Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another big freak storm coming? *sigh*

We had a huge storm last night here with hurricane like winds and we made it through with power. Trees and power lines got knocked down. The lightning was insane! It was really scary actually. Now another one is coming tonight. It's about 100 degrees and if it does knock the power out, no air condition. 0_0 *cringes* Then we have a big tree in our backyard. :/ I'm not looking forward to this at all.

Update: I think we got lucky! Now I hope it doesn't suddenly surprise us like last night. I don't mind regular rain, but hurricane weather scares me. Also my aunt said her power is still out and might not be back for some days, so we definitely got lucky.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Move over Grant! Who the hell is Argus?

Huh? Babe? Where? Him? Yeah ok.....0_o 

But seriously it's now 73 pages about 1 guy?! Am I missing something? LOL I said the same thing for Grant too. I'm scared to see the reaction to whoever pitches the seasons ep. xP

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just a thought out of boredom- Making a forum?

I don't know if it's boredom, but I've been itching to make my own forums. I would of been done something like that if I could think of a name for it. I don't know. I just wanted try it. Then part of me is scared to. I just hate for it to crash and burn ya know? It's not easy and a lot people like myself, don't like to jump around from forum to forum. Maybe one day. I don't wanted overwork myself, but I wanted try it one day.

If I was to run a forums, I would wanted it to be a not too serious place people can hang out and let their hair down. No cliques. Just people with the same interest. Not very original I know. Hmmm...a theme would be nice. I have an idea for one actually. I just wish I could make a test one to fiddle around with, because I have no clue how to do these things. 

If no one is even interested, I will shut up about it I guess.  Again, just a thought. I'm trying to stay awake and rambling seems to be the only thing keeping me awake. 0_o

Edit: Now blogger is even highlighting my regular type! Agh! Stupid f'ing blogger.

Technical difficulties and blog cleaning...

Hello! :) If you just saw my unedited previous post, you would of saw my problems with blogger. It keeps highlighting everything I make bold and italic white, so all you see is white boxes where writing should be since my blog font is white! Extremely annoying!!!! I would underline annoying, but I don't trust it. I can fix it by going into html of my post and deleting the white background mumble jumble tho, but that is not always easy since I barely have a understanding of that stuff. Fun....

Ok back to what this post was meant to announce! I will be deleting VK20 sim modeling very soon. Like today maybe. Tomorrow at the latest, but I will be making a new page listing every comp I ever hosted here in case you wanted go back on memory lane and look at those threads. The blog itself is dead weight and I can get more picture storage if I delete it. Next will be TS3 CC gallery eventually, but I'll wait awhile. 

As for this blog, I will be deleting some dead blog links and cleaning up some stuff here. I already deleted a few. I also will be deleting on my own computer a lot old screenshots and pictures. Too much clutter annoys me. I can barely find anything in my picture folder. >_< So yeah that's about it.

Update: VK20 sim modeling is gone! If anyone wants it back, speak now or forever hold your peace. Something like that.  xD

Update 2: I'm currently updating my blog roll. People who have moved onto new blogs, can find them now on my blog roll. *cough cough* Simians *cough* Darkslayer *cough*

The Odd Couple Assignment 5 Pic + Scores

Arnie + Maggie by Pink - 74/90
Arnie isn't very good at being romantic. Sure he took me star gazing that one time, but the mosquitoes ate us alive that day. Then after moving in together, he tried cooking me dinner and he almost burned down the house. So after a long day of bussing tables, the whole set up kind of went over my head and I wasn't in the best of moods. I stepped in throwing my bags on the couch and I looked down to see a trail of rose petals. I instantly thought Arnie had knocked over a vase of roses or something, but then I followed the trail to a bunch of candles.

"Arnie! Are you trying to set the house on fire again? What's with all these candles?" I yelled. Even then I hadn't quite caught on, but I turned into the hallway leading to our new bedroom to see even more candles and roses.

I open the door to see Arnie all dressed up in a tux and instantly began laughing. "What in the world? Why are you dressed like that?"

He blushed, smiling a nevous smile and he took my hand into his. He pulled me towards him saying nothing. He bent down on one knee before me and began fumbling around for something in one of his pockets. He pulled out a small black box and even then I still hadn't figured it out. He said some really sweet stuff about it being fate and wanting to spend his life with me. Then he open the box to reveal an engagment ring and then it finally hit me. I gasped not knowing what to say at first as he said those special words, but then I knew the answer immediately.

"Yes yes, of course I'll marry you."

