Friday, January 10, 2014

My first experiences with Into The Future!

It took me forever to install and get excited over this game. Before installing, I was planning out a vampire legacy with my favorite vamp, Henry. I'm hoping to get back to that. I may try incorporating this ep into his life. 

Anyway, I made a guy with all the new duds it came with. He came out differently than I envisioned in CAS, but oh well. Naming him was enough of a pain. My father kept giving me weird names like milkyway and crap. I was like WTH?! I finally settled on calling him Dex Mars.

Mr. Time Traveller then payed me a visit. A bit too late actually, because all the nosy neighbors were totally in the way.
So I immediately sent him back to the future, because I was too lazy to establish a present life for him in Lunar Lakes. 

I immediately went looking for this thingy as it's freaking cute! Awwww!!!!
Then I gave him jetpack that he failed to use and kept appearing every single time he moved!
His first stop in the future, was the robot shop.
Was kind of surprised to see the bot flirt with him. 0_o I then clicked around to see if one of these things would come with me, but I realized you have to have money to buy a bot. Note to self don't send your sim into future with no money. >_<
He then played around with this thing. I almost wish I had made him a klepto.

So I sent him to a club, because futuristic clubs are and should be awesome! I did find the some of the future citizens modern outfits to be a bit of a buzz kill.

Then I tried getting him a date with this chick.

But he end looking like a creep. xD
Sent him home to sober up and get over striking out.
He stole this guy bed thingy I believe....

He tried getting a date with her too, but he stuck out again.

Time traveler in the hottub fully clothed...
So after checking out everything, I tried to get in touch with his descendants. I was having a hard time catching up to them. Finding them was hard enough.
After a day or so, they finally stayed home long enough for him to visit.
The ladies look nothing like him.
The guy looks something like him...I guess.

While he played chess, I caught his decedents flirting with each other. 
She left and he started flirting with this one too. Aren't they related? Should I cue the banjos?
It gave Dex a creepy backwoods feeling, so he went back to the present to start his boring life. The End! lol
Meh I may play around with him again, but he's not as good looking or exciting as I imagined him to be when he was in CAS. So far the ep itself doesn't really excite me. I love the plumbots and all the new little gadgets, but that's about it. I haven't played it much, so maybe that will change hopefully.

P.S. I think this ep is more fun if you have a family, because maybe the descendants will actually look like descendants. 


  1. Ha, looks interesting Vid. It worries me that descendants can flirt with each other :/

    I started a new game in Monte Vista last week with the intention of going into the future. Then I got caught up redecorating a house and fishing lol! So I haven't been into the future yet. Then I was thinking that maybe it'd be good to just play for a while before going, so that the future has a chance to have a past, if you see what I mean.

    Anyway, it's an interesting addition to the game. I don't think I'll use it very often - it'll be more like world adventures or university, I might send sims occasionally but not every time.

    You have fun!

    1. Yeah I think it pays off more if you have an actual past to build from. I almost had him stay in the future permanently, but it wasn't much I could do without any money and I would be playing half the game since the future would never change.

      I'll probably go back to my vampire legacy and see what future world I'll get after awhile. Maybe send one of his children into the future or maybe send him in to find another wife. lol

      But yeah I can't see me playing on a regular basic either. Every so often maybe when I need to change of pace.

      Seeing descendants flirting with each other was weird tho. I wish they would actually tell you how they relate to each other and the sim, because it really confused me. >_>


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