Wednesday, March 31, 2010

By the way Zeri...

FUKKEN WIN Pictures, Images and Photos

It was shortly removed by EA by the way, but still a win! Thumbs up smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

A failure to flame

With a title like that I was fearing the worse, but I was relieve to see it was talking about a glitch.
This glitch to be percise:
Oh cute...omg smiley Pictures, Images and Photos, but then....
Yes, Zeri I think so. Well troll...

Thank you Zeri. Apparently someone either failed at reading class comprehension or failed at creating a flame war.

Th pot calling the kettle black!

Pot calling the kettle black Pictures, Images and Photos
For the record you are much worse of a troll then Erick was or is. I know better to stay mum/ neutral on this subject. Anyway I found Little V of all people calling him a troll amusing! Hehe! 

Rayy has finally met with the ban hammer

After escaping the ban hammer for some days now Rayy has finally met with the ban hammer. If you don't log out they can't ban you and you can still post, but after updating her comp Rayy was logged out.
Here a shiny badge for escaping the ban hammer for 3 days!
They get all the good ones *sniff sniff* sad Pictures, Images and Photos
Update: She was ban for OT and other EA BS! Lame!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More on SiMsAdDiCt121's ban!

Thanks to Rayy we have more info.
Like what the fuck?! For Off topicness?  Oh and "Any further violation can result in another suspension or even permanent ban?" Ok is it that serious? If so I should of been banned more than twice. Plenty should of been. How about getting rid of the trolls first? Are they trying to ban all the fun people and make a forum of boring talks of sims and only sims? Well with trolls not being banned, it might be a forum full of trolls soon.
Well Rayy tried to further inform the forum of another stupid ban after thread up top was deleted.

It then also met deletion, as EA once ban considers you to be who shall not be named. Maybe the mods are scare if simmers say the names of ban 3 times, they will pop up like in the movie Beetlejuice! (look it up people!)
SiMsAdDiCt121,  SiMsAdDiCt121,  SiMsAdDiCt121!
Mods: Oh no she's here to spread joy and party amongst the forum again! Danm you simmers!
Seriously though did one of the mods blow up dolls dump him/her again as Mare said once.
Well Simsy take these 3 days to relax and we hope things get better for you. See you in three and if you don't come back we don't bame you! *sigh*
Oh special thanks to Rayy for the pics!

Another good simmer banned!

SiMsAdDiCt121/Simsy banned from the EA forum! EA what the fuck?

EA this isn't a welcoming party!

SiMsAdDiCt121's party was cancel so Claymeganpruitt/Megan decided to take upon herself to host it instead.

A simple party thread that was sim realated, but it did get a little off topic so EA moved it. Where you ask?
Like what? EA too lazy to delete it right there and then?
Facepalm Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, March 29, 2010

A vintage male!

I couldn't resist to do male counterpart for my first vintage sim, Nancy. Rick Rocofell. Like Rockafella duh! lol They look cute together. Enjoy! ^_^
-Tyirannoss hair from MTS
-Kitty Klan facial hair
-Aikea Guinea skin
-Nightlight eyes from Garden of Shadow
** To download the woman Click here!**
*added a pic*

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Misa the pixie!- New sim

A new pixie sim! I made her for a modeling comp I'm in, but you may have her. ^_^
-Rosesims hair
-Peggy kimono
-Johna CAS sliders
- Elf Ear/pointed ear sliders at MTS(CmarNYC)
-Nighlight eyes from Garden of Shadow
-Akiea Guinea skin
-EsmeraldaF's Glowing wings at MTS

Ahhh!!!! I made it!!! I love ms3b!!!!

Now I can die a happy simmer! New sim either later today or tomorrow! I'm giddy right now! Thank you so much! You made my night! :-)

Cats, pretzels, and a dirty troll! Hide the kiddies!

Well after spending some time in CAS today, I decided to check out the forums and happen see one of the hardest working simmers out there for his directory and many other achievements, Walden95 posting. Dear Walden had made a light hearted thread and it's very rare for him to make a thread as he is always busy:
Pretty normal, right?
Ok Clownseatyou *snickers at name*? Like wut?
Oh thanks teakersneakers....what? What the hell?

Ok. After that lovely we were informed that we had another gem from cocky *snicker* troll in the form of a thread.
Well at least this wasn't referring to her last comment. Kids its safe now! *wipes forehead* Get your minds out the gutter!
Well comments came in ranging from why to please stop the madness, kinuko strongly suggested  lolcat will go endanger if we eat them. Poor kitties!

Our lovely new troll then let us know that we had backup- loldogs which are just as cute, but not as good.
Then Simaddict said what was on everyones' mind.

Well at least dear Bjrockstar wasn't a part of this, even though the name BJ would of fit perfectly into this. All I can say is....

Just keep swimming...

Yet another funny moment from Firestar...
Lets hope they move the body before getting in more laps or at least had a moment of silence.  omg smiley Pictures, Images and Photos smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage glam!

Nacy Galore, inspired by my love of vintage and glamorous things.  As I said I almost lost her because I didn't save her in CAS, but luckily I had just tested her out so she ended up in my household bin.
-Peggy necklace
-Rose Donation hair
-All about style dress
-Just sims2 lingerie
-Aikea Guinea skin
-Nightlight eyes from Garden of Shadow
-Delphy's Breast slider
-Jonha's CAS Sliders

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Attention please...

I have a new label called ts3 moments where you can find all the funny moments ts3 offers, some from myself and other simmers. A new list called Things I use... Should be on your right side under labels. These will be helpful things and things you will need to download some sims. As I said all my sims are labeled sims. Just click sims on the side under labels. Will be doing a little cleaning up with post that were not really important. I don't do many lots, but I do have two and when I get the time I will continue my story sims clue. Thank you everyone! 25 followers! I'm amazed! Thank you so much!
Also thank you Mare for a recent post you just did! You made my day! Also since the mods are always locking fun threads I will not always have news to post and well I'm not Mare! lol Mare is FTW when it comes to news!
And well now I'm going do somethin non-internet related again as I do have a life for the most part! Yes vidkid has a life? It's amazing! lol
Danm typos!

A face full of win!

I was testing out my newest sim in the park and as he was going home I came across her looking like this on pause. I cracked up laughing when I saw her!
Wow, she must really not like her! Oh, what is that guy in the top hat want? Maybe he's there to console her. Poor thing. *New label ts3 moments for moments like these*

Drake Ivy

My first male elf made for a elf town I was making. Heir to Ivy family. Still working on it, but I really like his look.
-A+S=Error pants and shoes
-Club Crimsyn/Aikea Guinea jacket
-Nighlight eyes from Garden of Shadow
-Aikea Guinea skin
*Need Elf Ear slider at MTS*
**Need Euphoria ~  Skin Colour Sliders**
*WA suit for formal wear*
**Need Kitty Klan facial hair defaults**

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Me is sleepy!

Cat Pictures, Images and Photos
My dog woke me up this morining by jumping on my head! Danm dog! (It's a little dog, thank goodness.) Was kinda early for me and spent most the day in a daze so not much today. *yawns* Blame my dog! Maybe later today/tomorrow since it's almost 12 am.
And I would of posted a pic of my dog instead, but I'm too lazy to get one off my phone right now so cute kitty pic instead!
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