Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-2~ Pic + Scores

4th- Vid- 322.5
I did better than I thought, but I know I can do better. Also new judges were added and scores the 1st assignment were altered. You can check that out here. A bit confusing. Anyway, the story for this can be found here.

9/10- uniqueness

10/10- photo relates to quest/story

9/10- photo quality

9/10- clothing relates to race /quest

10/10- elven essence

unique direction, a magical scar, though id like to see the stories continue on from her veiw instead
her face does look weird and draws attention to it and then away from it lol
you have to look awhile to notice all the details like her father and the magic sparks,
i think needs more lighting on her and it'd probly enhance her face, closer to the model and try clothing that is red but a little elegant

8/10- uniqueness
10/10- photo relates to story/quest
7.5/10- photo quality
9/10-attire relates to race/quest
10/10- elven essence
Again I really like how it is being told in the fathers POV. The photo matches the picture very well and I think everything was great with the quality except I wished the father was hidden closer. I actually didn't catch it the first 2 times I skimmed through them to study them while scoring the others. I love her pose and her clothing fits very well. Great Job!

9/10- uniqueness
9/10- photo relates to story/quest
8/10-photo quality
10/10- clothing relates to elf race/quest
7/10- elven essence

Comments: I enjoyed the continuation of Aurora's story. Though now I am confused as to whether she was born as a child or the young adult she seemed. I would have liked to have seen the father where the water spout it (which seems out-of-place there) instead of having to search him out. He would have still been hidden from them, yet more part of the scene. Since the story is from his point of view, he seems to deserve a more important part of the scene. Otherwise, I really like the composition of the photo, though there does seem to be something off about Aurora's placement. She seems like she is floating a little. The clothing fits in well. Even though Aurora does not look much like an elf (another reason for her father to be better seen to add to that elven aspect) in the photo, it is a really good photo!

Not much I can say, because I'm not big fan of this one and her face really irritates me. I'm finding it hard to model with her. Anyway, I like the setting and such. I also had a really big mistake with extra on the ground and had to edited his head using another pic. Can't even tell, can you? ;) Other than that, that's about it. I think I got caught up with trying hard to be pretty and magical. As much as I like those type of pictures, that's not me. I have to go with what I know and infuse my own style into it.

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  1. The setting of this shot is so lovely, especially that water feature. :3


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