Thursday, January 30, 2014

On a brighter note: Henry got a shower, money and the girl!

The new shower he brought with his hard earned book writing money. He went from 200 to 6000 without cheats! 
No not the girl, but Eliza as a vampire. I changed her back to human as I didn't want her changing everyone in town into vamps.
Now this is the girl!
Henry looks thrilled!

*sigh* I did! It was finally finished! Then I found out it was corrupted! D:

After all this damn time (2 freaking years almost!) I finally made myself finish this and the f'ing thing turned out to be corrupted. I almost lost my game to it. Error 16 popped up twice when I try to save it's existence in my town and it then made my file have .bad behind it twice. If I hadn't had a backup save, my vampire legacy game would of been gone. To think I almost uploaded it. :/

Thursday, January 23, 2014

EA I think your community poll needs a makeover!

Here's how it should look!
You're welcome!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Henry's legacy/diary: Katarina or Eliza? Henry made his choice!

I'm back with new pics. Snow makes great simming weather. It wasn't the huge storm I was hoping for, but it was a nice amount. Anyway, Henry love life is going great. He still can't afford to wine and dine the girls, but one step at a time I guess.

He's been getting along with Katarina quite nicely. He decided to send her a woohoo text one day.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: New loves and scandal! Feedback plz!

I almost feel like I should be afraid, because I'm actually addicted to my game again. Last time that happen, I was playing IP and you know how that ended. Still pissed about that game. As for the new patch (1.66), ani't no way in hell I'm downloading it right now. LOL

Anyway, I will be writing this as myself and not as a story. A lot went on and got a lot pictures, so let's get to those!

Henry is still pretty poor. I have him writing a book of poetry, but it's taking awhile. One day after working on that very book, I got a popup saying Katarina Stewart got married to Jack Limb. I then remember that very sim lives next door to him, so I decided to visit. It was his first time going over there. I feel bad for not visiting sooner, because....

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The legacy and diary of Henry Edgars- The Beginning (Part 2)

The only reason I got more pics for this is I had some left over and I started playing right after the first post. Remember Henry narrator/speaker. Not sure how much I can keep up with it being written like a story. lol  I may break character in my next post depending on what happens. Meanwhile at the gym...

After some thought, I decided the gym was the appropriate place for a hot shower.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The diary of Henry Edgars- Start of a legacy? (Part 1)

If you haven't been reading, Henry Edgars is my vamp model from the Vampire Immorality comp and my SN household. I was actually planning to move him out of my SN household to make more room for babies, but then I got terribly bored with Sims. Then after watching the movie Sleepy Hollow, I got inspired. I scrapped all the saves I was bored with and started a legacy in Midnight Hollow with Henry. He's arguably one of my favorite sims and I only put him in my SN save, because I wanted a excuse to have him around. So moving him out and making a legacy with him just seemed logical. I always wanted to do a legacy and a vampire legacy is even more fitting! My MH save with Jack and his evil wife has been deleted though, but I plan on adding them into the town so I can watch them from afar. My SN household is still intact and I'll return to it eventually. As of right now, Henry is the star of show and in search of a bride! With his new hairdo, I'm sure he won't have a problem. Handsome devil. :D

So like I said before I plan on making it a legacy of sorts. The "?," is because I'll be lucky to get pass the 1st generation with my attention spam. We'll see. Well I'm going have heirs and they will be no cheating. Er...well I cheated a little with the kaching cheat. Henry needed a computer for his writing, so he could make some money. He only has roughly 200 dollars in his pocket, so it was hardly cheating and I brought the cheapest computer available. So I'm starting off broke. Makes it more fun.

Another important note, I may write these post as if he's writing them like I did in my comp entries with him. No this will not be another story, because I fail at finishing stories. I just feel like it would be more interesting and possibly humorous if written in first-person. If it starts to feel lame or if I get bored with doing this, then I'll go back to the usual 3rd person. lol Soooo....

My name is Henry Edgars and I have moved into the gloomy town of Midnight Hollow.

Friday, January 10, 2014

By the way, this ITF hair....

Is hair raising! Literately! WTH?! Looks like the future needs less hairspray. 0_0

My first experiences with Into The Future!

It took me forever to install and get excited over this game. Before installing, I was planning out a vampire legacy with my favorite vamp, Henry. I'm hoping to get back to that. I may try incorporating this ep into his life. 

