Friday, May 9, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry: Think Pink!

Not many pictures this time, but we have an new addition to the family and Nicolas is putting his evil trait to good use. :P

Speaking of the little troublemaker, he got caught setting up a booby-trap on dad's computer. Mom wasn't pleased.
He also rigged the shower.
He was very proud of his work.
 I was looking at Henry's umbrella and I thought I was looking at a glitch. I totally forgot about umbrellas breaking.
 Meanwhile, Kat washed her hair and invited over Angelique. Her daughter.
 They resembled each other a lot.
 Henry painted this while the ladies were talking. I wish I had room for it in the house.
 Homework for the kids and playtime for the adults. lol
 Daniel being the goody goody of the siblings snitched on his brother in mid prank.
 Mom was not pleased again. xD
 The hang out spot for that night was Daniel's room. Nicolas unfortunately missed out. He was grounded anyway.
 Mr.Snowfake is still around. So happy it's spring again. I think I'll make summer longer this time around.
 Daniel went to the prom with the girl from the previous post. Cue awkward prom pic!
 He also tried fixing the stereo, but got singed again. Seems to be a theme with him.
 Now for the big event and point of this post. Kat had the baby and.....

It's a girl!!!!
 I actually had to restart my game and cheat a little to get her. The watermelon didn't work. I don't know if I should gave her more, but I ended up clicking something on Nraas master controller for the gender. I guess that's what did it. Another boy would of drove me crazy. Her name is Katherine and her traits are artistic like her dad and grumpy.
I hope she gets Kat's blond hair when she grows up. Dark brown hair is nice, but I got enough brunettes in the house. >_> Anyway, they are closing down shop. No more kids you two! The next post will be a birthday. Not sure which first, but it'll be either be the baby or Nicolas. 


  1. I've never seen that psychedelic zebra painting!

    I am not sure, but I think that watermelons don't work anymore. Or maybe I am misremembering. I definitely read about that somewhere. Anyway, glad they got a girl if that's what was wanted. Quite a big family now!

  2. I looked it up and a lot people were having problems with that working now. Maybe EA took it out or better yet messed it up. If so, I'm going miss that. It's one of the few things that reminds me TS2 when playing and it was nice having a little control over what gender you wanted without mods. :/

    Oh well. I'm just glad I don't have a house full of boys. 5 sims is a big family, but I can handle it. xD


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