hat as EA hats tend to cast a shadow on faces. I edited the shadows out. I'm getting good at editing wonky shadows and blemishes on skin it seems.

Editing wise, I of course had to make it black & white as required. That wasn't hard. Once I made it b&w, I played with the contrasts and shade of it. The biggest editing was the added stuff. What did I add? The pool stick and the cigarette. I had issues finding a good pool stick to easily stick in the picture, but manage to make it work. It looks like it belong there. Adding the cigarette was a pain. It looked like it resting on the side of his face at first, so I had to edit around his mouth. There is cc cigs around that I could of used, but I didn't like the how big and clunky they looked. I also added smoke, which is a first for me. The rest of the editing was small things mostly dealing with the wonkiness of Alex's leg on the chair and the pants.

The next assignment is to have 4 photos of them together, but photobooth style. It shouldn't be too hard as the setting is going have to look the same to mimic a photobooth. I think the most difficult part will be the poses. I'll probably need 8 poses. O_0 Wish me luck!


  1. They look great and perfect for your theme. I see you used the hat stand with the raincoats hanging off it at the back there - for some reason I really love that object! Also, aren't black and white pictures just the best!

  2. Thank you. Yeah that hat stand object is awesome! I don't even know what ep that came from, but I use it a lot. One of my favorite décor items. I also love all vintage piccies and while b&w can be challenging, it does make for some cool looking pics. :P


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