My Blog Rules full of win!

1. Curse like a salior if you want! I don't care!

2. This is blog full of, smex, drugs and rock & roll, get over it! (kiddin) ;-)

3. If I forget to credit cc or if you are piss me at me for using your stuff, leave a comment! I can't remember all the cc I use.

4. No insensitive comments involving race, sexuality,etc. I will delete it and you will be banned! Also no harassing me or my visitors! This also goes for my blog roll/list. I will take you off for the above.

5. It's my blog! Respect it or get out! *evil laugh*

6. Tell your friends about this blog or I'll sic my lolcats on you!

7. No grammar police! I uses bad grammars! Suck it up!

8. I'm entitled to my opinion. If you don't like it then tough cookies! Don't come on my blog just to bash me! We can disagree, but don't be dick about it!

9.  No anon comments. I like to see names!

10. All bans on my c-boxe are permanent! (You may appeal though)

11. Do not come on my c-box starting drama or spamming! The ban hammer will be swift!

12. The most important rule that you must follow though is...

Have fun! :-)

*Note: This blog has ip tracker. I will post your ip for the world to see if you harass or leave nasty comments."
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