Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hey EA! Did kindergartners design this?

LOL Many thanks to Cat and Archivist for inspiration on the meme. xD But seriously who design this and approved it?!

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-3~ Pic + Story

She was irreplaceable, but I didn't know what I had till it was gone. My father told me her health had began to decline again, but I pushed it all out of my mind. I went on daily just imagining she would just get better like before. I told myself she would get better day after day, but as things took a turn for the worse I knew it was time for her to leave me. I knew no matter how much I would cry and say that I wasn't ready, I would have to face what was to come.

So when the time came, all I could do was listen to her words. It would be the last I would hear of her voice, so all I could do was hold onto it's sound and sit in the misery of it all. As the rest of family prayed silently and sobbed, I watched her hand come closer to mine. It held a gold locket and she told me to take it as she knew her time was drawing near. I shook my head doing my best not to cry in front of her. I looked at the locket in a daze as time seem to slow.

Then in slow motion I watched the locket slip from her hand and her eyes close. My hand reached for hers hoping she would reach back, but I looked into her face to see a peaceful expression I had never seen before and I knew she was gone.

So my mother's locket is the only material thing I would ever treasure. It may just be a locket to someone else, but it's what keeps her in my memories. It's the only thing I have left of her, because the real treasure can never be replaced.

Like I said before, it's best to do something you know and in this case I went with something slightly personal. Well at first I was going do something sparkly and magical again, but I stopped myself. lol My game froze actually in midst of it, so maybe that was a sign. Anyway, I wanted to do something a little more meaningful and touching. Then I thought about my mom and it just turned into this. I don't know how or why, but it did. I also don't know why I was thinking about my mom, but I guess it's bound to happen occasionally. I'm just thankful it doesn't make me depress like it use to. It actually made me feel peaceful kind of thinking of her. As for the comp entry itself, I feel like I redeem myself a bit. It's not only pretty (I hope), but it has meaning. :)

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-2~ Pic + Scores

4th- Vid- 322.5
I did better than I thought, but I know I can do better. Also new judges were added and scores the 1st assignment were altered. You can check that out here. A bit confusing. Anyway, the story for this can be found here.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I should get a gold star beside my name...

One is my actually mod folder and the other is my backup cc folder.
*click the pic for proof*

 I went from 672 cc files to 464!!! I deleted over 200 items! I was like a freaking CC hoarder! It's unreal! I don't even know how my game was still running smoothly with all that! o_0

I still some accessories and one hair I'm planning to be rid of, but I got the bulk of it and I'm pretty happy with my game now. Now to update and screw up everything. xD (kidding...hopefully)

P.S. Yes the fact I'm cleaning my game out and blogging about it, means I'm done taking a break. lol

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You know you're a cc addict...

When you spend a whole night deleting cc hair and still have a few pieces left that you don't want. Then you add more in and download 2 different versions of the same hair. Now you're back deleting stuff and trying to find the hair you downloaded twice.  >_>

I notice most of the crappy hair I have is for males. Was I that desperate to have male hair? Probably since they don't make enough of it!!!

Anyway, I'm trying clean up my game a bit more and get back into a gaming mood. It was nice taking somewhat of a break, but sims is nice distraction and it keeps me awake sometimes. lol Being that I'm getting a bit OCD lately, I must clean my game up before playing.

Anyway, did PeggySims quit or something? Her download won't show up for me. :/

Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh geez I need to wake up! Hi! :)

I just wanted to say I'm still here and I'm sorry things have been pretty slow lately. It isn't due pure laziness or loss of interest. I just need to get my health in order. I've been passing it off as nothing, but I've been pretty out of it lately. I get some energy every so often, but then I just seem to descend back into being completely exhausted for no reason. Yesterday I could totally slept in bed all day if I really wanted too. Then you can add headaches into that lovely mix. It really takes all strength to get up and make myself do stuff now. Like right now I would rather be sleeping, but I felt like I was abandoning ya'll (lol I know it's stupid). D:

Still I'm trying pinpoint why I'm always so tired. It's funny, because I just had this convo with someone. I thought it was something else though. >_<  So please bare with me.

Also Roxie is better, but still trapped in the kitchen. She has almost done her 6 weeks I believe. Still trying to get her to put more weight on her leg. I guess it's better than it was before. Still it's frustrating going back and forth between the doggie gate as she still has to be confined. Ugh I'll be glad when she can run through the house again. 

Anywhooo, I have a little bit more energy today for some stuff. I still want to run a comp and judge, so don't be discouraged. I hope some more people join. >_> Maybe I'll post some simming pics even. As for lurking the forums, I saw one thread yesterday and said meh... not interested. xD It's been ages since I've posted about anything on the forum here and I'm being very picky on what I post this year. Some people aren't worth the trouble you know? Still I'll try to post more of a variety this year rather than comp pics. 

As for rambling on anything else, I simply wanted to say hello and that quite alive at the moment! Maybe even a little undead. Bwhaha! ;)

P.S. It hasn't been long since I lasted posted, but I haven't had the energy to post anything other comp pics and I use to post everyday at one time, so I've been feeling a bit guilty.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Miss Twisted ☠Cycle 2: Boys Edition☠- Sign ups OPEN!

Going with a graffiti theme this time with the writing and such. :P Join!!! It'll be fun! I'm also thinking about having guest judges, but we'll see.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

† Vampire Immortality † FINALE~ SCORES!!! I placed....