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Genie household: More baby pics!

I moved the parents into the smaller room and gave the babies the bigger room. Then I gave the baby swings a try.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Supernatural-Riddle me this simmers?

Would it be weird to cross a genie with a werewolf? What would it look like? A blue fur ball with fangs that hovers? Or better yet a faerie with a werewolf! Can I have a werewolf with wings? Can I pleaseeeeee I'll be good.

This is just another post brought to you by a random thought in my head. Goodnight. :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

An apology to all the victims bullied by Simmering Sims...

I feel like an idiot and an ass, but that's not the important part right now. The people who were bully by Jarsie, Callum, Faith12368 and Pepperbutt deserved the attention. Sure my friends were bully, but I fail to mention these people. A silly Anti- Mare's Nest blog shouldn't be the topic that's spreading everywhere. Simmering Sims's organizing people to bully innocent people should be the topic. I realized that now. I feel like a fool for not taking these people to task. They are grown adults bullying people for no reason.They even had the balls to bully a 11 year old and that's not right.

I don't understand why people find it fun to bully others. It's disgusting. I don't know how people can look at themselves in the mirror and think that's ok, even it's the internet. Some of you are grown adults with children! What is wrong with you? How can any of you find enjoyment in making someone life miserable? Tell me what joy do you get from that Jarsie, Callum, Faith12368 and Pepperbutt?

Sure it took a Mares post to realize how selfish and stupid my previous post really was, but that's not important. We need focus on the people organizing bullying on the forums. The cowards at Simmering Sims, who continue to hide at their little forum. Not some blog.

I started off at the forums defending people from bullies like the SS crowd and I failed to do that this time. No excuses. Again I'm sorry. Apologies to Catloverplayer (Sharkloverplayer), Caturae, Constance, Conorsim, Emily48, Elizabetta, Madame_Lee, Momminator, Prestonmeeks, Taffstar and all the others who were harassed by these people.

Comments off, because I don't feel like discussing it. If you make a blog post referring to me or the Mares on this topic, don't be surprise if I become extremely angry with you. If you wanted make a post, talk about all the people bullying people over at SS and just don't make it, because you want attention. Make it because you actually care. The pathetic people of Simmering Sims will be back trolling as soon as this all blows over I'm sure and it's sad. They got off easy. I think that's much worse than some silly girl and a blog.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Has it really been that long Blogger?

12 years ago? That blog hasn't even been up that long!

fail Pictures, Images and Photos
It's been like that for awhile, but I thought blogger would fix it by now. lol Archivist update your blog! I miss your comics! :)

I uploaded some new stuff to the Exchange...

Check out the thread for close ups:

(Human Versions)

(Human Armand) Updated Armand somewhat.

This took forever!!! And recreating children is HARD!!!
Next upload will be Henry, the vamp I have in Ninja's comp. Taking a break first. 

Typical of a Lori Sim...

Even Lori in sims can't get Shane out of her mind. *sigh*
P.S. My Lestat sim also likes to play piano everytime I leave him alone. It's weird how they act like their characters sometimes. xD

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Supernatural Pics and info in case you missed it...

Onward and upward with a post from GREENEYA in the new supernatural forums. Yep it's been confirmed!

To sum it up...
-The new town will be Moonlight Falls. The name reminds me of something, but I don't know what. I wish they had been a bit more creative. I guess it does fit though.

- Bonehilda is coming back. She's suppose to be a skeleton maid. Never got the chance to meet such a character in Sims 1, but I like her already.

-Intriguing vampires? Intriguing indeed since that's all they say. I wonder if they will give them some new powers. Be nice to have them bite strangers and not just friends.

-"Send your magical elixirs to any of your friends’ games who have The Sims 3." Portion porting? No thanks.

-Sliding bookcases?! Yes!!!!

-I knew the moon in Starlight Shore was a clue.

-Witches, Wizards, Werewolves, Fairies, Fortune tellers, and Zombies...enough said. Epic!

So yeah I thinks thats about it. So who's willing to go to EA headquarters and camp out in front of their offices till they finish? xP

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So who are the bullies now? (rant)

I'm going make this very general with no names mention. I've read some infuriating things of recent and I'm finding it extremely hard not to give you my two cent after reading something today. Well today I decided that I can't hold it in any longer. Foul language included, but very little.

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT -2 Scores

I got 2nd!!! And yes I edited the green paint in the back to blood. Didn't do half bad covering it up last minute.
Click here to read the story and see the green paint version. lol 

Yay the SP mod was updated! Genie babies!

