Thursday, June 21, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT 3 Pic + Story!

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My Finest Piece
I would simply be a bad memory to Eleanor, as she fainted at the sight of me. It would be something I would never forget either. I can still think back now and see every detail of horror etched in her face. We left immediately, as my incident would be the talk of the town. Of course no one would believe such a wild tale, but whispers were enough to make us both equally nervous.

We left shortly afterwards, for Italy on a boat and from there we acquire a mansion. It was there I would learn how to hunt properly, but I would also acquire much guilt after every kill. I would spend most my nights moping and sitting alone staring off into the distances thinking of these things. Victor on the other hand would spend most his nights playing the violin completely at peace with the world.

One night though, Victor came home with the usual victim and appeared to be carrying something. It was an easel and I laughed at him waving it away as he sat in front of me, but something drew me to it the instances he left the room. I placed the smooth white canvas on it’s wooden frame, picked up the paint brush dipping it into paint, and then touching the canvas with it. It was a foreign feeling at first, but with each stoke I began to feel human again. Despite the frightening things I would paint now, it was the only thing that kept my mind off the guilt. It was the only thing that would make me feel alive.

Short again, but with this assignment it's not much to go off on. I did originally write 4 paragraphs, but you know how long winded I get with vampires. You can definitely tell where I got my inspiration from again. :)

P.S. The pic was hard, but I'll get into that when scores are posted. 

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