Anyway, I made a guy with all the new duds it came with. He came out differently than I envisioned in CAS, but oh well. Naming him was enough of a pain. My father kept giving me weird names like milkyway and crap. I was like WTH?! I finally settled on calling him Dex Mars.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The new blog look is officially completed!

Is it mythical enough for yall? Just to let you know, you guys picked the theme I least wanted. Why? Because I knew it was going be freaking HARD!!!!! Thankfully I wised up today and used a mural for the background of my banner. Now I need a drink. Yes you drove me to drink! Unfortunately we don't have any alcohol in the house due to New Year. Agghhhhhhhhhhhh! (kidding)

Well I got some Into The Future pics, so lets dirty up this new template with some post.

NOTE: Please let me know if you're having a hard time reading the new font or anything!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Aghhhhh! I want my arrows and violins!

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! FUSTRATED! For some damn reason the Dukes of Bow set won't show up in my game now and I've been sitting here for hours wasting my gaming time trying to make it work. I want to strangle someone at EA offices! *headdesk*

In the meantime, I'm going have to rethink my banner. I had planned on using that very set for it. *sigh* Ignore the mismatch banner for a min please. D:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thanks for the good times Twallan!

It's a sad day for sims! Twallan has officially retired and won't be modding for Sims 3 anymore. Who will fix the game now? EA certainly won't. If anything they'll break something else! OH...THE..... HORROR!!!!!!!
With the obvious sadness, I'm a little disappointed as well. IMO I  think he's leaving at the worse time, but it's his choice. He's not getting paid for it. EA may very well be done fixing it themselves with Sims 4 coming. He did warn of this day, but I just thought he would stick around to for the last few patches. A lot of people are having problems with the latest patch and ITF. I really hope someone can pick up the torch and make sense of the jumble up gltichy game we call the sims as time goes on.

As for EA, I also can blame some of that disappointment on them. We're on the last ep and the game is still not fixed! It's f'ing ridiculous! It is also a crying shame that most of us have been looking towards simmers and players alike to fix our games rather than the game developers. It's embarrassing and downright disgusting! When will they get their act together? Never? Probably.

Well....EA isn't going make sims perfect! We know that already. They could barely fix a sandwhich if given instructions. So Twallan, so long! Goodbye! Enjoy your retirement! Do feel free to update your mods if you do feel like it, but goodbye. You'll be missed! Without your mods, the game would be a big lump of glitches and empty towns. Since discovering the goodness of your mods a few years ago, I haven't played without them since. So thanks. Thanks for the good times. Thanks for the memories and the ones I will make in the future with your mods. Thank you!
By the way, I just installed Into The Future and will be testing those very mods out in a min. >_>

Blog under construction! Fantasy theme it is!

My next blog design/theme will be fantasy, mythical, magic! You want it? You're getting! Didn't want it? You're getting it anyway! DEALS WITH IT! :P

So if things are wonky and you think you clicked onto the wrong blog, it's just me screwing around with the look of blog. Pay no attention.

The next post will be about something actually sim-related and interesting. Twallan is retiring as of today, so thoughts coming up in a sec.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The last day for my blog theme poll. We need more I means sims!

I extended the date! So far fantasy is winning in the polls! I'm a bit intimated by that theme, but you shall get it if it wins!

As for sims, I'm thinking about biting the bullet and installing Into The Future! I downloaded a bunch of hair last night and I'm actually thinking about playing for once. Hmmm...I'm just not sure if I should play the game without the ep first in case all hell breaks loose from the patch or if I should just install it. Decisions! Decisions!

I think I may check out Lunar Lakes without the ep first. I never really got into that world and I think it would be a perfect place for when I do play ITF. I also got a fantastic gift from a certain blogger whose name starts with a W and I'm dying to see how that is. ;)

Stay tune. Hopefully Walking Dead doesn't suck me back in. I haven't played it in 3 days and it's giving the evil eye right about now. 0_o

P.S. As for me in case you're wondering, I'm trying to wait for my new insurance card to come in the mail. I can't get checked out at this certain clinic without it and it's taking forever. Are they trying to kill me?! -_-

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! It's officially 2014!

Woooo it's 2014!!!!
Well it's 2014 here for me anyway! I hope this year brings lots of success and joy for us all! Have a good one simmers!!!
P.S. Stay safe and don't get too drunk. lol
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