Thursday, January 30, 2014

On a brighter note: Henry got a shower, money and the girl!

The new shower he brought with his hard earned book writing money. He went from 200 to 6000 without cheats! 
No not the girl, but Eliza as a vampire. I changed her back to human as I didn't want her changing everyone in town into vamps.
Now this is the girl!
Henry looks thrilled!

He still gets his blood from unsuspecting ladies around town though.

While he's not sucking the life out of repairwomen, you can find him on dates with Kat (don't feel like spelling that name out so a nickname lol).
I did remodel the one bar MH does have.
Henry eventually got enough money to buy a easel, so he's selling those too.

He also brought a radio.
Meanwhile some interesting stuff has happened next door. As much as I love Kara, she's becoming the town slut. She has 3 different love interest and has a baby by one of them. Jack Limb became the third one, but it's not his. It actually would be quite funny if they got together since Henry hates him. Plus both of them are single parents and could live next door to the soon-to-be Henry/Kat household. lol
Henry saw Jack and had to go next door to see what was going on.
I couldn't have them being friends, so I decided to pick a fight with Jack.
Jack beat a vampire?! WTH? Henry!!!
Henry straight up embarrassed me. He lost twice. 
After that, I decided to send them off to the graveyard for a very special event.
They have been on plenty of dates throughout the fall and winter. Thought it was about time to....
To pop the question!!!!! 

She said yes! She better have!!! All that we went through! Whew! So time to plan a wedding! Going try to get Henry to move into Kat's house first, as both their incomes can provide for a pretty awesome wedding party and the house is quite gorgeous. Then I'm going make her over before they say "I do". Nothing drastic. Maybe some new hair.

P.S. My only concern is the invisible townies I keep seeing. I may need reset the town or use Nraas debugger thingy.


  1. For shame - losing a fight to a mere mortal?!

    I can't think of anything more romantic than a marriage proposal in a graveyard. :)

    1. Ikr. I never thought a nerdy guy like Jack Limb could win a fight against Henry! He's supposedly athletic so, maybe that's why. -_-

      But yeah I thought it was fitting for the undead to propose amongst the dead. LOL


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