In case you didn't hear.....
I won!!!!! I got 1st! I'm so happy!
1st- vid- 1304
Finals winner~ Vid

Saturday, January 12, 2013

*crawls from under rock* Ok now I'm caught up on the next expansion packs :P

Thanks to Monie under comments, I've caught up. I can't believe I missed the live chat and for once it was actually really informative. Dare I say even professional. :o

So along with University Life, we're getting Island paradise and a time traveling/future ep this year. I must say I'm a little excited. That is more that I ever wanted in this game. Just wow!

So University will be a subhood. Interesting and not really what I was hoping for. I guess it does keep the original worlds from being cluttered, but I don't like loading screens!!! I also see it having the glitches WA has. Anyway, this live chat has me leaning to a more positive outlook on this ep. I'm a tiny bit more excited than before, but I'm still wondering if this what I want for myself. I brought WA, because it was the new shiny thing to buy at the time and it end up being a total bore for me. I would hate to do that again. I also need a new computer soon or later to run all these games. *sigh*

Then I see we're getting a new trait slot with university, which makes me really happy! Woo! I'm sure it will come in the patch. I just hope it does screw up the townies. I really hope it comes in the patch though.

Now for Island Paradies, which will have sims traveling in boat and swimming underwater. Even living in boats and owning resorts! Ok, now that sounds AWESOME!!!! I gotta get new computer for that if anything else. If I have to, I will uninstall stuff! It's sound like one big glitch waiting to happen with the routing problems, but I'm excited! :D

Now Time travel/Future ep sound odd and interesting. Quite a new direction to go with sims. Sounds very mysterious. I don't know if I want my sims to travel through time, but I can't wait to hear more. Hmmm....

As for question segment, shout out MidnightPearl who got mention that live chat. Hehe. They never answer my questions, so I'm jealous. :D

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-2~ Pic + Story

Not really crazy about my picture this time, but I do like my story. The picture this round bugs me though. Not my best at all. It irritates me quite a bit. I think I'm turning to a perfectionist or getting a bit OCD. If I had found a better pose leaning down and changed her hair, it might turned out better. Well I turned it in. I'll do better next time. Just seriously drives me crazy.

Quest 2:
I watched her grow and was pleased with my risky decision. When we had lost all hope, she set everything right again. Everything was perfect. I saw no need to explain how we were given such a miracle. All I saw was positive results, so I thought nothing of it as she got older. She grew up like all the other elves. She played, hunt, and rebel just like the others. I had no worries for awhile till one day I notice something.

I notice her temper was quite identical to mines, but something was off about her anger. Strange things happen when she angry. Most elves of her kind had a few powers, but Aurora was powers were more than expected. Dangerous even and it got worse as time went on. So worse I told her she must stay in the house and practice controlling them, but of course she would disobey.

I was gone for only a minutes or two, when she decided to sneak out. Luckily I knew where she was going and tracked her down easily. I found her in her favorite place in the forest with a boy from the village. A boy I had seen before with her. I spied on them and they appeared to be arguing quite a bit, but nothing out the usual had came about it at the time. Then I saw it and with flash, he fell to the ground.

She looked at him with fear as she glowed almost and tears fell from her eyes. Thankfully she didn't kill him, but with such act it was hard to smooth over with the rest of the village. It was only in that moment though, that I came to realize she was different from the others. That my first taste of dark magic had cursed her and left her with this deep magical scar. As she cried and asked me why she was like this, all I could do was comfort her.        

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sims 3 University Life: Trailer, Pics, and thoughts!

Official Trailer:

University Life official forum section:

You may click the pics for a bigger view...
University is here! Heck, I'm still exploring Seasons! WTH?! 0_o More stuff after the jump!

Monday, January 7, 2013

I told you I was going live here! *dances to cheesy island music in head*

See! :P LOL Finally decided to test out Sunlit Tides with my simself. I'm already getting bored with myself, so I'll probably use another sim soon. lol I kind of need story in my head to enjoy the experience. Definitely a bore as well when they are no hot townies around!

Friday, January 4, 2013

† Vampire Immortality † THE FINALE- Pics + Story

Extremely nervous! Finales drive me nuts literally! Been working on this for 2 days now and I finally got it all done. Not too sure about how strong my story is compared to other two finalist, but I hope the picture makes up for the story being rushed and my brain being slightly dead. Aghhh I'm picking at it like crazy, but I did my best. Wish me luck! Got some tough competition. 
Read more, to read the story and see the portrait picture I had to do with it. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Yay!!! Six of the Best Awards! Thanks and congrats!

Congrats Archvist! Yay for us! Squee!!!! I'm actually thrilled it ended in a tie. It was so freaking close! :)

Anyway I just wanted to say you guys (those who voted) are awesome and I'm honored to be sharing the title with Archivist! Congrats to all who picked up an award! Especially a certain someone who won everything! xD

Also many thanks to The Mare's Nest for the good fun these awards bring each year and their generosity! :D
And speaking of their generosity! I got Sunlit Tides for my prize:
My reaction: Holy Plumbobs with waffles!!! My goodness!!! My eyeballs just fell out!!!
It's so pretty!!!!
I want to live here! Can I? Can I please?!  *sobs* My goodness I don't know where to start! Ooo a beach bum who gets all the woman pregant on island for mayhem? My simself who needs a vacation? I just don't knowwww! *faints* Thank you so much....

P.S. This is a great inspiration to continue on blogging, so many thanks to all who read and to those who voted. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! It's 2013! Wooo!!!

Happy New Year!!!! I can't believe it's 2013! Let's hope this year is a lucky one. :)
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