Just in case you were wondering. Twallan fixed the SP error causing genie babies to be glitched.
I can play my genie family with aid of mods again. Woooo! I have a few more pics, but I'm waiting for them age into toddlers. The larva baby stage doesn't thrill me. The nursery could also use some work. >_>

Monday, June 11, 2012

In honor of Supernatural: Walking Dead memes and an sims one lol

I made them myself....
lol :P

Supernatural is unofficially here! I'm so so happy!!! (Pics + Video)

Taken from the video above:

My reaction....
Spock Shock Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm so happy!!!
Crying Pictures, Images and Photos

GIF Pictures, Images and Photos
Do I seem happy? Yes EA you money grubbing bastards! I'm sold. I want it now! Epic!!!! I'm so going to finish my Walking Dead Sims now! The werewolves also excite me! The movie Underworld anyone? Epic I tell you! I still want seasons, but this is beyond awesome!

Now to go to the movies to see MIB in 3D! I came on here screaming after I saw the news on my phone!  I really couldn't resist popping into share my excitement! Ahhhhhhh!!!!  *faints*

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm back posting pics and such!

Yep blogger made me switch to the butt ugly interface. I guess they figure people would have to switch once they made the old one all glitchy!

Anyway, I got the zoom thing up so high it's easy on the eyes now. I also figured out what was causing ads to be on my blog when using google crome. Sooooooooo I guess I start getting use to this newfangled stuff. I actually don't mind it super zoomed in. They also have tweak some things. Hmmm...ok blogger you win. Boooo!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

An update on my gaming issues: Genie babies and the SP mod

Update: Testing pics, testing, testing....
Anyway, I figured out what was causing the error and weird picture for one of the babies my sim had. The SP mod seems to have issues with genies babies from what people and the error trap's jumble of text saids. I took out all of Twallan's mods out just to see if they were right and I had no problems with anything after doing that. I am not sure how things will be with them back in, but I think I will actually play mod-less first before I screw up my save. I think playing without the SP mod will be the biggest challenge. lol Oh well. I did ask Twallan himself on his site about the issue and if it's safe to put them back in. Going see what he saids first before I become the test bunny today. >_<

Edit: I switched to the new interface and pics are working again! :P

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ok blogger is playing tricks with me!!!

I just wrote out a long post again and again my post was eaten up!

Edit: And now I can't post pictures without them being super big! Why must you act stupid when I'm in a good mood and wanted post something?

On this note, I'm going in game to check something. Boo blogger! You suck!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm hating sims today. All that f'ing work for nothing?

Agh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid f'in game! Help anyone? My sim had triplets last night with her genie. Was so freaking happy till I saw one of the babies was glitched. I didn't see the actual baby, but the picture showed it wrapped up in a blanket with his feet poking out and you couldn't see his face. Now me being the cc addict I thought this has to be bad cc, but it may be a problem with Twallan's mods and occults. Not sure. I did load the game up for a 2nd time and got the same weird result.

Before I nuke my game, let me know if you have any different advice or any ideas what it could be. Right now extremely fustrated and fed up with the thought of having to start over again!

Edit: The error trap has been updated, but I need to update to get it. That might help, but I hate updating. o_0

Saturday, June 2, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT -2 Pic + Story!

Click read more for the story behind this. It's not as long as the 1st one.

The Odd Couple Assignment 4 Pic + Scores

Arnie + Maggie by Pink - 80/90 
2nd again! :)

Yay the power is back on. Random rambling update...

I'm here!!! My power just came back on. It was out for only a few hours, but man did it feel like forever! lol I've been in a bit of pain lately, which why I've been kinda back and forth a bit this week. Right now my wisdom tooth is killing me! I can barely talk and I feel like I've been on diet for some days now. The diet thing isn't so bad, but chewing without pain would be nice. I'm actually considering going down to the mega slow emergency room. I think they might pull it though, which is what I dread. Oh well.

Well while in pain, I did finish my comp pic for Ninja's vamp comp late last night. I turned it in today right before the power went out. I really can't believe I did it considering the pain I'm in. I even did the final scores for Little Miss Twisted. lol I feel all tough you know. xD

Next, will be to get back to work on The Walking Dead cast in CAS and play my game. I have to do stuff when it isn't hurting a lot, so when I'm not in too much pain and I get bored I will get back to all that.

P.S. I also have to do the next chapter of my story. Will work on it this weekend. ;)
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